Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 57 pounds.

UPDATE FROM THE CASA DE LAURA 10/20: Ginger has been in foster care since 9.29.18, and lives with 5 other dogs. She’s very playful, and loves her furry siblings. She has pretty good indoor manners, but does turn her water bowl over at times. She’s crate trained, and sleeps in it at night. During the day, she hangs out outside, but can be destructive in the yard. She needs some good exercise before she’s kept alone for extended periods, such as playing fetch, which she loves! Other toys, like a stuffed kong, or a chew toy will be helpful with this destructive tendency. This is something she will undoubtedly outgrow, with good training. She’s not a big barker. She’s very loving, and is a happy girl, but she is also submissive, and reacts fearfully around the broom and loud voices. She walks well with a harness, and enjoys her daily walks.

Things she knows: • Sit, wait, go lay down, perfecting “roll over” • Sits at the door before going out/coming in • Catches treats in the air • Comes when called • Is treat-motivated • Rides well in a vehicle

Things she’s working on: • Consistent housetraining • Not jumping up on people • Leaving her water bowl alone – she sometimes turns it over both inside and outside • Chewing only on her chew toys

Ginger is progressing in these areas, but her training needs to be continued, as well as basic obedience. She’s a good girl who wants to please, and is treat motivated. For more info, call her foster mom, Laura, at 391.4043.

UPDATE: Ginger spent the afternoon at the Casa de Laura, lounging around and sniffing all the new smells. Here are Laura's observations: "Ginger was very cautious and tentative, needing to sniff everywhere she went, so she moved pretty slowly. . . she did have a nice curiosity which allowed her to move around the yard without a problem (sometimes dogs will stay at the gate where they came in and i have to coax them away from it). It was difficult initially getting in the truck, but once in, she rode well; she knows her name and came when called; once inside the house, she wanted to jump on the couch, but got off when i told her to, and found the ottoman where the dogs are allowed, and laid down and napped! it was very sweet. Ginger loves face massages; slobbers when drinking water."

We also heard from another volunteer that Ginger LOVES kids, and was lovely and confident with them. Below are photos of Ginger during her outing, and at the shelter with a young volunteer.

UPDATES 8/10 AND 8/14: Volunteers Billy and Janette agreed that Ginger needs to learn to trust people, as she is a bit nervous but warms up quickly. Billy said, "Ginger is a little nervous at first, but when she gets comfortable with a person and you earn her trust, she is a true sweetheart. She will put her head on your shoulder. She has a very gentle way of taking treats (a soft mouth), and knows sit."

It would be hard to find a more people-oriented, social dog than Ginger. She lived with a family but did not get along with the resident cat. Her past guardians said she loved water, playing fetch and tug of war with her rope toys. The family felt she would do best as an only pet in her next home. Ginger's past human just sent us some more thooughts on their time with her. "She is the most sweet loving, loveable dog you will even meet. She loves playing catch with a ball or any type of toy. She loves pickles and spicy chips. She loves the a water and going on walks. Scarch her butt and sh is in heaven. However cats and her feet being touched are a no no!" Won't you help us find the perfect home for this wonderful girl? She has so much to give!