Mixed Breed female, 9 months old and 41 pounds.

Happiness, thy name is SUMMER! Our adorable Summer is young and playful. She's got lots of doggone great dog energy. We can't wait to spend time with this little charmer, so check back for updates!

summer kathy 1(1).jpg


German Shepherd Dog, male, 79 pounds

King, AKA Mr. Handsome, is happy to be close to the person on the other end of his leash. This smart dog knows sit and shake. During his evaluation and meet & greet, King was introduced to Trixie, a fellow shelter guest, and he was well behaved and appropriate. German Shepherd Dogs are loyal, smart and active. Check back for updates as we get to know King.

king lkathy.jpg


Great Pyrenees, feamle, 3 years old and 75 pounds.

Mimi Pom Pom arrived at the shelter with her fur severely matted. Mimi went for a spa day at a local dog groomer, and now she is much more comfortable, and kinda adorable! Mimi is very friendly with people, and when she met Fred Astaire--a fellow shelter guest--Mimi was appropriate and playful. Fred Astaire suggested dancing lessons, and Mimi agreed. (Check back for our own Dancing with the Doggie Stars.) Mimi knows SIT; she SHAKES with both paws, and is comfortable hanging out in a crate in our MEET & GREET ROOM. We can't wait to get to know this lovely girl, so check back for updates!

mimi pomm pom kathy.jpg


Husky, male, 1 year old and 51 pounds.

Stunning, with gorgeous blue eyes, Alfredo has a typical Husky personality. He likes to be near to the person at the other end of his leash. Alfredo is a fan of stuffed toys and likes to spend time playing. This gorgeous dog knows SIT, and training class or two, he could be a graduate with a DOGGIE CuM LOUD! Check here for updates as shelter staff and volunteers spend time with Alfredo.


Mixed Breed female, 1 year old and 57 pounds.

What a cutie patootie! Blossom is a sweetheart. She knows SIT and SHAKE, and would undoubtedly learn lots more! During her evaluation, Blossom was introduced to Mimi Pom Pom, another canine guest, and both dogs did fine together. Check back for updates about Blossom, as we all get to know her more.


Mixed Breed puppy, NEUTERED male, 6 months old and 39 pounds.

Like a yummy Oreo cookie, this guy is sweet inside! Oreo is a typical energetic puppy--he's a happy and social young dude, and likes people and is playful with other dogs. Oreo will need a home with folks who will give him the time and energyand love all pups need to ensure they grow up into well behaved and loved members of the family. Come on down and meet this fun-loving dog!



Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 4 years old and 51 pounds.

Penny is a sweet, sweet. She LOVES to play with stuffed toys and it's easy to spend hours watching her delightful, silly fun. She is also a real love bug with people. We'd guess that her favorite spot in her forever home will be next to her person, on the couch, with a few stuffies near by. She also loves sniffing in the play yard and going for walks. She is good on a leash and very attentive. Penny is the most perfect dog to be someone's best friend!


Yoshi is a 2 year old NEUTERED male Husky mix who currently weighs 69 pounds.

Look at that happy face! Yoshi is a stunning dog who is pretty calm (for Husky standards!) and social with people. Yoshi met a new canine friend named Spirit during his evaluation, and was very tolerant of Spirit's high energy play style. Although Yoshi seems like he will be perfectly content hanging with his new family, GOOD FENCING is important for this breed, along with daily exercise.



Fox is a 3 year old NEUTERED male mixed breed dog who currently weighs 49 pounds.

Fox loves everyone he meets. He has a sweet personality and is sure to be a loyal companion. We think Fox would enjoy a home with children and probably want to sleep on the bed! Fox seems more comfortable around female dogs. His ideal home would be one with a dog-social, playfull female canine friend. Come on down to the Ukiah Shelter and take this good looking guy out for a walk. Check back for updates as we get to know Fox.



Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 54 pounds.

Update on 6/25 from her foster mom, Laura: Maya continues to make progress in her foster home. She’s now willing to go out and come in the house on her own, and has learned to sit before doing so. She loves to play, and engages the other dogs in play. She knows “sit” and “down,” and will lay on dog beds with the other dogs, not always hiding in a crate. She comes up to me looking for attention voluntarily. She is still working on her trust with humans, and I find that she does better with me when I feed her by hand. She’s also making slow progress with vehicles passing by when she’s out by the road. She had been pancaking down, but with practice, she’s been able to ignore vehicles and focus on getting treats. Her new family will have to have the patience to deal with her getting used to a new environment and routine, as well as to continue to work with her in training. She would do best in a calm household, with a mentor dog buddy. Check out the photos of Maya at the Casa de Laura. She's hanging with Laura's dogs and also Ruby, another shelter guest. Looking good, Maya!

CASA DE LAURA UPDATE: MAYA has been lucky enough to be taken under the wing of our one and only Laura--foster volunteer extraordinaire. Maya was VERY shut down when she came to the shelter, and she did not want to leave her kennel. Laura to the rescue! Maya's been at CASA DE LAURA since March 9, and Laura's been working with her, helping her feel comfortable in the big world. Here are insights from Laura: "This sweet, shy is living with 6 other dogs at the Casa. She was so scared, she would not walk. Her first few hours here, she was given plenty of TLC, and started wagging her tail. The next day she sat up briefly, and by day 3, with plenty of help and encouragement, she was able to go into the back yard with a couple of other dogs. She was still extremely scared, and only stayed out for a few minutes. It’s been a slow process of healing for Millie – we don’t know what happened to her, but she’s trying to be brave. Seven days later, Maya is able to walk around the house and the back yard, and walk out the door and back in on her own, with some of dog buddies!!! She’s still fearful, and prefers to find places to hide – a crate, the igloo, under a bush, behind the kennel – but she is responding to my voice, and is excited to come to me when other dogs are around me. She is also starting to learn to walk on a leash, with the help of some of her dog buddies here. Millie is crate trained, but I think she might have been confined to a crate, with limited human contact. She’s house broken. Her new family will have to have lots of patience with her, be gentle, and work daily with her. I feed her by hand, which is helping her develop trust with me. Millie loves belly rubs, face and full body massages, and she shows she’s happy by going into her happy dance on her bed. She wags her tail, and loves attention. A mentor dog buddy would be ideal for her."

Laura proves over and over again what can be done to help a nervous, scared dog, with patience, kindness and lots of love. THANK YOU LAURA!

Maya is a beautiful girl, and seems very sweet.She's very shy right now, and we don't know much about her. Our dedicated volunteers and staff will be spending time with Maya, and with patience and some TLC, we're sure she will gain confidence. We'll update Millie's bio as we learn about her, so please check back!

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Mixed Breed female, 1 year old and 64 pounds.

HEY STELLLLAAAAA! This adorable, young dog is a BIG fan of the couch. She's easy going and good with people. Stella was very playful with the dogs she met during her evaluation. We'll be getting this cutie pie out for walks and romps, so check back soon! Better yet, come to the shelter and take Stella out for a stroll!

Fido Feild Trip Update: Today 6/19/19 I got to go on a fieldtrip! I got a Pupacino, that was in my opinion AMAZING, I cant wait to go out to coffee again! Then I got to go swimming, I love to swim. The car ride was so fun I couldnt wait to load up and go off to our next destination! I was taken on a long walk and then to Friedmans to get me out and about in my shnazzy vest. Come down and see me, and maybe take me out! I love being out of the shelter, hopefully it'll be for forever soon!

stella kathy.jpg
stella 3.jpg
Fido Field Trip included a stop at Star Bucks for a Pup-a-cino

Fido Field Trip included a stop at Star Bucks for a Pup-a-cino

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Mixed Breed female, 2 years old and 58 pounds.

Jo Jo is a shy dog who will need lots of TLC from her new family, to help her come out of her shell. Guiding a shy dog from his or her hesitancy takes patience, but it's so rewarding. At the shelter, we've seen many introverted and cautious dogs bloom--first with the extra love and care our staff and volunteers give them, and then being in a calm and caring forever home. Check back for updates on beautiful Jo Jo!

FIDO FEILDTRIP UPDATE! Today I got to go out on a fido feildtrip!While I was out I went to my new friend Alycia's house. I was a little nervous, but i made sure I was on my best behavior. I met a new feline friend and a couple Canines too. We all got along pretty good. All I really wanted to do was be a couch potato, unless I had to go out. I also got to take a walk with my new friend Nemo! I cant wait to go again.

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Jo Jo loves ot ride in “her” wagon”

Jo Jo loves ot ride in “her” wagon”

On Take You Dog to Work Day Jo-Jo, who was a tad camera shy, took a walk with her new friend London.. They walked over for a photo opportunity with some Ukiah Police staff. Then the two new friends went for a stroll together. This is a FIRST for Jo Jo!!

On Take You Dog to Work Day Jo-Jo, who was a tad camera shy, took a walk with her new friend London.. They walked over for a photo opportunity with some Ukiah Police staff. Then the two new friends went for a stroll together. This is a FIRST for Jo Jo!!