Adorable Fluffy Little Dog, NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 11 pounds.

UPDATES: Petey went on a Fido Field Trip and had a great time. This little guy is simply the sweetest. He loves people, likes to get held and cooed over, and was a happy Field Trip dog! Petey's FFT parnter said Petey likes to cuddle, ride in cars, and go out on the town! Petey was a very good boy while he was hanging out on the patio of a local restuarant. He was relaxed and mellow and unperturbed by any noises or sights. He's sweet and affectionate, loves sitting in a lap, and is generous with his kisses! Check out the photos of Petey as he made his way around town!

CUTENESS ALERT! This little fluff ball of a dog is a happy fellow. We think Petey will be happiest in a home with adults only. Check back soon for updates as we get to know this adorable guy!