Lovely Melanie is now known as Mochi Melanie Allen, and is well loved, and in a great home. Here's what we heard from Mochi's new family:

"I wanted to give you an update on Melanie (now Mochi Melanie Allen). Our friendship is still new and Mochi and I are still figuring each other out, but we are making progress and I love her so much!

She comes to work almost every day with me. She sleeps happily at me feet most of the day, but has to wake up and parade around the room with a tennis ball every once in a while (wagging her tail and wiggling her butt the whole time). She's learning to be friends with her big brother (my horse Tyee). So far they seem to enjoy grazing together (Mochi loves grazing!) and going for walks together with me. She insists on sleeping with her head on my shoulder when we drive anywhere.

She's such a mellow and cuddly dog, but she is always ready to play whenever you want! She's an amazing ball dog and plays fetch like a champion! We start every day with a good tennis ball session, and often end our days the same way. She's also an incredible toy destroyer! she's got some powerful jaws.

Mochi has a silly facial twitch and a calm and gentle demeanor. She has so much personality! I can't believe she was at the shelter for so long!! But I'm so glad she's in my home now and I look forward to getting to know her more and more in the years to come.

Would it be possible to get a few of the pictures that you guys took of her at the shelter? Also, what ever happened to her puppies? did they all get adopted out? Do you have any pictures of them? I'm so curious about her previous life (including the cause of her facial twitch)..."

Below you can see Melanie, at the shelter, and Mochi, in her new FOREVER HOME!