Cedar was only four months when she was found wandering alone in a Ukiah park by a good samaritan. She was brought to the Ukiah Shelter and it was quickly apparent that this young pup had suffered a nasty medical problem. Off to the vet she went, where x-rays showed a very nasty fracture of the distal humerus (the long bone in the foreleg). This sweet little puppy was in pain and in need of a complicated surgery to heal the leg; the alternative was amputation, but no one wanted that if it could be avoided.

Just our luck, one of the shelter volunteers had also worked with an organization dedicated to helping Dobermans--SPECIAL NEEDS DOBERMANS (also known as Doberman911.org). They were contacted, and agreed to financial help for our puppy, along with Decker McKee Doberman Rescue Assistance. In a flash, Cedar's story was online and with the rescues' help our little pup was on her way to getting surgery, and keeping her leg.

One of the perks of working or volunteering at the shelter is...you get to meet all the dogs and cats! And of course, this darling little dog did not go unnoticed--just the opposite in fact, as a staff member fell in love with our red Dobie pup, named her Cedar, fostered her after the surgery, and eventually adopted her!

Cedar's surgery went well. The vet discovered that Cedar's fracture was older than was apparent in her pre-op x-rays. But, dogs are resilient, and Cedar has made it through the recuperation period, and is now being spoiled and loved by her new Mom. She gets to come to the shelter and is currently earning her kibble working as a "tester" dog during meet and greet dog evaluations. And wow, has she grown! This adorable puppy is turning into a long-legged red-coated, needle-nosed Doberman beauty!

Sometimes, it really does take a village, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who helped this sweet dog: both Doberman Rescue organizations, and especially Wasson Memorial Veterinary Hosptial for their deep caring and financial help. Cedar's excellent caregiver and adopter says Cedar is a great dog. And we agree.

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