Oscar went by the name Andy when he was a guest at the shelter. Here's a note from his new family: "I received a call from one of your lovely volunteers to check in on the pup we adopted last September, Andy. In short - we love him!!!! He goes by Oscar these days, and comes everywhere with us. He's the cool kid at the dog park, even the other owners cheer when he arrives. He hasn't met a human or dog (or horse/cat/chicken/etc) that he doesn't want to be friends with. He goes on very short runs with me (I am a long distance runner, and when he's matured he will be joining me on trail runs), he loves riding in the truck going 4 wheeling, and of course he thinks living by the beach is the best thing ever. Thank you for such a precious little dude! I have attached some pictures of his adventures with us for you.

Kind regards, Cyd and Jason