JETSON was one of our long-stay guests. He was a favorite of staff and volunteers, and we could not understand why he was not adopted. And then...... Here's the first letter we got from Jetson's new guardian:

"I wanted to say thank you again for all your help with Jetson’s adoption today! We continue to fall more in love with him by the minute! He was a trooper on the drive home, and spent the time cuddling and giving kisses (in between sticking his head out the window and smelling everything). When we got home, we walked a little around our neighborhood and he rolled on each of our neighbor’s lawns with a huge smile. I am SO excited that he is getting along fabulously with our first dog! They’ve spent the last couple of hours exploring every inch of the backyard (there’s a ton of room to explore!), rolling around on the grass, playing ball, and resting in the quiet afternoon. I’m sure it’s a little too early to say this, but I honestly couldn’t picture a better dog for our family. So thank you!! I will work on taking lots more pictures and to keep you updated on our adventures, but here are a few I’ve already taken."

EVERYONE at the shelter is happy beyond the stars!