Mixed Breed male, 6 months old and 38 pounds.

One member of Blue Jay's family fell ill, and this teenage dog has come to the shelter to find new home. His past guardians told us that Blue Jay loves to give hugs and that he waits by the back door when he needs to go potty. Also, this adorable dog knows sit, come, and drop it. He is playful, while also being mellow and very loving. Blue Jay lived well with a cat in his past home.


Mixed Breed male, 2 years old and 32 pounds. Tater's got an intense look, but don't be fooled! This dog is affectionate, LOVES to get belly rubs, and has wonderful playing skills. He had a great time with our tester dog, Denver (also available for adoption!) We will update Tater's bio as we get to know him, so check back. Better yet, come to the shelter and meet Tater in person!


Mixed Breed mlae, 1 year old and 60 pounds.

Doc is an exuberant, VERY happy dog. He expresses his joy by smiling and running! Maybe he'd be a great jogging partner! We think Doc would be great in a home with kids of all ages....this guy's joyful personality is infectious!


Breed: you tell us! Male, 3 years old and 12 pounds.

Adorable AND easy going! Dart is DARling. Dart is a calm dog, and he liked our big tester dog, Oliver, during their meet and greet. We'll let you know more about this scruff muffin in the days to come, as we get to know him better. Check back soon (and often!)


Husky, NEUTERED male, 7 months old and 58 pounds

Teddy was surrendered to the shelter when his guardian realized she did not have the time to devote to him. Teen age dogs--and especially Huskies--need lots of training and exercise. A Husky puppy may be a cute fluff ball, but as he or she reaches adolescence, your dog will need lots of work to become a well mannered canine companion. Teddy's former guardian told us he was loving and playful and that house training had been a challenge. We'll update Teddy's bio soon, as we get to know him. Canine training and other fun dog classes are available in most cities, and we can help you with information about trainers in Ukiah. Classes are a great way to get to know your dog.


Mixed breed male, 1 year old and 48 pounds.

Stunning Baylor Blue is a friendly dog. He enjoys sniffing around a LOT! Baylor Blue might be a good companion in a home with an active dog. BB is playful and strong, and we are recommneding that any kids in his new home be over 12 years old. Look for more information and photos about Baylor soon!


Mixed breed male, 2 years old and 61 pounds.

Floyd is a sweet and handsome dog who LOVES getting belly rubs, and knows sit and down. We think Floyd would be a great addition to a family, and he might be good with another dog. We'll be getting Floyd out for his photoshoot ASAP, and staff and volunteers be getting to know him also, so check back to find out what we've discovered about our new guest!


Mixed breed SPAYED feamle, 1 year old and 14 pounds.

Barbara is a very sweet little dog. Barbara has a skin issue that is being treated by the shelter. Right now, Barabara is a bit subdued, but once she's feeling better, we bet she will be lots more lively. Barbara is easy to walk, loves to be in someone's lap, and is a cuddler.


Mixed breed spayed female, 8 years old and 88 pounds.

UPDATE: We spent time with beautiful Sophie, and boy, is she a sweetheart. Sophie loves to be with people, and wants to be as close as possible, in a gentle and darling way. She is calm, loves her treats and knows sit. Almost instantly, Sophie bonded with us while we took her photos. She was very amenable to being groomed, and we loved her size 16 feet! This lovely gal may be 8 years old, but she has a lot of canine joie de vivre, and lots of love to give.

Our easy to walk gal, Sophie, is eligible for the shelter's Senior Dog Discount! Sophie is very people-oriented and friendly, and simply loves being around folks. She was not interested in Oliver when she met him during her Meet and Greet evaluation. As we get to know this delightful dog, we will update her bio, so please check back soon. We LOVE our senior dogs and cats, and we are so grateful that others understand how great an older dog can be.


Mixed breed female, 2 years old and 46 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Here's the word that describes Shine the best: FUN! We had so much fun with this girl during her photo shession. She is an active dog who loves playing catch, and she went right to the toy box as soon as she entered the play yard (how smart is that!?) Shine is aptly named, because she has a stunning, shiny coat. She is sleek and athletic, with lots of energy. Because she is so happy and focused, she might be a great dog for people interested in working with the canine pet at dog agility or frisbee, etc. Shine is good natured, and she is fine with snuggling and being close.

Ms. Shine is a happy, energetic dog. She is a tennis ball aficianado, who will be overjoyed to engage in a game of catch with you. As we get to know Shine, we will update her bio, so check back soon, or come and meet this beautiful dog.


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 9 months old and 39 pounds.

Update: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY AND MORE HAPPY. That's what Comic was like during his photo session. He was very excited and jumpy in his kennel, cause he really wanted to get out. In the play yard he explored, greeted the volunteers, had lots of confidence and was engaging. Comic likes tennis balls and enjoys fetch. He knows sit and down, but, he is a young dog and thus, has lots of energy. Comic would benefit from an obedience class, to help him focus all of his exuberance. There are classes dog training classes in Ukiah--ask us for a printed list.

Comic is a hoot! This dog is a ball of energy and very playful. Comic enjoys toys, and we think he might be a great companion for another active and playful canine. After Comic runs around and plays, he settles down. But at 9 months, Comic is still a puppy! Because he is high energy, we suggest that any children in Comic's new home be over the age of 12.


Mixed breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 48 pounds.

UPDATE: We spent a bunch of time with Mercedes during her photo session, and what we discovered is a WONDERFUL dog! Mercedes is polite, and has a soft mouth, walks well on a leash, and showed no problem while walking by the kennel's of our other guests. She knows Sit, down, and shake, and she gives kisses. She is confident and very happy. Mercedes did not jump up on us, and she is happy to listen and react well to commands. She's sleek and athletic, and loves to play fetch, and will bring the tennis ball back and let you take it from her. We enjoyed being with this lovely dog.

This good-looking girl is a tennis ball aficianado, and will be very happy to play game-set-match with you--no rackets needed! Mercedes is affectionate, and she knows sit and down. As we get to know Mercedes, we will update her bio. Her photo shoot will be happening soon, and we will give you a full report about this darling, sweet dog! Check back often!