Mixed breed/Husky, female, 9 months old and 80 pounds!!! Yep, Lolly Pop is going to be a big dog....she IS a big dog! Staff had wonderful things to say about L.P. She knows sit and loves belly rubs. Lolly Pop is eager to please, and she was great when she met our four-legged working dog, Cedar the Doberman. Lolly is friendly, happy and fun to be around. We do suggest that if there are any kids in her new home, they be 12 years and over, as L.P. does jump up right now.


Mixed female breed puppy, 2 months old and 11 pounds. Petunia is a great little puppy--she's cute, full of spirit and love. She enjoys playing with toys, like all puppies do. Petunia will be available for adoption on FRIDAY, AUGUST 25. We are accepting applications now.

petunia for kathy(1).jpg


Mixed breed male, 3 years old and 74 pounds. This very handsome dog is also pretty smart. Chevy knows all these commands: sit, down, shake, stay, come when called, and roll over--which is mighty adorable when a big dog does this. During his evalaution, he met two dogs, and reacted well with both. We will be getting to know Chevy in the coming days, and also taking him for a photo shoot, so we will have lots more to tell you. Check back soon!

ZOE - Courtesy Posting

Zoe is a mixed breed, spayed female. Here's what Zoe's guardian says:

"I am looking for someone that understands the breed and will have time for her. She is used to being indoors and sleeping with her humans at night. She is kennel trained and she loves to play. She will be 2 in November and we have had her since she was 10 weeks old. She is shy with new people out and about. She loves to go to the water and run but she is not in real good shape so she tires easily at this point. She is a complete love bug and will lick you to death To add Zoe to your family, contact Cindi at 707-671-5404."



Mixed breed female, 6 months old and 38 pounds.

UPDATE: We spent time with Beauty, and we all agree that she is a wonderful dog. Dyring her photo session she was calm with a friendly and loving personality. She likes to fetch treats, comes back when you whistle for her, will sit and stay. AND SHE'S ONLY HALF A YEAR OLD! Beauty is very sweet, engaging with people, and we think she will be a cuddler supreme. Beauty is simply a lovely dog.

Beauty is a beauty, with a glistening, glossy coat. She's a lovable dog who is sure to win your heart with her sweet personality. Beauty loves hanging out on the couch, so if you've been thinking aobut a tv buddy, Beauty is your girl. As we get to know Beauty, we will update her bio, so please check our website often.


Chihuahua X, male, 1 year old and almost 10 pounds Eclipse is a little shy, but he will give you kisses. He is a very sweet dog. He would like his own lap to cuddle up in. We think that if there are any kids in his new home, they should be older, due to Eclipse's timid nature.

eclipse ofr kathy.jpg


Little Poodley Dog, male, 4 years old and 18 pounds.

UPDATE: Little Cosmo was lots of fun during his photo session. He's got loads of energy, we would bet he's housetrained, and he has a great peronaltiy. He engages with people, he was easy to leash up and walk. We were perplexed about his breed(s) but we think he is part poodle and part lamb--he has a luxurious, tight, curly coat. This guy is cuteness in a fuzzy jacket.

Cosmo is a dapper little guy who is sweet, happy and maintains a steady joi de vivre! Toys are a favorite for this dog. At his meet and greet and evaluation, Cosmo was introduced to our tester Doberman, Cedar, and he was fine. We think this little fluffball would be good in all homes, and with kids of all ages.


Mixed breed male--we think he's part Greyhound and maybe Border Collie, 2 years old and 60 pounds.

UPDATE: Milo is a fantastic dog. We were so impressed with him during his photo session, and wanted to hang out with him for another few hours. (but, duty calls, we have a lot of canine guests to photograph!) This dog is very smart. He was a breeze getting leashed up and he walked well on lead. He's friendly, LOVES playing fetch with a tennis ball, and he likes to play keep-away, too. He knows sit and he comes when called. Milo has a great personality, and a soothing calmness about him. But he also has a herding dog intensity when he's eyeing the tennis ball! This guy would be a star pupil in an obedience or agility class, or maybe a frisbee star.

Milo was brought to us when his family lost their home. His skin issue is non-contagious and we have already begun treatment. This sweet guy lived with children and another dog. He past guardians said, "Milo is smart, playful and loves to cuddle. He grew up around small children and loves ll people once he get to know them. He is friendly with cats."


Mixed breed female, 1 year old and 50 pounds.

Melanie is a smart, active dog. she knows sit and shake. Melanie is very playful, but her play style will children who are 12 and older.

melanie for kathy.jpg


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 54 pounds.

Oh boy--we spent time with Pirate, and we just loved this dog. We think he may be housetrained. We KNOW he likes treats. Pirate is exuberantly happy, friendly and a real tail wagger. He has a prancey stride, and he's quite athletic. He's a sturdy dog who is bound to bring you a big, BIG smile. Pirate will be going to the home of a long-time volunteer who, on her day off, holds doggie day care for our canine guests. We'll be able to tell you even more about Pirate, so check back very soon.

Ahoy mateys! Here's Pirate, a very sweet dog with a fabulous personality. Pirate knows sit and shake, and he enjoys the company of people. He's playful and pretty darn adorable. In his former home, he lived with Mia, another shelter guest.


Hound (Red Bone Coon Hound? Bloodhound?) SPAYED female, 2 years old and 80 pounds.

UPDATE: GOLDIE has a big fan club at the shelter, because she is so sweet and totally lovable. She's now easy to leash up and take outside, and she just LOVES people.

Goldie Locks is a wonderfully sweet dog. She is adorable, as hounds tend to be. Goldie's two pups have found their new homes, and now she is looking for hers. Goldie is shy and does not like leashes and the idea of walking with one on. Little by little, staff and volunteers are helping this gentle girl feel safe and relaxed. You can see from her photo with our Adoption Coordinator that GL likes to cuddle. Check back as we get to know Goldie better, and she gets to feel more comfortable with us.


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 56 pounds.

UPDATE: Rocky was just wonderful during his photoshoot. He is engaging, fun, active and he really likes to sniff around. He was a good sport, posing and playing in the afternoon Ukiah heat! We enjoyed being with him very much.

Rocky is a playful, happy, energetic dog. This guy already knows sit, down and shake. His past guardian told us Rocky did well wtih children ages 1-17 years old! He enjoyed kids and was engaging and good-natured with them. We'll be doing Rocky's photo shoot, and gettng to know him in the coming days, so please check back regularly.