Mixed breed male, 5 years old.

UPDATE: Adorable and charming are two adjectives that spring to mind when thinking of Steve. This guy is a delight and a real charmer. Steve was so well behaved during his photo session. He's a happy dog who enjoys exploring and affection. He's confident, engaging and polite.

Steve is friendly dog who enjoys the company of people. He appears to be playful and social with other dogs, also. This guy is energetic and very fond of playing with toys. We think Steve would be a good family dog. Steve has tested positive for heartworm, and the shelter will treat him. It's always wonderful if a heartworm dog can find a forever home, or a foster for the duration of the treatment. Dogs undergoing heartworm treatment need to be restrained from doing heavy exercise for about a month.


Daisy is one of four Mastiff X puppies who are 3 months old. Like all puppies, this cutie pie is energetic and adorable. Our Mastiff pups will grow to be BIG adult dogs. Lots of TLC and training will ensure this little pup will become a well mannered best friend. You can research the Mastiff breed online to help you decide if this is the right breed for you. Come to the shelter to meet these darlings in person! All puppies will be spayed or neutered and up-to-date on required vaccinations when they are adopted.

BLUE JAY (Courtesy post)

**Mixed Breed male, 6 months old and 38 pounds. Update: Blue Jay is such a great dog his previous owner came back for him and brought him back home. Circumstances just do not allow for his family to keep him so we are posting him in the hopes we can find a good home for this great dog without him having to come back to the Shelter. If you think he may be a good match please contact Amy at 707-467-6453 for more information on how to contact his current family for more information. Blue Jay is not currently at the Shelter.**

One member of Blue Jay's family fell ill, and this teenage dog has come to the shelter to find new home. His past guardians told us that Blue Jay loves to give hugs and that he waits by the back door when he needs to go potty. Also, this adorable dog knows sit, come, and drop it. He is playful, while also being mellow and very loving. Blue Jay lived well with a cat in his past home.


Pomeranian, spayed female, 12 years young and 9 pounds.

UPDATE: We took Foxy out for a photo session and spent some time with her. Foxy is shy and reserved, though she was pretty excited in her kennel when she realized she was going out. In the play yard, Foxy felt best when she was in someone's lap. We hope we can find Foxy a new home ASAP, as she will be able to relax and enjoy her senior years on the lap and couch of her new guardians!

Adorable and sweet little Foxy is a Senior Dog and eligible for our SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT. Little Foxy is timid, but she loves being in someone's lap. Because of her age and shyness, we think she would feel most comfortable if her new home was adults only. It breaks our hearts when a dog is discarded after a lifetime of loyalty, but Foxy has years left (her breed often live far into the teen years) to be the loved and loving companion that wants to be. If you're looking for a low maintanance, mellow companion who thinks you're the bee's knees then come in and meet this little nugget today!


Mixed breed male, 3 years old and 50-ish pounds.

Scuba is a shy fellow who wants to get as close to people as possible! He will need to be adopted into a new home with a patient guardian who can help him develop confidence. Volunteers and staff at the shelter have a special place in their hearts for shy dogs, and we will be working with him to make him feel more comfortable. Please check back soon, or better yet, come and meet Scuba, and all of our wonderful dogs and cats!


Mixed breed female, 2 years old and 53 pounds. UPDATE: SWEET and adorable Shiloh. We had a wonderful time with her during her photo session. She was a bit nervous when she got into the play yard, but she explored her new surroudings, and then happily took treats, with a soft and polite manner. Shiloh was not afraid of the camera, as are some dogs, but she was tentative. After a few minutes, she snuggled up to the photographer. We played fetch with her, throwing treats back and forth and she seemed jazzed! Shiloh will need some TLC to help her gain confidence. Although nervous, she had no problem getting close to the volunteers and getting lots of butt scratches!!!

Pretty Shiloh is a shy dog. She doesn't seem to like other dogs or cats, but she's definitely looking for her human best friend. We know that once Shiloh knows she is safe and loved she will blossom and grow into a wonderful companion. We also know how grateful and loyal she will be to the person who finally gives her the life she deserves. Won't you be this sweet girl's hero?


Mixed breed neutered male, 1 year old and 60-ish pounds. Sweet Jetson is a shy dog who seems to be more comfortable around women. We will be working with him to help him feel safer and more confident. We know that with love and patience this gorgeous guy will blossom into the best friend a person could hope for. And we hope that there is a sweet soul out there willing to give him a second chance at a great life. Right now, we think any children in Jetson's new home be over 12 years, to make sure they understand how to approach and interact with a shy and nervous dog. Please help us give this boy the family he deserves!


Mixed breed male, 1 year old and 89 pounds.

Absolutely stunning, Boone is a big dog. He was very well behaved in his kennel, leashed up easily, but did pull once on our way to the outside and the play yard. He was nervous around the photographer, a man, but fine with our female volunteer. And after 10 or so minutes, he warmed up to Rod. Boone knows sit, has great attention--especially if there is pizza involved! When Boone met our big tester dog during his evaluation and meet and greet, his behavior was fine. Come meet this breathtakinly gorgeous dog, and check back regularly, as we get to know Boone more.


Mixed breed male, 6 months old and 40 pounds.

Siggy is a very playful, happy, young dog. He's mega-friendly with people and easy to walk. During his photo shoot, he was well behaved in his kennel and during his leash-up. He greeted the volunteers and explored his surroundings without any fear. He's VERY personable and confident, and he's quite the charmer. Siggy knows sit, he takes treats carefully and politely, and he likes tennis balls. Siggy needs to develop his social skills with other dogs, and we think in supervised off-leash play groups, which the shelter holds regularly, he may become more canine-friendly. But right now, he is NOT a candidate for off-leash parks. We will update his bio as we learn more about Sigfried.


Mixed breed feamle, 2 years old and 58 pounds.

What a wonderful dog! Jane is sweet, loving, happy, and a little bit goofy. When we went to take her to the yard, she approached her kennel gate and sat, waiting to be leashed up! Once in the yard, she sniffed around for a while, and got wind of a slice of pizza which was placed well out of her reach, over her head. But she knew it was there! She's a smart and clever dog who knows sit, seemed to enjoy getting in the kiddie pool, and loves treats. She was great with both volunteers, and she was very engaging. Plus, she is stunning. Jane tested positive for heartworm, and we will be treating her ASAP. We're hoping for her to get adopted or find a foster home for the several weeks of quiet needed during heartworm treatment.


Mixed breed female, 2 years old and 47 pounds.

Oh Boy, is this dog fun! Ms. Kitty is a playful and very sweet dog. Ms. Kitty came to the shelter with 4 puppies--we will be posting them soon. She was a bit scared of the cats in the lobby, and also of Oliver, our meet and greet tester dog. Ms. Kitty knows sit, and as you can see from her photos, she is very loving, and enjoys rolling over for belly rubs. We think Kitty will be a good family dog.


Mixed breed female, 1 year old and 38 pounds.

UPDATE: We took Bell out for her photo shoot, and she seemed really smart--perhaps this sweet dog has some Kelpie in her mix, a breed known for it's intelligence and engagement. Bell was a little distracted and she definitley did not like the camera. She needs some TLC so she can feel comfortable and confident, but she is loving, with a gentle, warm quality.

Bell is a lovely and easy-going dog. She is very affectionate and enjoys being with people. During her evaluation, Bell was good with our tester dog when no food was around. If Bell is adopted into a home with another dog, she will need to be fed separately. We'll be updating information about Bell as staff and volunteers get to know her more, so please check back regularly! Of course, Bell would like you to come and meet her in person!