Border Collie X, female, 10 months old and 27 pounds

What is that silly thing on Zoey's head? It's a cone to help her from irritating her eye. Beautiful Zoey came to the shelter with an ulcerated eye, which we are treating. Zoey is sweet and very easy going. She was happy to meet an neutered male dog during her evaluation/meet and greet.

zoey kathy best.jpg


Mixed Breed female, 2 years old and a svelte 49 pounds

This sweet dog is a shy gal. Tina knows sit and gives kisses. Tina found hersefl at the shelter when her human companion died. Now Tina is looking for a new home with a new human who likes to cuddle! (we KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE!!!) Tina would like to be your only dog.

tina kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed female, 10 months old and 40 pounds

Ash loves treats and take them with extreme politeness. She is very treat motivated and may be easy to train. Ash already knows sit when you ask her. As a young teenager, Ash needs gentle and firm guidance to be the very best adult she can be. Training classes would be great--ask us about classes in the Ukiah area. Check back for updates as staff and volunteers get to know this very sweet girl.

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Herding Dog X, male, 1 year old and 50 pounds.

This stunning dog is fun to be with. He's good around people and interacts well. Those eyes....those eyes will mezmerize you---ADOPT ME...ADOPT ME! Socks looks like he is part Border Collie--a very smart breed of dog. He may be a good match for someone interested in training classes. Check back for updates as we get to know this good looking guy.


Tilly is a 2 year old spayed female who currently weighs 47 pounds.

UPDATE 9/4: A staff member took Tilly out to the beach and the Botanical Gardens this week. See below for pictures of her outing. She was absolutely great at both places! She was unsure about the ocean water, but we sat on a towel on the beach, and she snuggled right up and gave us tons of kisses. She was interested in birds and other dogs, and clearly wanted to go see them, but she didn't pull or try to run after them. When you call her name, she turns and looks at you. She walked well on the leash, without pulling - though sometimes she likes to get in your path. Overall, she was a perfect dog partner, and we think she would love to go everywhere with someone who adopts her!

She also loaded in and out of the car easily, without needing encouragement.

UPDATE 8/9/19: What a happy dog! She loves romping in the play yard with Stormy, a neutered male shelter guest. She also loves to give kisses, and she is a fabulous dog model! One of the most adorable things she does is greet us with a spin as we walk past the kennels. We are definitely smitten with this joyful girl!

Tilly is a happy, smart and enthusiatic girl. She loves adventure, so an active family would be perfect for her. Check back for updates as our intrepid volunteers get to know this DD--Darlin' Dog!


Little Adorable Lulu is looking for a new home. She is very loved, but her people realize they do not have enough time in their busy lives to give Lulu the attention she deserves. Lulu is 9 years young and 8 pounds--and still full of energy and ready to go. She is up to date on vaccines and would come with all her crates, toys, leashes, etc. She would be a lovely little walking/hiking/jogging partner. She loves to get out and explore, and has plenty of energy still to keep up. She is house-trained, though she may need a little help during the transition in terms of where to go and getting in the rhythm of a new family.

Lulu is crate-trained, and sleeps in a crate in her person's room at night (Lulu's guardian's heard from dog-sitters that Lulu may bark if she is not in your room at night). Of course, Lulu LOVES sleeping in bed with her person, if that works for you! Lulu will probably bark as she adjusts to a new space. She does bark when someone is at the door, and she's a good little watchdog. Overall, her barking is pretty minimal when someone is at home, though she has been barking more, now that she is alone more often.

Lulu is very trainable, and with clear direction, is able to learn and adapt. She's been trained to be invited before jumping on to furniture, to crate and to wait for food.When alone, Lulu has been kept in the kitchen area, with access to her backyard. She has never bitten anyone nor been aggressive to people or other animals. She gets along with other pets.

A great day for Lulu would include walks/hikes/jog, cuddles on the couch and a good chew on a dental bone at the end of it all with her family around to interact with and be with--the perfect day for any dog! Call 707-467-3829 to find out more about Lulu.



Chihuahua X, SPAYED female, 8 years young and 11 hefty pounds.

PAJAMA PARTY NOTES! Mary Jane spent 3 nights on a wonderful PJ party Her PJ guardians said Mary Jane loved paying wtihj toys, children, dogs, and she was friendly, adorable and well behaved. MJ loves kisses, sleeps on the bed, likes to watch TV with the family, likes to look a out the window and great with kids! What a total sweetheart!

CUTENESS ALERT! Mary Jane is content to hang out with you on the couch and snuggle in. As an older girl, she likes to set her own rules about snuggling. Mary Jane is eligible for our SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT.

mary jane kathy.jpg


Your guess is as good as ours....Female, 2 years old and 31 adorable pounds.

Vanilla is a perfect candidate for a doggie DNA test! What are the breeds that make up this total cutie pie?? Vanilla is sweet and easy-going. Vanilla is a bit shy right now, but the shelter can be a daunting place at first. Check back for information on Vanilla, as we will update her bio as we all get to know her.

vanilla kathy.jpg


Husky X male, 1 year old and 53 pounds

Blaze is an uber-handsome, young dog. He's food motivated and has a youthful joi de vivre and lots of energy. Blaze knows sit, and he would love to learn lots more. Look here for updates about Blaze as our volunteers spend time with him. If you love the Husky-type dogs, come on down to the shelter and meet Mr. Handsome in person!

blaze kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed female, 3 years old and 65 pounds.

Jetta is a sweet and very lovable dog. During her evaluation, Jetta met another female dog and she reacted very well. Check back for updates, as we get to know this sweetie pie!


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 3 years old and 76 pounds

MORE info about wonderful DIAMOND: Diamond is in a long term foster home and currently up for adoption. She was, and is again, a staff and volunteer favorite because of her very sweet nature and wonderful personality. **If you would like to meet Diamond, please call 467-6453 to make arrangements!

When Diamond was here earlier in the year, she was a staff and volunteer favorite. She went on several FIDO FIELD TRIPS, and was well loved! Diamond is quite the looker, with a lovely black and white coat, soulful brown eyes and those adorable flopped over ears. She was appropriate and good with Chipper, the shelter's big, fluffy tester dog, when she met him during her evaluation.



Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 10 years young and 72 pounds.

This is a charming, older fellow found himself at the shelter when his guardian passed away. Buddy loves to play with toys, he is easy to walk on a leash, and would love a warm bed to curl up in when you are not out taking him for a leisurely walk. There's something wonderful about the older dogs--their calm demeanor and quiet ways. Got a soft spot in your heart for the senior dogs? Come to the shelter and meet Buddy.

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