HOUND DOG • NEUTERED male, 3 years old • 90-ish lbs.

Jack was emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks when he was found; he weighed only 68 pounds. Almost immediatley, one of our most dedicated volunteers took Jack home, and has been fostering him since mid February. With the loving care he's received there, Jack quickly gained weight, and currently weighs 86 lbs! (Jack has callouses on his sit bones that are healing nicely, however, we don’t know if they’ll go away completely.) Jack quickly became a shelter favorite due to his sweet temperament, and his resilience.

NOTES FROM JACK'S FOSTER MOM: Jack lives with 3 female dogs, gets along, and loves playing with them. He’s a submissive dog who is very gentle. He has been learning new skills in his foster home, including how to take treats nicely. Jack is: Crate trained; relatively house broken (still needs to be monitored); Knows “sit,” “lay down” and comes when called.

Jack has been somewhat fearful getting leashed up, but is learning that the leash is ok. He is also learning to get into a vehicle, and rides well once inside. He was startled by loud noises initially, but is getting better. He is very loving. The best home for him would be one with another dog he can play with, and people who can make a commitment to giving him a loving stable home, including exercise and training classes, which we always recommend.