Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 6 years old and 61 pounds.

Arlo participated in the monthly pack walk and training on 10.12.19. He pulled a bit on leash, but was able to also walk nicely. He was able to listen and pay attention at least half the time. He took treats with a gentle mouth. He knows β€œsit,” and needs more work on other skills. He did tire during the training, and lost interest in treats.

Mr. Good Looking, AKA ARLO, spent time at CASA de LAURA. Here's Laura's report: Arlo got a much needed break from shelter life when he got to visit Casa de Laura. He loaded up easily into the truck, and was a good passenger. He is a good boy, but does need basic training. He is strong, and pulls when on leash; needs work on coming when called, and needs to work on his manners with female dogs, as he got a little carried away the two girls he met! He wandered about the yard, interested in the various smells, and marking territory. He was easy to be around, and seemed very relaxed. He came into the house easily, and displayed good indoor manners. When it was time to go, he leashed up easily. The best home for him would be one in which his new family would be interested in taking him to training and be consistent in working with him. Below are a few photos of Arlo chillin' at the CASA.

FIDO FIELD TRIP 8/29 I go to go to the park today It was a lot of fun. I went with an old time friend Ariel who I use to live wiht. The human I travle on my adventure wiht said I was very energetic on our walk together. She also said I was a loving boy! Wow what a compliment!

Arlo arrived at the shelter with several other similarly-colored dogs, who we are calling the "A" dogs. They all appear to have missed out on training, and they're all a little bit shy and getting to know lots of people and learning that the leash = fun! We think Arlo would fit best in a family with no young children. We took Arlo out for his photo session, and he was easy to leash up, but he pulls, and he is strong! He's a happy dog and likes to be involved in any action going on around him. We think he's housetrained. Arlo is a fan of getting butt scratches, and he's a loving dog. This guy needs some fattening up, and that will work out well when he starts training! (Ask us for information about dog classes in Ukiah.) Arlo is bilingual, and he sat for us in both English and Spanish!