Husky male, 3 years old and 81 pounds.

UPDATE HALLOWEEN! King spent time in the play yard, getting to know the photographer and assitant, sniffing around, prancing, and getting loads of affection. This guy is strikingly handsome. He's shy about meeting new people, but was easy to leash up and well mannered on a walk. It took several minutes for King to feel comfortable, and then he leaned in for some lovin'. He was smitten with the photographer. King prances and jumps forward for attention. He knows SIT and SHAKE. When he runs, he is a thing of beauty. King and his buddy, Sheila, share many characteristics, and they are both lovely dogs after an initial timidity.

UPDATE: Our resident Husky/Malamute expert, Lisa J., took King (and his buddy, Sheila) out for a walk. Lisa told us that the two dogs are bonded and both are nervous being at the shelter. But, once you win their trust, they are both very affectionate. King is a love-bug, and he will LEAN in for love and attention. He was great on a leash, but wary of people and dogs he doesn't know. King walks well on a leash and really enjoys being outdoors. We'll update King's bio as we get to know him more, so check back here, and visit King at the shelter!

A combination of wow-inducing good looks and sensitivity, King is a shy dog. This guy will look at you with his soft and entrancing sky blue eyes, and try to help you understand that life has been hard for him. He will reach out to you with a paw to make contact. Our wonderful crew of volunteers will be setting their sights on King, helping him feel comfy and getting him ready for his new forever home. Check back here for updates on King.