Miss Sophie's adopter came all the way from Montana, with a friend of his from Idaho. Here's a letter we received a few days after Sophie was adopted:

Hello to the Ukiah Shelte Adoption Coorindator-- My name is Michael. We met on Saturday morning. I came with Zach to see Sophie. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at your shelter. I’ve been to many shelters and they are just what you would expect. Smelly and rude. And the people don’t care. Your shelter, on the other hand, was not that. It was warm and comfortable. Everyone I interacted with was extremely helpful and understanding. They answered every question and went out of their way to help us. I too am looking to adopt a forever friend. I remember telling you this. So I was also looking. After leaving your shelter with a new dog partner, Miss Sophie was very calm. It was a very long ride. You could tell that she knew something was different. I started off driving so Zach could continue his bonding. Sophie became more relaxed as the trip continued. By the time we got to my house in Idaho Falls, Idaho, she knew that her new guardian was Zach. Zach was even comfortable enough to let her off leash a few times on the trip back. She came to Zach when he called her. It was quite the transformation to witness. Zach and Sophie are doing well. The bond between them is strong and Sophie seamed to be very happy. So, once again, thank you so much for a great heart-warming experience. Please give your staff and volunteers my thanks as well. Michael