Hound X, male, 2 years old

Wilson is a sweet dog who is slightly worried about the unknown. He's shy at first, but he warms up quickly. When he was introduced to our big, fluffy tester dog, Wilson was a bit nervous. Wislon will be participating in our off leash, multi-dog play group, and we will be able to observe how he relates to other dogs. We'll update his bio as we get to know this handsome dog.

wilson kathy.jpg


Mixed breed female, 3 years old amd 60 pounds

Beautiful Jazzy is full of playful, happy energy. She's VERY smart, and knows sit and wait. Jazzy will walk easily on leash if told to do so. This lovely girl enjoys a game of tennis fetch, and likes to play with stuffie toys. As we get to know Jazzy, we will update her bio, so make sure to bookmark the shelter website, and visit us again!

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Fiona, just over a year old, is a Female German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees X, but not a livestock guardian. She weighs around 105lbs. Finona is an inside/outside dog, and needs secure fencing. She's a high energy dog and is not leash trained. Fiona does jump up, so no little kids in her new home. This beautiful dog needs plenty of exercise and open space to run. There is a small rehoming fee required, plus references (Veterinarian), and you must own property or have permission from a landlord to have a dog. Fiona Lived with a small female dog and got along well. Probably no cats, she’s prey driven. Fiona likes to play fetch, knows some basic obedience, is crate trained, housebroken, and a couch cuddler. Contact Sierra by TEXT (714-812-2393)


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 77 pounds

Tiger Blue is a WONDERFUL dog, who became an instant shelter favorite. With his beautiful brindle coat and Paul Newman-blue eyes, he is a stunner! During his off leash romp and photo shoot, we discovered that TB knows SIT, SHAKE, and DOWN. He's a tail wagger, and a happy guy. He did not seem interested in toys or tennis balls, but he loved cuddling, interacting with his volunteers, and getting hot dog treats! Duriong his evaluation, Tiger Blue met our big, fluffy, male tester dog, and he was nervous. We'll be gathering more info about how he interacts with other dogs when we get him out for mutli-dog play group, so check back soon.


Adorable Fluffy Dog, male, 4 years old and 11 pounds

Gary is a shy, cautious dog who will need a home where he can get lots of TLC. Gary's new guardian will need to be patient, and give this guy lots of love to make him feel confident and secure.

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Husky, male, 1 year old and 49 pounds.

UPDATE 9/20: Sky was so easy to leash up when we took him for his photo shoot. He's a very friendly dog, and he's happy happy happy. Sky didn't respond to any verbal commands and he did jump up when he was excited; a firm "no" stopped that behavior right away. Sky is a stunning dog with a soft, thick Husky coat and beautiful blue eyes.

Sky is a white Husky with beautiful, piercing blue eyes. He's friendly and likes to be with people. Sky had a meet and greet with our big, fluffy, male tester dog, and he was a bit worried. Sky came to the shelter with his brother, Moon. We'll be getting to know Sky and updating this bio with staff and volunteer observations. Check back soon!


Mixed breed SPAYED female, 6 years young and 60 pounds.

UPDATE 9/15: We took Blossom out for a play yard romp and photo shoot. She's a shy girl, and right now she's unsure about people. We let her sniff around the yard, which she loved doing, and after 10 or so minutes, Blossom was a little more settled. We even got a couple of kisses! You can see that Blossom wants to interact, but she's tentative. We believe that with the right home, and adopters who can give her lots of TLC, this Blossom will bloom!

Blossom is a beautiful senior dog who is easy-going. She has a soft, quiet style, and seems a very sweet soul. Blossom met our tester dog, Chipper, and was fine during their introduction. Lovely Blossom is eligible for our SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT. As we spend time with her, we will post updates to her bio, so make sure to bookmark the shelter's website, and check back often!


Malamute/Husky, NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 75 pounds.

UPDATES 9/15: Oakley is a stunning dog, with big, brown, intelligent and soulful eyes. He has lovely manners and was so easy to leash up and walk. Oakley is very friendly, but he also has a little bit of an aloof quality. He has a soft mouth and a calm and quiet demeanor. Oakley was not a fan of the camera, but we still got some great photos of him. Our shelter Husky/Malamute guru volunteer took Oakley out and told us that when he saw a female dog while on his walk, he went into play bow mode--and we will follow up to find out if he's just partial to the girls! It's a fact that Oakley's lovely personality has made his volunteer fall in love with him! Oakely is on the skinny side, and he will need a bit of fattening up, which we are sure he will enjoy!

Oakley is an independent kinda dog. This good looking guy will need a home with secure fencing. We think Oakley could be a good hiking buddy. We're getting to know Oakley, and we'll update his bio as volunteers and staff spend time with him. Check back soon! (P.S. the shelter's Malamute and Husky expert told us that Oakley looks like he has both in his DNA. We'll be posting more of her observations after she spends time with this great dog. Check back!)


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 6 years young and 65 pounds.

UPDATE 9/1: Friend went for his photo shoot and play yard romp. Boy, is this guy handsome, and very unique-looking--Rottie, Hound, Shepherd? Friend has quickly become a favorite of staff and volunteers. He's easy to leash and walk and likes people; he wants to be close to the pack! Friend was a little nervous at first, but warmed up to the photographer and volunteer. He did not seem intersted in toys, but he did like treats, which he took with a gentle mouth. Check back as Friend gets out for walks and play yard romps with other volunteers--we'll get more info up asap.

Friend is a sweet and easy going kinda dog. Our Adoption Coordinator fell in love with this guy as soon as they met. Friend almsot wanted to play when he met our big, fluffy tester dog, Chipper. Friend tested positive for heartworm, and we will treat him at the shelter. Please check back for updates as we get to know this handsome dog.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 60 pounds.

UPDATE 9/5: Boulder was very shy and unsure about the world when he found himself at the shelter. We've been quietly and calmly working with him, and he has made lots of progress. One of his volunteer buddies told us that when Boulder first meets people, he is cautious. But, when he understands you're his friend, then HE'S YOUR FRIEND! During his photo session Boulder was lots more relaxed with the photographer, and not at all concerned about that strange object he was holding in his hands! Boulder likes treats, attention and pets, and he knows sit. Boulder is a strong dog, and he will need a guardian who is savvy about leash and canine manners training. We think that with a "job" (learning commands,) Boulder will continue to blossom. Mr. B will also need a home with folks who will help him continue to overcome his shyness. This big galoot is swooningly handsome!

Boulder was surrendered to us when his family moved to a no-pets-allowed housing. They reported he was house trained and was friendly with other animals and people. Boulder is having a hard time adjusting to life in the shelter--he is worried about meeting new people and new situations. It is especially challenging for dogs who've been part of a family to get used to being here and we would like to find him his true forever home ASAP! He will need a gentle and patient guardian who will expose him slowly to his new home and life in general. We think that once he knows he is safe and loved he'll be back to his sweet self in no time. We are still getting to know Boulder, so please check back for updates.


Siberian Husky, NEUTERED male, 6 years young and 56 pounds.

Wow, this is one stunning dog. Jasper is lots of fun--he's active, interested in everything, and very friendly. When he was introduced to our big, fluffy tester dog, Chipper, he wanted to play. Jasper knows sit and shake, but he does want to jump up. He would benefit from manners brush up training! Mr. Gorgeous is eligible for the shelter's SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT, and, since he's neutered, he's ready to roll out the door with you ASAP!


Mixed breed--Hound X, SPAYED female, 10 months old and 40 pounds.

UPDATE 9/20: MAY HAS BEEN LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE AT THE CASA DE LAURA! Here are Laura's observations: May has been in foster care since 9.15.18. She’s a little shy initially, but warms up easily. She lives with 5 other dogs, and gets along with them. Ideally, she would have a playmate in her new home, as she loves playing. She seems to not have spent much time in her former life indoors, although she is housebroken, but she hesitates to come inside. She’s very submissive, initially laying down at my feet when she first came to foster care, when I called her. She has since gotten better, and will sit when I tell her to, most of the time. She can be a bit stubborn, but she’s needing to learn things now that she should’ve learned several months ago, i.e., sit, wait, etc.
May walks well with a gentle leader, but is pretty wild without one. She does allow me to put it on without a hassle. She’s picky about her treats, but does well with canned food as a training motivator. I initially fed her by hand so she could bond with me.

  • Crate trained
  • Housebroken
  • Knows “sit” “lay down” May enjoys her walks, and likes to hang out outside. She does bark when she hears an unfamiliar noise. She needs more training in the house, as she has a tendency to counter surf, and can get a bit hyper. A strong routine and structure will be helpful to her, with daily consistency. Once she gets to know the routine, she does pretty well inside. She’s a good candidate for a training program, which will help both her and her new family learn to work together, and to bond. She can be very sweet and loving, but her new people will need to have patience in order to help her be the best dog she can be.Feel free to contact her foster mom, Laura, at 467.9262 for more information.

UPDATE 8/22: We took May out for an off leash romp and photo shoot. She was easy peasy to leash up. May is a bit nervous and cautious right now--and a bit hand-shy. When we called for her or offered a treat, she rolled over in a submissive manner. May needs some fattening up. She's a beautiful dog with a shiny coat and deep, beautiful, soulful eyes. We think she will blossom with the help of her new family.

UPDATE 8/16: Volunteer Billy gave us these observations of May: "May has not had leash training and does pull; she might benefit from a harness. Her reactions to other dogs seemed like curiosity. With people she is friendly and greets appropriately. She didn't seem interested in treats or toys. Right now, May does not know any commands, and a dog training class might be the perfect ticket. Next time, I will take May out to the play yard to see how she does off-leash."

Shy and delicate--that's lovely May. This beautiful dog is so sweet and mellow, and would love to find a home where she can feel comfy, relaxed and safe. May will need a CAT-FREE family. May is spayed and ready to go home with you today!