Mixed breed/Boxer, neutered male, 5 years old and 58 pounds.

Oh, Rocky! What a soulful dog you are. After Rocky's guardian died, his family could no longer care for him. Rocky is one of the sweetest dogs we've met in a long time! During his photo session, he was very quiet and low-key. He explored the play yard, but ignored treats and toys. Rocky has obvious skin issues, and he has a secondary ear infection. We are treating him, and along with notes from his veterianry visits over the past few years, we're trying to pinpoint Rocky's problem.

The photographer adopted a dog from the shelter who had mange and also a secondary ear infections. He was a bit odifouous! With proper medical help and treatment, the dog recovered in a few months, and for the past 10 years has had the most glorious, soft, velvet-like coat. It takes some time, but it's so wonderful to see your best buddy blossom!