Rat Terrier NEUTERED male, 7 years young and 19 pounds.

UPDATE: Potter is a lively, fun-loving, sturdy little guy. He was completely entertaining during his photo shoot, and we fell in love. Potter is easy to leash up and walk, and once in the play yard, he jumped right in our volunteer's lap. This little dude LOVES getting attention and affection. He's got a soft mouth, and knows sit. Rat Terriers are great little dogs, and make loyal and loving companions.

Little dog, BIG personality! Potter is full of life! He's a very big fan of hanging out on the couch and cuddling. We'll be posting more about Potter as we get to know him. Come on down to the shelter and meet this little guy!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 59 pounds.

We fell in love with Squirrel during his photo shoot--he is a beautiful, handsome dog with soulful eyes and a soft, shiny coat. He was very easy leashing up and walking. He's a quiet dog, and a bit shy. Squirrel found a tennis ball in the play yard and perked right up. Squirrel likes to be CLOSE to people, and can be a lovey-dovey dog. Check back for updates and more info as we spend time with Squirrel.


Mixed breed SPAYED female, 8 years young and 80 pounds.

Lilly would like to be your only love. In her past home, a little gang of Chihuahuas pestered her. In her new life, Lily wants all your attention. She did fine with the dog she met during her evalution. Lilly lived harmoniously with a cat in her last home. Lily knows sit and shake and her past guardian said she also knows stay, easy, come here, go outside, and in your bed. She was house trained in her last home. Lilly could loose some weight so she'd make a great walking partner for someone who wishes the same for themselves!


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 7 months old and 43 pounds.

UPDATES: Sombra is a well mannered girl. She is a little shy and tentative, but after a little while in the play yard, she warmed up. Sombra is a real stunner, with a beautiful, soft, thick coat and beautiful, soulful eyes. She'ss a great size--not too big and not too small. We really enjoyed our time with Sombra!

FIDO FIELD TRIP: I took Sombra yesterday. She will not get in and out by herself but once you get her in the vehicle, she rides good. We started with lunch at my house. She explored my front yard and then did well in the house. Then we went hiking at Low Gap for about an hour. We then went downtown on School Street and stopped at Mendocino Barkery and Alex Thomas Plaza. On the way back to the shelter she fell asleep in the truck. She is a very sweet girl with good manners. She was good when she met other dogs and was amazing when she met a little boy at the park. She let the boy pet her and was so gentle with him.

This glistening, good-looking girl is very playful. Sombra sure does enjoy playing with toys. When she met Swirl--another female shelter guest--Sombra was very playful. We can't wait to get to know Somba, so please check back soon for updates on this cutie pie!


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 31 pounds.

Sweet Ophelia is a shy girl, but lucky for her--the shelter has a special SHY DOG program. Sara, our wonderful teen volunteer, works with shy and nervous dogs, and she won Opehlia's trust and love--as you can see from her photoshoot pics below! Sara spends lots of time with the shy dogs, first simply sitting in their kennel and talking softly. Each day she makes progress and tells our other volunteers how best to help each individual dog.

Ophelia is sweet, inquisitive, likes toys, and her coat is soft as velvet. She's a great little size, too. She felt good enough to say hello to the photographer and his assistant! Look here for updates, as we get to spend time with beautiful Ophelia.


Cane Corso NEUTERED male, 5 years old and 90 pounds

Hank will need a special adopter who is experienced with the Cane Corso breed and willing to work with him to ensure that Hank is a great ambassador for the breed. Hank cannot live with or near livestock. We found Hank to be playful and fine with a big dog. We will be choosing Hank's new guardian with care.

hank kathy.jpg


We got a call from a community member who is terminally ill and will not be coming home. These two handsome dogs are his best friends and reason for living, and he has entrusted us to find them a soft place to land.

We are calling them XXL Aussie Mixes. At 80 lbs, they are both incredibly happy and loving, used to easy country living and love the companionship of their human. They are easy-peasy on the leash and want nothing more than to snooze with you on a couch. Both pups are playful and adorable! Mork (Orange) is a bit more shy and plays second fiddle to his partner in crime, Chow (Black.) Chow loves attention belly rubs and anything you can play fetch with. He's super smart and listens well.
Call to meet Mork and Chow: 530-570-4538



Husky SPAYED female, 2 years old and 42 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: A perfect combination of sassy and sensitive--MOLLY is a real kick! She was easy peasy to leash up and walk. Once in the play yard and leash off, Molly was unbound joy! She is so light on her feet, and you can see from her photos that she enjoys racing around. Molly has a wonderfully sweet personality, and with her different colored eyes and gloriously full tail, she is a stunning girl. We loved being with her, and you will, too!

Affectionate, gentle and easy going, Molly is a stunner. She tried to lure our "tester" dog, Clint, to play with her, but he said, "no thanks, not right now." Molly was very apporpriate in her interaction with Clint. Look here for updates about Molly, as we get to know her, spend time with her, and take her on walks and off-leash romps.


Lab Blend, SPAYED female, 1 year old and 51 pounds. Like any good Lab, Daisy loves playing with toys and tennis balls. She's a sweet, young dog who enjoys being with people. During her evaluation, Daisy met Clint, another shelter guest, and proceeded to invite him to have some fun with her by doing the canine PLAY BOW! Look here for more about Daisy as we spend time with her and get to know her.

daisy kathy 2.jpg


Mixed breed spayed female, 8 years old and 100+- pounds.

KIA is with one of our rescue partners. She is NOT at the shelter She can be met by appointment after an application is submitted. This BIG girl is playful and almost dances sometimes! Kia is easy to leash up, knows sit and loves her treats! In her former home, Kia lived with children. When Kia participated in our multi-dog play group, she reacted well around our other guests. But, Kia had problems with female dogs in her last neighborhood, and we therefore want her to meet any potential rommmates. During her photo shoot, Kia started out a little shy and aloof, and warmed up after a some minutes and showed us her playful side. At one of your rescue partners facilities. email us to have the contact you.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 50 pounds.

UPDATE: This uber handsome, freckled nose gent is Asher--a shy dog who is under the loving care of Sara--one of the shelter's teen volunteers. Sara's been spending lots of time with our shy dogs, and Asher has been the recipient of her patience and TLC. When we spent time with him during his photo session, we found him VERY lovable, pleasant and sweet.

Adorable Asher is a very shy dog who perked up when he saw another dog. He lived with 7 other dogs in his last home! Check back for updates as we get to know Asher.


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 4 years old and 55 pounds

PHOTO SHOOT NOTES: Sweet and dreamy, Ariel is a sensitive soul. She was a little shy at first during her photo session, but we know with some TLC she will blossom. Ariel took treats with a very gentle mouth. Her coat is silky soft, and her personality is charming!

Ariel is a BIG fan of couches--and she would love to get acquainted with yours! Ariel is a shy dog who will need some tender loving care to help her gain confidence. We love our shy guests, and volunteers will be working with Ariel to make her feel more comfy, so please check back here for updates.