Ethel is an adorable and dainty Chihuahua in need of a home. Bex adopted a dog from the shelter back in 2007-ish, and her pup had gone to the great food bowl in the sky. Bex was looking for a dog, but there were size and weight constraints. With help from the shelter staff and volunteers, Bex and Ethel met, and the rest, as it's history!

Ethel is now the queen of her new home: "All my life I wanted a dog to sleep with! Last night Ethel slept between us. Thank-you for this amazingly wonderful dog! P.S. Offered a toy, Ethel grabs and throws it, chases, catches, and throws it again. When we walk she is fast! Today she got me running a little. She is our guardian watch dog, and when we arewalking she often stops and studies things, like the machinery that keeps the holiday ice rink going downtown. Cheers!"

We expect more updates about VERY lucky little Chichi! "