German Shepherd Dog (X?) female, 4 years old and about 75 pounds.

Moonlight's loaded with energy, and she's also LOTS of fun! She's got a soft, gentle manner taking treats. During her meet & greet/evaluation, we introduced Moonlight to Harrison--our guest whose motto is IT'S ALL ABOUT PLAY! Moonlight has a rough and rowdy play style which might be off-putting for some dogs, and great for others! We'll update Moonlight's bio as we get to know her. Please check back, and be sure to bookmark our webpage!

monnlight kathy 1.jpg


Mixed Breed female, 2 years old and 55 pounds.

Beautiful Ruby is a little bit shy, and a lotta sweet! When she met our most playful canine shelter guest, Harrison, Ruby wanted to join him in some down home doggie fun! Look here for updates as we get to know Ruby. Better still--come to the shelter and take this young girl for a walk!


Little Adorable Dog, female, 2 years old and 14 pounds.

CUTENESS ALERT! CUTENESS ALERT! Claire is a little snuggler. She's a shy girl, but she really wants to make contact with people. She'll be your best friend and couch partner! Come on down to the shelter and take this sweetness out for a stroll...and maybe fall in love!

claire kathy.jpg


LULU and LAYLA need your help! These two wonderful Lab girls are looking for either a temporary foster home for one to two weeks, or a permanent placement.

LULU is 17 years old! She's semi-active and in very good health. She's a super-sweet dog and she's up-to-date on all of her medical/health checks and vaccines.

LAYLA is two years old and a sweet young Lab. She's an active girl and up to date on medical checkups and vaccines.

BOTH of these sweethearts are spayed. Their guardian is unable to care for them for several weeks. We want them to be safe and warm! If you can help Lulu and Layla, please call Niki at 707-972-4370.


Rat Terrier NEUTERED male, 7 years young and 19 pounds. Little dog, BIG personality! Potter is full of life! He's a very big fan of hanging out on the couch and cuddling. We'll be posting more about Potter as we get to know him. Come on down to the shelter and meet this little guy!


St Bernard and ???? SPAYED female, 10 years young and 75 pounds.

MEET CALI--the shelter's Grande Dame! This senior dog is just WONDERFUL--she's so sweet and yes, adorable! We look her for a photo shoot and off leash romp, and fell in love. This gentle giant is a fan of belly scratches, and she rolls over and gives you the "look," and, well, that's it! You're under the spell of Cali! If you love big dogs, and have a special place in your heart for the older dogs--please come to the shelter and spend time with Cali. We're pretty sure you will be smitten, like all of us!

Cali tested positive for heartworm, and we've begun her treatment. We would be overjoyed if she could find a forever home, or a temporary foster home, during her treatment.

cali kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed 10 month old puppy, NEUTERED male, 41 pounds.

UPDATE: Fred Astaire is pretty mellow for a young pup. He is easy to leash and walks pretty good. He pulls a little and jumped a couple of times but not bad. He loved exploring the play yard. He was not interested in playing ball but did enjoy running back and forth from fence line to fence. He loves treats and will sit sometimes. Fred will benefit a lot from a training class (ask us about classes in Ukiah.) Fred will give soft kisses and is very affectionate.

Look at this goofy boy! Fred is known at the shelter as Fred Astaire--he's a great dancer and full of joi de vivre! He was ready to play when he met Harrison--a young and energetic male shelter guest. We'll update Fred's bio as we get to know him. In the mean time, tap dance on down to the shelter and meet this friendly, funny dog!

fred kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 3 years old and 31 pounds.

Tulip is an affectionate girl who likes to be close to people. During her meet and greet/evaluation, Tulip was introduced to Harrsion, an active, very playful dog, and she was interested in gettng to know him! Tulip tested postitive for heartworm, and we will be treating her at the shelter. We would love to find a foster home (or a forever home!) for Tulip during her treatment. Look here for updates about Tulip as we spend time with her and get to know her.


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 3 years old and 70 pounds.

UPDATE: Billy, our wonderful and dedicated volunteer, took Nellie out, and gave us these observations: "Nellie is very easy going. She is easy to leash and walks very well. The only time she pulled is when we were going back and she got close to the shelter. She doesn’t care for any treats and just wants to explore and get pets!. She would be happy to sit on a bench or in the shade and be petted. She likes her face and ears scratched and rubbed. She is very sweet and would be a good FIDO Field trip dog if she can load and unload in a vehicle."

Whoa Nellie! What a sweet and easy-going girl! Nellie was surrendered to the shelter when her former people realized there were too many dogs in the house. During her meet and greet and evaluation, Miss Nellie met Clint and was a bit uncomfortable. We'll update Nellie's information as we get to spend time with her, so please check back!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 95+ pounds.

Sweet and mellow, we love big lugnut dogs like Rufio! In his past home, Rufio lived with canine siblings. Rufio really likes to LEAN IN! During his meet and greet/evaluation, Rufio met Harrison, a VERY happy and active fellow shelter guest, and found Harrison's play bows interesting. Rufio needs a home WITHOUT LIVESTOCK.


OK, it's true--I'm not a dog. I'm a NEUTERED GOAT. I like horses, and in fact, I'm cohabitating with a horse right here at the shelter. For information about me, call 467-6453 to speak to the Adoption Coordinator.

goat for kathy.jpg


OK, it's true--I'm not a dog. I'm a gelding. CONTACT THE SHELTER for more information about me. I AM one good looking equine! Call 467-6453 to speak to the Adoption Coordinator.