JETSON was one of our long-stay guests. He was a favorite of staff and volunteers, and we could not understand why he was not adopted. And then...... Here's the first letter we got from Jetson's new guardian:

"I wanted to say thank you again for all your help with Jetson’s adoption today! We continue to fall more in love with him by the minute! He was a trooper on the drive home, and spent the time cuddling and giving kisses (in between sticking his head out the window and smelling everything). When we got home, we walked a little around our neighborhood and he rolled on each of our neighbor’s lawns with a huge smile. I am SO excited that he is getting along fabulously with our first dog! They’ve spent the last couple of hours exploring every inch of the backyard (there’s a ton of room to explore!), rolling around on the grass, playing ball, and resting in the quiet afternoon. I’m sure it’s a little too early to say this, but I honestly couldn’t picture a better dog for our family. So thank you!! I will work on taking lots more pictures and to keep you updated on our adventures, but here are a few I’ve already taken."

EVERYONE at the shelter is happy beyond the stars!


Miss Sophie's adopter came all the way from Montana, with a friend of his from Idaho. Here's a letter we received a few days after Sophie was adopted:

Hello to the Ukiah Shelte Adoption Coorindator-- My name is Michael. We met on Saturday morning. I came with Zach to see Sophie. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at your shelter. I’ve been to many shelters and they are just what you would expect. Smelly and rude. And the people don’t care. Your shelter, on the other hand, was not that. It was warm and comfortable. Everyone I interacted with was extremely helpful and understanding. They answered every question and went out of their way to help us. I too am looking to adopt a forever friend. I remember telling you this. So I was also looking. After leaving your shelter with a new dog partner, Miss Sophie was very calm. It was a very long ride. You could tell that she knew something was different. I started off driving so Zach could continue his bonding. Sophie became more relaxed as the trip continued. By the time we got to my house in Idaho Falls, Idaho, she knew that her new guardian was Zach. Zach was even comfortable enough to let her off leash a few times on the trip back. She came to Zach when he called her. It was quite the transformation to witness. Zach and Sophie are doing well. The bond between them is strong and Sophie seamed to be very happy. So, once again, thank you so much for a great heart-warming experience. Please give your staff and volunteers my thanks as well. Michael


Ethel is an adorable and dainty Chihuahua in need of a home. Bex adopted a dog from the shelter back in 2007-ish, and her pup had gone to the great food bowl in the sky. Bex was looking for a dog, but there were size and weight constraints. With help from the shelter staff and volunteers, Bex and Ethel met, and the rest, as it's history!

Ethel is now the queen of her new home: "All my life I wanted a dog to sleep with! Last night Ethel slept between us. Thank-you for this amazingly wonderful dog! P.S. Offered a toy, Ethel grabs and throws it, chases, catches, and throws it again. When we walk she is fast! Today she got me running a little. She is our guardian watch dog, and when we arewalking she often stops and studies things, like the machinery that keeps the holiday ice rink going downtown. Cheers!"

We expect more updates about VERY lucky little Chichi! "


HAPPY TAIL!--Here's Boone's new guardian, letting us know how the handsome guy's doing: "Just an update on Boone. Things are great. I took him to a vet a couple days after getting home and his stool came back positive for giardia. Got treated with antibiotics. He is enrolled with obedience training with me, doggy day care once a week for socializing. I did a DNA test and no Ridgeback. But 50% boxer, 25% Rottweiler, 12.5% German Shepherd and 12.5% Chow Chow. He has really excepted us as his pack and we are lucky to have him."

YAY!!!! Boone finds his piece of paradise: guardians who are loving, savvy and responsible! Whooohooo!


Peaches found her new home at the end of August, and everyone at a the shelter celebrated, as she spent 6 months in a foster home, learning how to win over shyness, and find her new guardians. Here's the behind-the-scenes HAPPY TAILS story about little Peaches:

Peaches entered the shelter with her puppies late in 2016, and in February 2017, after motherhood was complete, she went to live with Laura, one of the shelter's great foster volunteers. Peaches extremely shy and reluctant to engage with people, and she needed lots of TLC. Laura explains how she helped Peaches, during the half year she spent with her: "The first thing I decided to do with Peaches was teach her some basic obedience, as i felt she needed to know what she needed to do which would help her confidence. She learned sit, shake, and down pretty quickly, and was easily crate trained. I knew her crate could be a hide out for her, so I made sure she didn't spend too much time in there. I also fed her by hand as a way of training and bonding with her, which she took to well. The other really important thing, is that i didn't coddle her when she was having an anxiety attack, but instead, let her know she would healing massages to get the blood flowing through her body so she would feel better (that's what told her, and she believed it!)"

Here's more tips from our Laura, who's helped countless dogs, and shy dogs, get rehabilitated and adopted: It took a lot of patience, and i always ask myself if i have enough to do yet another shy dog, but when you see the progress, you know you do! she can still have a difficult time coming in the house from the backyard, so i send another dog out so she can tag along to come inside. . . the hardest part was not getting annoyed when she wouldn't come to me when i was in a rush to leave. . . i'd have to stay calm and talk with a fun voice to get her to come to me. . . i told her new family that if/when they start to get frustrated with her, take a break! they'll bounce back quicker than peaches will!

Here are photos of Peaches at the shelter, and with her new family. Her wondeful foster Mom, Laura, is on the right. We cannot thank Laura enough for her deep committment, energy, and boundless love.


Lovely Melanie is now known as Mochi Melanie Allen, and is well loved, and in a great home. Here's what we heard from Mochi's new family:

"I wanted to give you an update on Melanie (now Mochi Melanie Allen). Our friendship is still new and Mochi and I are still figuring each other out, but we are making progress and I love her so much!

She comes to work almost every day with me. She sleeps happily at me feet most of the day, but has to wake up and parade around the room with a tennis ball every once in a while (wagging her tail and wiggling her butt the whole time). She's learning to be friends with her big brother (my horse Tyee). So far they seem to enjoy grazing together (Mochi loves grazing!) and going for walks together with me. She insists on sleeping with her head on my shoulder when we drive anywhere.

She's such a mellow and cuddly dog, but she is always ready to play whenever you want! She's an amazing ball dog and plays fetch like a champion! We start every day with a good tennis ball session, and often end our days the same way. She's also an incredible toy destroyer! she's got some powerful jaws.

Mochi has a silly facial twitch and a calm and gentle demeanor. She has so much personality! I can't believe she was at the shelter for so long!! But I'm so glad she's in my home now and I look forward to getting to know her more and more in the years to come.

Would it be possible to get a few of the pictures that you guys took of her at the shelter? Also, what ever happened to her puppies? did they all get adopted out? Do you have any pictures of them? I'm so curious about her previous life (including the cause of her facial twitch)..."

Below you can see Melanie, at the shelter, and Mochi, in her new FOREVER HOME!


Cedar was only four months when she was found wandering alone in a Ukiah park by a good samaritan. She was brought to the Ukiah Shelter and it was quickly apparent that this young pup had suffered a nasty medical problem. Off to the vet she went, where x-rays showed a very nasty fracture of the distal humerus (the long bone in the foreleg). This sweet little puppy was in pain and in need of a complicated surgery to heal the leg; the alternative was amputation, but no one wanted that if it could be avoided.

Just our luck, one of the shelter volunteers had also worked with an organization dedicated to helping Dobermans--SPECIAL NEEDS DOBERMANS (also known as They were contacted, and agreed to financial help for our puppy, along with Decker McKee Doberman Rescue Assistance. In a flash, Cedar's story was online and with the rescues' help our little pup was on her way to getting surgery, and keeping her leg.

One of the perks of working or volunteering at the shelter get to meet all the dogs and cats! And of course, this darling little dog did not go unnoticed--just the opposite in fact, as a staff member fell in love with our red Dobie pup, named her Cedar, fostered her after the surgery, and eventually adopted her!

Cedar's surgery went well. The vet discovered that Cedar's fracture was older than was apparent in her pre-op x-rays. But, dogs are resilient, and Cedar has made it through the recuperation period, and is now being spoiled and loved by her new Mom. She gets to come to the shelter and is currently earning her kibble working as a "tester" dog during meet and greet dog evaluations. And wow, has she grown! This adorable puppy is turning into a long-legged red-coated, needle-nosed Doberman beauty!

Sometimes, it really does take a village, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who helped this sweet dog: both Doberman Rescue organizations, and especially Wasson Memorial Veterinary Hosptial for their deep caring and financial help. Cedar's excellent caregiver and adopter says Cedar is a great dog. And we agree.

 Mendocino County Animal Shelter - *For current status visit


One of the perks of working or volunteering at the shelter, is meeting ALL of the dog and cat guests. So many staff and volunteers have adopted a dog or cat or two or three! That's what happened to a lovely dog named Mark, who is now Danny:

I adopted Danny exactly three months to the day of losing my previous dog, Tristan, and I can honestly say that he is the BEST part of my happiness. On the ride home from the shelter, he laid down in the front seat of my car, facing my direction and I don't think he has willingly taken his eyes off of me since. I tell people that there is no other explanation for us other than a total mind meld--in which he is mine and I am his. Danny anticipates my every emotion, thought, and command often before the words even leave my mouth. He follows my lead but also steps up in moments where my anxiety is high and I'm not as collected as I would like to be. There is no better calming influence in those moments than his paw reaching out to rest against me as if in reminder to take a deep breath and relax.

Danny loves to swim and hike and has made best friends with all of the dogs that frequent my life. He also comes to work with me every day where he spends 8 hrs sleeping and distracting me with all his cute antics. Danny is my absolute favorite thing, today, tomorrow, and every day after. I love him, I love him, I love him! I've become one of 'those' people, gushing every second of the day because there isn't one part of him that I don't want to shout about from the roof tops.

I can't imagine what all would have happened if I had followed my early reservations on adopting an older dog, but it is clear I would have missed out on something amazing. In record time, Danny has become my whole heart. I could not ask for a better companion.


Here's a note from one of the shelter's dedicated foster families, about a little dog named MAE: "Mae started out as our Foster Dog. She was a 4 month old puppy with a badly broken leg. She was scheduled for surgery, to have the leg amputated. After a waiting period and the removal of her cast, her leg was re-xrayed and the vets decided she could keep the leg. Adopters did not seem to be interested in a dog with a limp. As time went by, Mae proved herself to be a ranch dog, so we officially adopted her, and we're happy to say her limp has mostly gone away! Mae kept growing and growing, now at 85lbs and with long legs like a Greyhound she runs like the wind at least a mile a day. She is a Ranch Dog, Traveling companion, House Dog. We love our beautiful Mae." While Mae was being fostered, and before her foster family realized they loved her too much to let go, the shelter tried to find Mae a home, as you can see from our fliers below. Lucky, wonderful and beautiful Mae lives on a ranch right outside of Ukiah, with several other shelter dogs and cats...a dream home for a dog.


Addy was adopted December, 2016. We heard from her family, and here's what they wrote: "I got a voicemail from Pat in your office, asking if I could send some photo updates of the dog I adopted from your shelter. I adopted her in late December (her name was Addy at the shelter) and her name is now Emma. She is truly a great dog – she has a happy temperament, is very well-behaved, loves to run and play, loves to cuddle and be affectionate, and is easy to train. She gets lots of trips up to Tahoe for swimming, hiking and playing in the snow, too. I’m guessing she is around 1.5-2 years old. Here are some photos of her! Please let me know if you’d like any other information. Thanks." Wow! Another shelter guest wins the jackpot!


Ollie was a guest at the shelter and adopted into a great home. We heard from his guardians, and here's what they told us: "I got a couple of phone calls checking in on how Ollie is doing. Here are some photos and just letting you know we couldn't be happier. He's the greatest dog and better than we could have ever wished for. Thanks!"

You can see Ollie at the shelter, and Ollie exploring the world with his new peeps! Ollie hit the jackpot!


Clifford was transfered to one of our great rescue partners, and they sent us this note from his new family.

"Just wanted to give an update on Zeke (formerly known as Clifford!). First of all, our meeting him had to be fate. We are those people you might call "Ridgeback people", having had no other breed of dogs other than Ridgebacks, so when we found this handsome man at SHS, we knew we had to act quickly! We found his profile online on a Saturday, met him the next day, and took him to his forever home that same day. Zeke immediately settled into his new home. His human parents could not be more thrilled to have him in our lives. He has the BEST personality, is sweet, loving, affectionate and SO smart. He was underweight when we got him, so he's enjoying the extra food and is starting to put on weight. He doesn't ever like to be too far from his parents, but we're ok with that, as we can't stand being away from him. We can't remember what life was like before him. We are so grateful to the Sonoma Humane Society for giving us our precious boy and helping Zeke find his FOREVER home."

Many thanks to Sonoma Humane Society for rescuing Clifford, and finding his forever home. Our rescue partners help the Ukiah Shelter immensely, and we are very grateful for their assitance.


Dubie was a wonderful and adorable guest at the shelter. His name is now Karl, and here's what we heard from his new guardians:

Quick update on Karl (formerly Dubie): he has been with our family for a little bit over 2 months now, and he's doing great! He's really goofy and has a lovely personality! His manners have improved a lot; he walks (mostly) well on a leash, and we're currently working on his behavior when meeting with other dogs. He loves going on little adventures, although he has to be on leash as he gets distracted easily ("oh look, a lizard/leaf/bird/hairball..! Let's chase it!"), but he'll learn! Thanks again to you + the shelter team and volunteers for your work and dedication. Here's Dubie at the shelter in February 2017, and Karl on his adventures!


Oscar went by the name Andy when he was a guest at the shelter. Here's a note from his new family: "I received a call from one of your lovely volunteers to check in on the pup we adopted last September, Andy. In short - we love him!!!! He goes by Oscar these days, and comes everywhere with us. He's the cool kid at the dog park, even the other owners cheer when he arrives. He hasn't met a human or dog (or horse/cat/chicken/etc) that he doesn't want to be friends with. He goes on very short runs with me (I am a long distance runner, and when he's matured he will be joining me on trail runs), he loves riding in the truck going 4 wheeling, and of course he thinks living by the beach is the best thing ever. Thank you for such a precious little dude! I have attached some pictures of his adventures with us for you.

Kind regards, Cyd and Jason


Ziggy was ana older shelter guest who was transferred to Golden Gate Lab Rescue. The great folks there found Ziggy a wonderful new home. Here's a note from Ziggy's new guardian: "The handoff went great! Ziggy made himself right at home and the kids couldn't be happier to make him part of our family. A huge thank you to everyone for taking such great care of Ziggy"


Arlo had his own fan club amongst the shelter's volunteers. This guy went to foster care, where he lived with other dogs, horses, cats, you name it. When he was adopted, we did the HAPPY DANCE. Here's a note from his new guardian: "Just wanted to send a little note to you and Arlo’s previous fosters .He immediately settled in. He sleeps in our bed under the covers. He and our other dog have adjusted so well. We cant imagine life without him now and are so happy with this wonderful pup. Thank you for helping us find eachother!"

The photos show Arlo when he first arrived at the shelter, during his outdoor photo shoot, and in his new home with his new BFF, who looks mysteriously just like him!


Patches is an absolutely wonderful dog. He was a volunteer and staff favorite. He wasn't an old dog, but he had some health issues. He went to stay temporarily with one of our volunteer fosters. Here's her story: "Well, where to start? Patches came to us as a foster, to recover from eye surgery. He fit himself like a hand in glove into our family. More health issues were discovered--Patches tested positive for heart worm, and had a torn hind leg ligament. We attended to all of his health needs and that greatly extended the duration of his stay with us. Patches is an easygoing fella. A cuddler and a lover. He loves to eat, play, go for long off leash walks and gets on splendidly with his canine brother and sister. And we fell in love with him. Attempts to find him a forever home didn't work out and just before Christmas we decided to make him ours. The End!"


Handsome was a shelter favorite among staff and volunteer. Sweet as can be, this guy almost did not get adopted by his foster mom cause wouldn't bark! But he did, and we could not be happier. We'll have the story for you soon, so check back! Below are photos of Handsome at the shelter, and snuggled in bed soon after his foster Mom took him home. Look at that face!


When Palo came to the Shelter as a Pup, he had been hit by a car and had a badly broken leg. It was decided that Palo would do best with his leg amputated. Palo recovered from his surgery in one of the best foster homes (experienced with "Tripod" dogs!) HIs foster family worked to get Palo a new home, and they did, and boy did he hit the jackpot!!
Here is a little bio from his adopter:

I keep meaning to say a little something about a dog we got from Ukiah animal shelter. I have had him for about 6 months...I think but, he is the best dog!! He learns so fast and he and our 1 year old shepherd are inseparable... Palo is a tri pawd but, it doesn't slow him down a bit!! Thanks for the amazing job that you guys do and the amazing fosters that work with you.