Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 77 pounds.

The Rock is a sweet dog who likes to lean up again you--he's got that velcro doggie way about him. TR was interested in a tennis ball we offered during his evaluation. The Rock tested positive for heartworm, and we will treat him at the shelter. We always hope that foster homes can be found for our guests' heartworm treatment recuperation. If you can help The Rock with a temporary home, please call us at 467-6453!


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 6 years old and 50 pounds.

Coco is a smart and GORGEOUS dog. Her coat is a thick, soft, enviable shade of coppery red. When we took Coco out for an off leash romp and photo shoot, she was nervous at first. After sniffing around the play yard and deciding the humans were OK, Coco decided it was time to get down to some serious fetch action! This girl is athletic and beautiful to watch--she might be a great contender for fun dog training classes, such as agility, flyball, etc. Coco will run after a tennis ball, trot over and plop the ball at your feet and eagerly await the next throw! We think Coco might have some Kelpie in her heritage--a medium size and very smart herding breed from Austrailia. Coco wants a job--and that can be simply playing fetch. She already knowss SIT and LAY DOWN. Coco met another shelter guest, Harrison, during her evaluation and she was appropriate and a good girl! Coco has VERY nice kennel manners and sit politely waiting to be leashed up. She's easy to walk.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 51 pounds.

Skip is a velcro kinda dog! He likes to have contact, and be REALLY close to people. Skip is strikingly handsome, with a thick, beautiful coat, and kohl-rimmed eyes. During his evaluation and meet and greet, Skip was introduced to one of our other canine guests--a spayed female--and he enjoyed the encounter and was a good boy! Watch this space for updates as staff and volunteers spend time with Skip.


Adorable Fluffy Little Dog, NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 11 pounds.

UPDATES: Petey went on a Fido Field Trip and had a great time. This little guy is simply the sweetest. He loves people, likes to get held and cooed over, and was a happy Field Trip dog! Petey's FFT parnter said Petey likes to cuddle, ride in cars, and go out on the town! Petey was a very good boy while he was hanging out on the patio of a local restuarant. He was relaxed and mellow and unperturbed by any noises or sights. He's sweet and affectionate, loves sitting in a lap, and is generous with his kisses! Check out the photos of Petey as he made his way around town!

CUTENESS ALERT! This little fluff ball of a dog is a happy fellow. We think Petey will be happiest in a home with adults only. Check back soon for updates as we get to know this adorable guy!


Terrier Blend, NEUTERED male, 8 months old and 10 huge pounds.

Pete was frightened and shut down when he entered the shelter. A dedicated member of our staff took Pete under his wing and brought him home--to a house with several other BIG dogs. Pete is flourishing in foster care, and when he came to the shelter for a visit, his transformation in less than a week's time was remarkable! He now trots around comes up to people to say hello. Pete will need a special home where he is given lots of TLC, and where he can continue to floursh. We are accepting applications for his adoption. Pete is not at the shelter, so submitting an application is the first step in the adoption process. Once your application is approved we will set up a time for you to meet Pete.

Update from his foster 3/15: Pete is a very happy dog and is doing great in his foster home. He is not sure of strangers at first but he craves attention, so by ignoring him and letting him greet strangers on his terms you will make him feel more comfortable . Pete is still young so would need some exercise and structure. He does well with the dogs in him foster home, mostly because they have met and lived with foster dogs before

Pete is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adrianna at or call 707-961-2491 for more information.**


Boxer Blend, NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 46 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP NOTES: "We went to Lake Mendocino and walked along Coyote dam and then down to the boat ramp. After that, we went hiking on some trails at Low Gap Park. Clint likes the river and exploring in the woods. After that, Clint and I took a quick trip to Friedman Brothers, where he was so amazing and well mannered. He loads up easy, rides well in a vehicle, he's easy to walk and loves both people and dogs. Clint loves to explore and will cuddle and give kisses. We both had a great time and as you can see by the last photo, he was tired out after 3 hours."

UPDATE: We took Mr. Delightful out for a photo shoot and off leash romp and wow!! this dog is WONDERFUL! He is so friendly and happy and joyful and GOOFY (see photos below!) Clint enjoyed playing catch, knows SIT and SHAKE, and likes to roll over for extended belly rubs! Clint is LOADED with personality, and he's a bit of a joker! Clint will benefit from a basic dog training class, as he does jump up.

Lively and fun-loving, Clint is a friendly and happy dog. He loves treats, knows SIT and SHAKE, enjoys a game of catch, and he's just FULL of personality. Clint loves to be around people, and his joyousness is infectious--you can't help but smile around this guy. Clint met Ms. Pine--one of our great canine guests--during his meet and greet, and he played in typical Boxer style--with his paws! Clint will need some basic training brush-ups as he jumps up when he gets really excited (for that reason, we recommend no young kids in Clint's new home.)


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 60 pounds.

UPDATE: Beautiful and sweet, this delightful velcro dog will be your best friend. Serenity is friendly, and she's a bit of a talker! She knows SIT, listens well and wants to be near. During her photo shoot, she was a bit nervous, but with some TLC, she warmed up.

Serenity is a social butterfly with humans--she just enjoys the heck out of people, and wants to be near! During her meet & greet and evaluation, Serenity was introduced to Ms. Pine--a very sweet shelter guest, and the two girls wanted to play. After they got acquainted, they got to cut a rug! Check back for updates and photos as we spend time with Serenity.


Mixed Breed (Lab?) NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 80 pounds.

This sweet galoot is a mellow kinda guy. Right now, Lance is unsure about leashes, so he will need to learn that the leash means FUN STUFF is just ahead! Staff and volunteers will begin leash training with Lance ASAP! We'll update Lance's bio soon, with new info and photos, so make sure to check back!


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 42 pounds.

Tons of fun and then some, Harrison is a high-flying, jolly dog! He's a sweetheart with a wonderful personality, who sees everything through rose-colored doggie glasses! Harrison was adopted back in 2018, but he's back at the shelter looking for an ACTIVE family where he can join in all the enthusiastic fun! Come to the shelter and meet this sweet, delightful young dog!


Terrier Blend NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 10 pounds.

UPDATE: Goober was one of the first dogs to go on a FIDO FIELD TRIP! Goober's Fido partner took him to her house, and here's her report: "I enjoyed the visit. He can't walk very well yet, and kept stopping after a few steps so I thought he'd like to rest awhile. He fell asleep on the couch with his head on my lap. He loved getting scratched behind his ears and on his belly. Thank you for having this program. It's a nice interlude for me before getting another pet." We've got a photo of Goober enjoying his afternoon Fido Trip: see below!

Goober arrived at the shelter with some serious, but very fixable, injuries. Under the care of our County Veterinarian and clinic staff, this little guy received excellent medical care and is now well on his way to recovery. Goober is sweet and easy going and just loves people. He is a big fan of stuffed toys, also! Our dedicated volunteers will be spending time with Goober, so check back for updates and observations.

best gobber.JPG
goober kathy.jpg


Rottie Mix, SPAYED female, 3 years old and 80 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP NOTES: HERE'S WHAT Penny's first FFT parnter told us about this lovely girl: Penny is a super sweet Rottie. She did not want to get in the car, so instead, we walked afound, and Penny enjoyed herself a lot. There was never an issue with keeping her close while on the leash. When she saw another dog, Penny would glance over and kept walking. Penny reacted perfectly! On the way back to the shelter, we rested under a tree for half an hour. Penny was very happy to lay down next to me. I think Penny will make a loving addition in her new home.

UPDATES: Penny had her photo shoot and went on a FIDO FIELD TRIP! She's been a busy girl! She was very easy to leash up and walk, though a bit nervous at first in the play yard. Penny has the softest mouth, and takes treats so gently. ROTTIE LOVERS! Come meet this wonderful, young dog!

This high-flying girl wags her little stubby tail with abandon! She's happy, happy, happy! Look here for updates as we get to know particularly pretty Penny!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 88 pounds.

Outta the way all you Hollywood heroes--here comes Mr. Stunning! Whoa, this dog is gorgeous. And he's also playful with people, goofy, and a big tail-wagger! Shazom was very easy to leash up, and when he walked through the kennel area, he was very well mannered. In the play yard, he wowed us with his athletic antics. (and--we think he's housetrained!) Shazam knows sit, but what he really likes to do when he hears that, is flop down, roll over, and wiggle around. He just lOVES to get belly rubs, and you can see photographic proof below! When he gets excited, Shazam can be a little nippy. During his evaluation, Shazam met Sprout--a 14 pound Terrier girl, and his reaction to her was very sweet. Look here for updates!