Mixed breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 58 pounds.

NOTES FROM A FOSTER VOLUNTEER: Gypsy began going to day care on August 10, and she really enjoys her time out of the shelter. She's interested in new surroundings, and sniffs EVERY possible inch, inside and out! Gypsy does well in the house and appears to have good house manners. Gyspsy is somewhat independent, but responds to her name, coming when called. She's mellow, likes to hang out, and enjoys walks. She's a hppay dog who, once she feels comfortable, gets a little goofy. She likes being by her human and she is a big fan of getting pets. She initially appeared somewhat aloof in daycare, but within an hour, she was interacting easily with her new human friend. Gypsy would do best as the only dog in her new home, and right now seems indifferent to other dogs. She has a strong prey drive, so NOT CATS! Gypsy knows SIT, DOWN, SHAKE, and CATCH (treats.) She takes treats with a gentle, soft mouth, rides well in a car, and is crate and house trained! Gypsy is very smart and wants to learn. Now is a great time for her new guardian to take Gypsy to training classes, which are fun for dog and human alike!

MULTI-DOG PLAY GROUP: Gypsy would do best as an only dog. Our play group had 11 dogs, with a few very high energy play style. Gypsy did well for a while but she gets tired out and cranky! (I think we can all relate to that!) We suggest Gypsy be only dog. Gypsy seems to be pretty independent with both people and other dogs.

UPDATE: As expected, Gypsy made lots of progress as she got use