Mixed breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 58 pounds.

UPDATE 6/17/17. As expected, Gypsy made lots of progress as she got use to "shelter life". Volunteers had this to say "Gypsy is very attentive and she knows basic commands"

Stunning Gypsy looks like she might be part Great Dane. She's a very beautiful dog with those fabulous ears--one up, one down. Gypsy is a bit apprehensive--she seems worried, and does not want to engage. Staff and volunteers understand that some dogs have a harder time in a shelter environment, and we all try to give the shy dogs as much TLC as we can. Gypsy likes to sniff around, and in the coming days, as we take her out on walks and into the play yard, we will update her bio with more information. Come on down to the shelter and meet Gypsy, and all of our dog and cat guests.