Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 57 pounds.

CASA DE LAURA UPDATE 5/2/19 - This gorgeous guy has been such a wonderful guest in foster care. He has taken it on himself to help Maya, another foster dog here, who’s shy and withdrawn, by encouraging her to walk, go outside, and play. When I first started walking Maya on leash, Duke walked beside her, and when she stopped after a few steps, he stopped with her, and waited for her to start walking again. He’s also gone into her room in the morning and nuzzled her to get her out of bed and go outside with him. He’s been absolutely amazing with her. He has some difficulty getting into a vehicle, and I have to pick up his back legs to get him in, but once inside, he rides well. He can stay outside in the back yard for a few hours in good weather, and just hangs out. He still has some fear of passing vehicles when walking, and pancakes down, but once they pass, he gets up and walks well. This will need to be an area of training for him. Below you can see some photos of Duke at the CCC OPEN HOUSE, where he made friends with one and all!

CASA DE LAURA NOTES: Lucky Duke has been chillin' at CASA DE LAURA, with two other shelter guests, and Laura's own dogs. Here's what Laura told us about Duke: Duke has been in foster care since March 2, 2019, and lives with 6 other dogs with whom he gets along. His first day here, he was pretty excited, and it took about a day for him to calm down. When excited, he can get somewhat mouthy, putting his teeth on my hand, but not aggressively. He responds to calm energy and consistency. Duke is a big strong guy who needs to find appropriate outlets for his energy. He loves to play, and has a playmate here at the CASA, and they chase each other, as well as wrestle and play “mouthy. Duke also likes chew toys. DUKE is: • crate trained • housebroken • perfecting his “sit,” “down,” and “shake”
• sits at the door before going out or coming in • knows his name and comes when called • has good indoor manners • walks well on leash Duke enjoys his walks, but is a bit fearful of passing cars. He has stayed loose inside the house for a few hours with another dog, while I went to work, and did quite well. He’s a very sweet, happy, and loving guy, who enjoys the company of both dogs and humans. He's currently helping out a tramatized dog in his foster home, by walking with her and hanging out with her. He’s intelligent, which will make it easy to train him. We always recommend a training class for our adoptees, to help them become the best dog they can be, and a well-loved and treasured member of the family. Check out Duke's photos from Casa de Laura, and especially the photo of Duke and his Casa buddies!

He's low and wide, just the way we like 'em!! Duke is friendly, easy going, and likes being around people. We took him out for a photo shoot and off leash romp in our play yard, and he was very easy to leash up and walk. He kept us entertained with puppyish antics--he likes to get CLOSE! Duke knows SIT, likes to give kisses and he's a non-stop tail wagger. His coat is beautiful and soft, and his eyes are a stunning light yellow. Duke will need to learn some parameters, because he really does like getting close. He's very playful, and scratching his face or singing to him makes him uber excited. Because he's a big dog, kids in Duke's new home need to be older than 12-ish. When Duke had his evaluation and meet & greet, he was interested and curious about meeting Chipper, our tester dog.