Husky female, 6 years old and 64 pounds.

UPDATE: Sheila spent time with the photographer, posing, sniffing and generally have a great time in the play yard. She was a little reluctant to leave her kennel at first, but after a minute or so, she happily trotted out--she was very easy to leash and walk. Sheila is a beautiful dog who loves to get belly rubs, likes to run off to explore and then comes right back for some leaning and affection! She's a calm and loving dog, and well loved at the shelter!

UPDATE: Sheila spent time with our great Husky/Malamute expert, Lisa J. Here's what Lisa told us: Like her buddy, King, Sheila is nervous being at the shelter. We went out for a walk, and once Sheila understood that I was her friend, she became very comfortable with me, and kept leaning in, wanting to get pets, and be loved. Sheila kept her tail tucked for the first few minutes of her walk outside, but became more confident quickly. In the play yard, she would sniff around, but kept coming back for some loving. Once you win over this beautiful girl, she is so affectionate and happy! Sheila walks well on a leash and has a soft mouth.

Beautiful Sheila is a shy girl. She is eager for contact and comfort from people. When she met our big, fluffy tester dog, Chipper, Sheila was nervous. Sheila gets the shelter's SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT! As we get to know Sheila more, we will update her bio, so make sure to check our website often. Bookmark us!