Mixed Breed male, 3 years old and 74 pounds.

Grizzly is a dog who is full of enjoyable energy. Mr. G knows SIT, and he would like to enlarge his vocabulary. Because of his size, we would like any children in Grizzly's new home to be over 16. As we spend time with Grizzly, we will update his bio, so check back soon (and often!)

grizzly kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed female, 1 year old and 53 pounds.

Winner of the shelter's canine smile award, Katrina is a friendly and happy girl. She's adorable, and has a sweet, friendly energy. She appears to be good with other dogs, and settles down nicely when the action slows down around her. We think Katrina could be a good family dog, and would be happy in a home with kids. This young lady will be on every volunteers' list of dogs to walk, so check back for updates!


Mixed Breed male, 10 months old and 38 pounds.

Carson has an energetic and playful spirit. He's as good looking as he is fun! At 10 months, Carson is still a puppy, and he jumps up on people. But, he's just right for basic training classes! Let's get this handsome guy enrolled and on his way to earning his PhD (Perfectly Happy Dog certificate) and becoming a great buddy and member of his new family! Carson likes toys and he is playful with other dogs.

carson kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 41 pounds.

PHOTOSHOOT UPDATE: Harrison has been getting lots of attention from volunteers and staff, and he's already learning manners! He was pretty easy to leash up and walk. This guy is loaded with energy, and he is tail-wagingly happy! Harrison LOVES toys, tennis balls, toys, tennis balls, and especially toys--and tennis balls ;) Harrison is athletic, knows sit, lay down and stay, and with some good old fashioned basic training, he's going to be a great buddy. Harrison is still quite puppy-ish, and we are suggesting any children in his new home be older, and able to understand and help train this very loving dog.

Harrison is a young dog who is still puppy-like in his personaltiy. He can be mouthy and jumpy, and he will need lots of positive reinforcement training (ask us for information about canine classes in the Ukiah area). Harrison is friendly with people and he LOVES playing with toys. He also seems to enjoy the compnay of other dogs and wants to interact and play. A home with another playful dog might work. (We ask adopters to bring any potential roommates to the shelter for a meet and greet with our guests, so we can judge compatibility.) In his new home, children must be older and able to understand and interact properly with a very playful dog. Check back for updates as we get to know Harrison.


Husky male, 3 years old and 81 pounds.

UPDATE HALLOWEEN! King spent time in the play yard, getting to know the photographer and assitant, sniffing around, prancing, and getting loads of affection. This guy is strikingly handsome. He's shy about meeting new people, but was easy to leash up and well mannered on a walk. It took several minutes for King to feel comfortable, and then he leaned in for some lovin'. He was smitten with the photographer. King prances and jumps forward for attention. He knows SIT and SHAKE. When he runs, he is a thing of beauty. King and his buddy, Sheila, share many characteristics, and they are both lovely dogs after an initial timidity.

UPDATE: Our resident Husky/Malamute expert, Lisa J., took King (and his buddy, Sheila) out for a walk. Lisa told us that the two dogs are bonded and both are nervous being at the shelter. But, once you win their trust, they are both very affectionate. King is a love-bug, and he will LEAN in for love and attention. He was great on a leash, but wary of people and dogs he doesn't know. King walks well on a leash and really enjoys being outdoors. We'll update King's bio as we get to know him more, so check back here, and visit King at the shelter!

A combination of wow-inducing good looks and sensitivity, King is a shy dog. This guy will look at you with his soft and entrancing sky blue eyes, and try to help you understand that life has been hard for him. He will reach out to you with a paw to make contact. Our wonderful crew of volunteers will be setting their sights on King, helping him feel comfy and getting him ready for his new forever home. Check back here for updates on King.


Husky female, 6 years old and 64 pounds.

UPDATE: Sheila spent time with the photographer, posing, sniffing and generally have a great time in the play yard. She was a little reluctant to leave her kennel at first, but after a minute or so, she happily trotted out--she was very easy to leash and walk. Sheila is a beautiful dog who loves to get belly rubs, likes to run off to explore and then comes right back for some leaning and affection! She's a calm and loving dog, and well loved at the shelter!

UPDATE: Sheila spent time with our great Husky/Malamute expert, Lisa J. Here's what Lisa told us: Like her buddy, King, Sheila is nervous being at the shelter. We went out for a walk, and once Sheila understood that I was her friend, she became very comfortable with me, and kept leaning in, wanting to get pets, and be loved. Sheila kept her tail tucked for the first few minutes of her walk outside, but became more confident quickly. In the play yard, she would sniff around, but kept coming back for some loving. Once you win over this beautiful girl, she is so affectionate and happy! Sheila walks well on a leash and has a soft mouth.

Beautiful Sheila is a shy girl. She is eager for contact and comfort from people. When she met our big, fluffy tester dog, Chipper, Sheila was nervous. Sheila gets the shelter's SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT! As we get to know Sheila more, we will update her bio, so make sure to check our website often. Bookmark us!


Mixed Breed male, 3 years old and 94 pounds.

Boss is a BIG dog, as well strong! He's very sweet and gentle, but he's still big! What happened to his ears? Like many Pitty breeds, they were likely cut off by an irresponsible owner. That makes us pretty mad, but sweet Boss doesn't hold any grudges. He's just greatful to be in a warm place with plenty of food and people to hug! Boss likes playful dogs and would be fine with another large dog or older kids. His favorite past time is getting massaged along his back and we're pretty sure he'll make the best cuddle buddy ever! Boss is one of those dogs who has never experienced the kind of loving home or family that he deserves. We can only imagine how grateful and thrilled he's going to be when he finally gets one!

boss best kathy.jpg


Manchester Terrier X ?? male, 3 years old and 20 pounds.

UPDATE: Bronco was so shy just a week ago. With the help of shelter staff and volunteers, this pint sized pony is much more outgoing. He's still tentative about getting leashed up, but when he finally is, he's happy to get out and see the world. He was sweet and affectionate in the play yard, and actually a little velcro, following the photographer and assistant around, and getting REAL close. We think Harrison is housetrained. He was curious, but not afraid of the camera. We really enjoyed his company, and we are so happy that this compact, handsome dog is coming out of his shell. Come on down to the shelter and meet him!

Bronco is a shy dog who will melt your heart. This handsome little gent needs to learn about leashes....that leashes will get you outside on walks! And walks mean good smells and fun stuff to see! Check back soon for updates on this dapper little dog, as we learn more about him.


Mixed Breed male, 2 years old and 70 pounds.

Easy going and handsome as can be, Winston is a canine singer! He promises to entertain you daily! This handsome guy might enjoy the company of an active, playful dog in his new home. He definitely loves play time in the yard with other shelter pups. He'd also be a great dog for a family with active kids who would include him in games and adventures. Don't you want to be the house on the block with the singing dog!?!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 70 pounds.

UPDATE 10/212: Yep, Bigelow likes tennis balls! And everything else life has to offer. Biggy is a wonderful dog with a fabulous temperament and personality. He's easy to leash and walk, loving and friendly, and very playful. He's also gorgeous, with a soft, luscious coat and those eyes!! We can't say enough about this young dog, except COME AND MEET HIM AT THE SHELTER!!

This fun loving, happy guy is wowing our staff and volunteers with his golden eyes and great personality. Bigelow is big on toys! We'll find out what else this great looking joyous dog enjoys as we get to know him. Check back soon!


Senior Chihuahua male, 10+ years young and 9 pounds.

UPDATE: Chocolate went for his photo shoot, and the photographer and his helper both fell in love with this little guy. He and Chip are both total "gentlemen." Chocolate was happy being held and getting his photo taken while relaxing in a lap. Total sweetness!

Chocolate and his buddy, Chip, are two wonderful, sweet, gentle Senior Chihuahuas. It would be wonderful beyond the stars if these two sweethearts could stay together in their forever home. Both dogs get the shelter's SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT! Below are Chip, the white and black dog, and his buddy Chocolate.


SENIOR Chihuahua, male, 10+ years young, 7 pounds

Chip and his buddy, Chocolate, are two wonderful, sweet, gentle Senior Chihuahuas. It would be wonderful beyond the stars if these two sweethearts could stay together in their forever home. Both Chip and Chocolate get the shelter's SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT! Below are Chip, the white and black dog, and his buddy Chocolate.