German Shepherd Dog, male, 79 pounds

King, AKA Mr. Handsome, is happy to be close to the person on the other end of his leash. This smart dog knows sit and shake. During his evaluation and meet & greet, King was introduced to Trixie, a fellow shelter guest, and he was well behaved and appropriate. German Shepherd Dogs are loyal, smart and active. Check back for updates as we get to know King.

king lkathy.jpg


Mixed Breed male puppy, 5 months old and 35 pounds.

Bentley is full of joyful energy. He loves to play with stuffed toys. During his evaluation, Bentley met a similar sized neutered male, Oreo, and they looked eager to engage in some some spirited play! Our intrepid volunteers will be taking this young guy out for fun romps in our PUPPY PLAY YARD, so we will have more information about him soon.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 months old and 26 pounds.

Sweet Bradley is a little bit shy, and a lot of sweet! He really loves to be with people, and is content to be by your side. Bradley, like all puppies, will need a home with folks who can spend lots of time with him, and help him to becomed a well loved and well mannered adult. Visit the shelter and take this guy out to the PUPPY PLAY YARD!

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Mixed Breed NEUTERED puppy, 4 months old and 25 pounds.

Adorable Benjamin is so happy to be with people. He's a little bit shy, and will be happiest in a home with guardians who have a lot of time to devote to him. Puppies are wonderful, but they need lots of TLC and guidance to ensure they grow into well mannered and happy members of their new families. Come to the shelter and meet this bundle of sweetness!


Husky, male, 1 year old and 51 pounds.

Stunning, with gorgeous blue eyes, Alfredo has a typical Husky personality. He likes to be near to the person at the other end of his leash. Alfredo is a fan of stuffed toys and likes to spend time playing. This gorgeous dog knows SIT, and training class or two, he could be a graduate with a DOGGIE CuM LOUD! Check here for updates as shelter staff and volunteers spend time with Alfredo.


Mixed Breed puppy, NEUTERED male, 6 months old and 39 pounds.

Like a yummy Oreo cookie, this guy is sweet inside! Oreo is a typical energetic puppy--he's a happy and social young dude, and likes people and is playful with other dogs. Oreo will need a home with folks who will give him the time and energyand love all pups need to ensure they grow up into well behaved and loved members of the family. Come on down and meet this fun-loving dog!



Yoshi is a 2 year old NEUTERED male Husky mix who currently weighs 69 pounds.

Look at that happy face! Yoshi is a stunning dog who is pretty calm (for Husky standards!) and social with people. Yoshi met a new canine friend named Spirit during his evaluation, and was very tolerant of Spirit's high energy play style. Although Yoshi seems like he will be perfectly content hanging with his new family, GOOD FENCING is important for this breed, along with daily exercise.



Fox is a 3 year old NEUTERED male mixed breed dog who currently weighs 49 pounds.

Fox loves everyone he meets. He has a sweet personality and is sure to be a loyal companion. We think Fox would enjoy a home with children and probably want to sleep on the bed! Fox seems more comfortable around female dogs. His ideal home would be one with a dog-social, playfull female canine friend. Come on down to the Ukiah Shelter and take this good looking guy out for a walk. Check back for updates as we get to know Fox.



Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 58 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Total lugnut love! Karl was easy to leash up and walk when we took him out for his off leash romp and photo session. This dude is loaded with energy. He's a real leaner, loves the company of humans, and enjoys getting pets and affection. Karl knows sit, and has a soft mouth. He's a work in progress--meaning he will benefit from canine classes, and will be a wonderful companion with some TLC and training.

Karl is a fun dog who loves flipping toys around and then going after them. He's a real social lovey-dovey kinda dog with people. Karl will need to meet any potential doggie roommatess before his adoption. Check back soon for updates about Karl, as we spend time with him and get to know him.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 6 years old and 61 pounds.

Arlo arrived at the shelter with several other similarly-colored dogs, who we are calling the "A" dogs. They all appear to have missed out on training, and they're all a little bit shy and getting to know lots of people and learning that the leash = fun! We think Arlo would fit best in a family with no young children. We took Arlo out for his photo session, and he was easy to leash up, but he pulls, and he is strong! He's a happy dog and likes to be involved in any action going on around him. We think he's housetrained. Arlo is a fan of getting butt scratches, and he's a loving dog. This guy needs some fattening up, and that will work out well when he starts training! (Ask us for information about dog classes in Ukiah.) Arlo is bilingual, and he sat for us in both English and Spanish!


Cane Corso NEUTERED male, 5 years old and 90 pounds

FIDO FIELD TRIP I went to explore the world today (June 29th) with some of my human friends. They took me to the park and to their home (keep an eye out for my FFT photos!) They were nice enough to give me a great review, not that I did not deserve it! "Hank is a good dog. He likes ot ride in the car, enjoyed the park and rolled with joy in the grass. At our home he was quiet and nevr baked. He kept 4 paws on the gorund at all time. We LOVED taking Hank out on a Fido Field Trip!!"

Hank will need a special adopter who is experienced with the Cane Corso breed and willing to work with him to ensure that Hank is a great ambassador for the breed. Hank cannot live with or near livestock. We found Hank to be playful and fine with a big dog. We will be choosing Hank's new guardian with care.

hank kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 50 pounds.

UPDATE: This uber handsome, freckled nose gent is Asher--a shy dog who is under the loving care of Sara--one of the shelter's teen volunteers. Sara's been spending lots of time with our shy dogs, and Asher has been the recipient of her patience and TLC. When we spent time with him during his photo session, we found him VERY lovable, pleasant and sweet.

Adorable Asher is a very shy dog who perked up when he saw another dog. He lived with 7 other dogs in his last home! Check back for updates as we get to know Asher.

On June 21st Asher went on this first FIDO FIELD TRIP (FFT) Asher is one of our shy dogs. But under the guidance of our wonderful volunteer Billy, Asher was off and ready to expore the world beyond the shelter. Once picked up and put in the car he seemed happy and relaxed during the ride. He went to a park, the lake and to Bill's home. Billy said the biggest challenge was Asher's fear of new people. There was not any agrression, but it is clear it takes a little time for Asher to warm up to people he has just met. An unexpected event happened at Billy's house. His cat and Asher met and enjoyed being with each other!

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

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