Mixed Breed 10 month old puppy, NEUTERED male, 41 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Fred Astaire entertained us during his photo session. We found him fun, funny, smart and engaging. We thought he might be part Border Collie. Fred is focused and loving. We think he might excel at obedience training, flyball or agility, or another form of fun-filled canine class.

UPDATE: Fred Astaire is pretty mellow for a young pup. He is easy to leash and walks pretty good. He pulls a little and jumped a couple of times but not bad. He loved exploring the play yard. He was not interested in playing ball but did enjoy running back and forth from fence line to fence. He loves treats and will sit sometimes. Fred will benefit a lot from a training class (ask us about classes in Ukiah.) Fred will give soft kisses and is very affectionate.

Look at this goofy boy! Fred is known at the shelter as Fred Astaire--he's a great dancer and full of joi de vivre! He was ready to play when he met Harrison--a young and energetic male shelter guest. We'll update Fred's bio as we get to know him. In the mean time, tap dance on down to the shelter and meet this friendly, funny dog!