Herding Dog X, male, 1 year old and 50 pounds.

This stunning dog is fun to be with. He's good around people and interacts well. Those eyes....those eyes will mezmerize you---ADOPT ME...ADOPT ME! Socks looks like he is part Border Collie--a very smart breed of dog. He may be a good match for someone interested in training classes. Check back for updates as we get to know this good looking guy.


Husky X male, 1 year old and 53 pounds

Blaze is an uber-handsome, young dog. He's food motivated and has a youthful joi de vivre and lots of energy. Blaze knows sit, and he would love to learn lots more. Look here for updates about Blaze as our volunteers spend time with him. If you love the Husky-type dogs, come on down to the shelter and meet Mr. Handsome in person!

blaze kathy.jpg


Male, 4 year old pit mix, around 85 pounds!

Berko is a social butterfly that would love a home with an endless supply of back scratches, treats and an extra comfy couch to lounge on. We introduced him to one of our shelter guests, Tilly, and after they exchanged a few sniffs and hellos, they ran and played until they were both exhausted! We also introduced him to our old mellow fellow, Benny, and he was very respectful and polite. This handsome fellow will definitely put a smile on your face and make a great loyal companion!

Berko is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at or call 707-961-2491 for more information.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 10 years young and 72 pounds.

This is a charming, older fellow found himself at the shelter when his guardian passed away. Buddy loves to play with toys, he is easy to walk on a leash, and would love a warm bed to curl up in when you are not out taking him for a leisurely walk. There's something wonderful about the older dogs--their calm demeanor and quiet ways. Got a soft spot in your heart for the senior dogs? Come to the shelter and meet Buddy.

buddy kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 61 pounds.

Teddy is a stunningly handsome dog with big light brownish eyes. He's very easy-going and a mellow type dude. Around other dogs, Teddy has been tolerant and very friendly. We'll be spending time with Teddy, taking him for walks and off-leash romps, so check back soon!

Teddy is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at or call 707-961-2491 for more information.


Mixed breed male, 1 year old and 50 pounds

FIDO FIELD TRP 9/10 Today this dog who NEVER stops wiggling his stubby tail went on yet another FFT with long time FFT human, Jason. He played toss the tennis ball, was reported to be affectionate, energized and friendly

Fido Field Trip 9/7 Black Jack got to go on another filed trip and his report card shined with postive comments. He thopought it was great and said, "I went to the Barkery and loved it. I also visited a stero store and enjoyed the musci! I liked palying at my FFT human's house. I ran all over the back yard. She said when I was in the house I was a very good boy! I, for sure, come highly recommended."

BLACK JACK Went on another Fido Field Trip with volunteers Billy and Kaitlyn. Here are their notes: Black Jack loads and unloads in a vehicle and loves to ride. We went to the park, where he loved walking in the grass and exploring the areas. He was friendly with a French Bulldog that he met. They wanted to go play but we had lunch in mind. He waited patiently for his puppy cup which he gulped up in record time. Yes he liked it. We stopped at Rainbow Ag where he met a kitten that he greeted nicely and was not interested in. He got to pick out a treat before heading back. He picked a dried freeze turkey neck which he enjoyed back in his kennel. Black Jack is one of the most affectionate dogs I have taken. So full of love and just always so happy. His nub tail literally never stops wagging. He would be a good dog for anyone to take on a Fido Field trip.

FIDO FIELD TRIP 8/31: Black Jack's FIDO FIELD TRIP (FFT) certainly showed what a undiscovered treasure this boy is. He went to Rainbow Ag and meet both dogs and a cat. He was quite the gentleman! His travleing humann said," Black Jack is great loading and unloading into a vechile and loved the ride. He is very social and outgoing. He loved walking on the grass at the park and enjoyed a 'Puppy Cup' He was good about sitting and waiting for this special treat." Black Jack comes highly recomended as family dog and as a FFT companion.

Just look at this guy's adorable mug! BJ is a sweet dog. He's easy-going and tolerant of other dogs. We can't wait to get to know him and spend time with him, so check back here for observations and updates.

at the park on 9/11

at the park on 9/11


**Mixed Breed NEUTERED male (Shar Pei?) 10 years old and 47 pounds

PAJAMA PARTY UPDATE 9/17 I'm reluctant to bring Zeus back to the shelter because he is having such a good time. What a sweet dog! He was a little wary when I brought him home but he has warmed up quickly. Zeus is shy, however, with a little patience, he is open to trying new things. Any potential adopter should know that he will become attached quickly. You will become his human and he will basically follow you to the end of the earth. He's not interested in playing with toys or chewing things but can be cajoled into zooming around the yard if you give him a play bow. Zeus has got a lot of spunk and it very sure-footed making him an excellent hiking companion. He gets very excited at the appearance of his leash. His other passion is trying to catch bugs as they fly by, sometimes getting all four paws off the floor in excitement. Super cute to watch.

Zeus gets along fine with my dog and is very aloof towards my cats. It's almost as if he doesn't register their existence. With some training, he will be a great companion. He needs time to get used to the busyness of life. He is shy around strangers but I think out of the shelter he will gain more confidence. He would probably do best in a quiet home. He's very unique looking but undeniably adorable. He has not barked once since I brought him home. Overall, he's a mellow guy if you want to sit and watch a movie but is totally game to get up and go when you want to take him on a walk. A perfect combination if you ask me.

Here are some photos of Zeus:

FIDO FIELD TRIP Zeus went on an adventure on Aug. 6th. He spent time with children and enjoyed a walk. He hung out at the family's home and they said they were happy to have him as an afternoon guest.

Mighty Zeus was the king of Greek Mythology, and his symbols include the lightning bolt, the eagle, the bull and the oak tree. Our Zeus is a mellow fellow, calm and easy going! Zeus is being treated for a flea sensitivity which has caused him some hair loss. He's looking better, and would love to find his forever home, where he can chill and give you all his love. Check back for updates as we get to know Zeus. PS--Zeus get our SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT! Intern Observations 7/24/19 Today we took Zeus out to take a break from the heat and relax in the air conditioned office. During our visit Zeus displayed "sit" perfectly. Zeus was most interested in spending time with us and getting pet. Zeus is mellow and sweet and would make a great lounging around dog.

zeus kathy.jpg
Zeus on a Fido Field Trip

Zeus on a Fido Field Trip

Zeus’s humans Fido Field Trip comapnion said he is “Super Cool”!

Zeus’s humans Fido Field Trip comapnion said he is “Super Cool”!

He like to chill out in the house!

He like to chill out in the house!


Mixed Breed (we think there's Doberman in there!) NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 72 pounds.

My, what big ears you have, Bruno! This very handsome dog was surrendered to the shelter when his family could not afford his medical care. Bruno has a skin issue, but with treatment, it has already improved. Bruno lived with children and was house trained in his last home. He was tolerant when meeting a playful male dog. We'll be taking this daper dude out for walks and off leash romps in our play yards, so check back for updates! Fido Field Trip Update 8/24/19 During Brunos Fido Field Trip he completley won over the hearts of the lovely couple who took him out. Bruno got to go on a drive to Lake Mendocino and did very well in the car. Later, he went to Willits and enjoyed time at Mariposas 40th year celebration. Bruno did very well in crowds and remained very calm throughout. Bruno was described as well trained, good with crowds and kids, and responds to sit and stay. FIDO FIELD TRIP 9/5/19 Bruno goes on a FFT and people fall in love. This is what his last companion said, "Bruno is amazing. He's the most well manner dog of ll the many dogs I have teken on FFT's. He loves getting pets. He met a small dog in the park and was happy to meet him. He rested for a while in the park.

bruno kathy.jpg
at the park

at the park

bruno 3.jpg
wow I am thirsty!

wow I am thirsty!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 58 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Total lugnut love! Karl was easy to leash up and walk when we took him out for his off leash romp and photo session. This dude is loaded with energy. He's a real leaner, loves the company of humans, and enjoys getting pets and affection. Karl knows sit, and has a soft mouth. He's a work in progress--meaning he will benefit from canine classes, and will be a wonderful companion with some TLC and training.

Karl is a fun dog who loves flipping toys around and then going after them. He's a real social lovey-dovey kinda dog with people. Karl will need to meet any potential doggie roommatess before his adoption. Check back soon for updates about Karl, as we spend time with him and get to know him.

Intern Observations: 7/7/17 Once getting Karl out of the kennel and outside, he was easy to walk on leash with only pulling slightly and loves to greet new people. Karl is very social and sweet and loves to walk and be active.

Intern Observations 7/24/19 Karl is a social butterfly and just loved playing fetch with a stuffed toy. He is just the sweetest and displayed his perfect "sit". Karl is euphoric and does not seem to have bad days.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 6 years old and 61 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP 8/29 I go to go to the park today It was a lot of fun. I went with an old time friend Ariel who I use to live wiht. The human I travle on my adventure wiht said I was very energetic on our walk together. She also said I was a loving boy! Wow what a compliment!

Arlo arrived at the shelter with several other similarly-colored dogs, who we are calling the "A" dogs. They all appear to have missed out on training, and they're all a little bit shy and getting to know lots of people and learning that the leash = fun! We think Arlo would fit best in a family with no young children. We took Arlo out for his photo session, and he was easy to leash up, but he pulls, and he is strong! He's a happy dog and likes to be involved in any action going on around him. We think he's housetrained. Arlo is a fan of getting butt scratches, and he's a loving dog. This guy needs some fattening up, and that will work out well when he starts training! (Ask us for information about dog classes in Ukiah.) Arlo is bilingual, and he sat for us in both English and Spanish!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 50 pounds.

UPDATE: This uber handsome, freckled nose gent is Asher--a shy dog who is under the loving care of Sara--one of the shelter's teen volunteers. Sara's been spending lots of time with our shy dogs, and Asher has been the recipient of her patience and TLC. When we spent time with him during his photo session, we found him VERY lovable, pleasant and sweet.

Adorable Asher is a very shy dog who perked up when he saw another dog. He lived with 7 other dogs in his last home! Check back for updates as we get to know Asher.

On June 21st Asher went on this first FIDO FIELD TRIP (FFT) Asher is one of our shy dogs. But under the guidance of our wonderful volunteer Billy, Asher was off and ready to expore the world beyond the shelter. Once picked up and put in the car he seemed happy and relaxed during the ride. He went to a park, the lake and to Bill's home. Billy said the biggest challenge was Asher's fear of new people. There was not any agrression, but it is clear it takes a little time for Asher to warm up to people he has just met. An unexpected event happened at Billy's house. His cat and Asher met and enjoyed being with each other!

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

asher 3.jpg


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 66 pounds.

UPDATE: Aaron's second trip to the beach went very well! He showed no more hesitation about walking through the shallow ocean water, which was great. He was very interested in meeting people, and he loved scratching his back on the logs we found! He is a wonderful dog and he would definitely reward someone who showed him love and kindness with loyalty and devotion.

UPDATE: One of our employees took Aaron to the beach last weekend, and he loved it! See some of the photos below for how much fun he had. He met a horse, and wasn't afraid of it until it slightly moved his foot. He was a little unsure of cars passing by on the street, and skeptical of the ocean water at first. He ran away from the water when it touched his feet, but very soon, he was running through it and really enjoying himself. He rode in the car extremely well.

UPDATE: Aaron has been making great strides here at the shelter! He knows "SIT", and our volunteers say he is doing very well walking on a leash. He's learning "WAIT", and we're working on "DOWN" and "SHAKE"! We think he would do really well learning even more!

Aaron found himself at the shelter with 3 of his canine housemates. Right now, Aaron is easy going, but shy. It appears that Aaron (and Angel, Angie and Andy) are not familiar with a leash, and they will need to learn that LEASH = FUN = walking outside and exploring! We'll be working with Aaron, spending time with him and giving him lots of TLC and outdoor walks. Please check back soon for updates.

Aaron is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at or call 707-961-2491 for more information