Patches is an absolutely wonderful dog. He was a volunteer and staff favorite. He wasn't an old dog, but he had some health issues. He went to stay temporarily with one of our volunteer fosters. Here's her story: "Well, where to start? Patches came to us as a foster, to recover from eye surgery. He fit himself like a hand in glove into our family. More health issues were discovered--Patches tested positive for heart worm, and had a torn hind leg ligament. We attended to all of his health needs and that greatly extended the duration of his stay with us. Patches is an easygoing fella. A cuddler and a lover. He loves to eat, play, go for long off leash walks and gets on splendidly with his canine brother and sister. And we fell in love with him. Attempts to find him a forever home didn't work out and just before Christmas we decided to make him ours. The End!"