Mixed Breed male, 2 years old and 55 pounds. Sanford is a happy, affectionate dog. He knows sit and shake, and will undoubtedly learn lots more. Because Sanford can be possessive of a high value treat, we suggest that any children in his new home be over 12--old enough to understand this behavior. We'll have lots more information and observations about this adorable dog as we get to know him more. Check back soon!


Mixed breed male, 1 year old and 31 pounds. Lester is a friendly little dog. He's easy going and mighty cute. We think Lester may have some Beagle in his mix, as he likes to be vocal in his kennel. We'll know more about this darling dog as our volunteers take him out for walks, and when he takes part in our multi dog play groups.

lester kathy.jpg


Mixed breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 60 pounds. Lupine is the definition of sweet. But staff say she is beyond sweet! This wonderful dog has a skin condition that we are treating. Some TLC, good food and a warm bed will help Lupine get better quickly. We know Lupine's condition looks scarey, but dogs are resilient, and we've seen lots of dogs make total recoveries from similar skin problems, and afterwards have shiny, healthy coats.


Terrier X, male 2 months old and 8 pounds.

CUTENESS ALERT!!! Leon is your standard ADORABLE puppy, guaranteed to melt your heart. Puppies are wonderful, but they're a lot of work. We always remind potential adopters to make sure you have enough time and energy to help puppies become well mannered pets. Puppies get adopted quickly, so if Leon looks like your idea of the perfect best friend, call or come to the shelter and meet him in person.

leon for kathy.jpg


Terrier X, female, 2 months old and 8 pounds.

PUT OUT A CUTENESS ALERT for this little puppy! Gotta love those short legs! As with all puppies, Lilly is adorable and lots of fun. Puppies are wonderful, but they're a lot of work--make sure you have enough time and energy to help Lilly become a well mannered and loved pet. Puppies get adopted quickly, so if Lilly looks like your idea of the perfect best friend, call or come to the shelter and meet her in person.

lilly for kathy.jpg


Mixed breed SPAYED female, 6 years old and 71 pounds.

Tasha was adopted from us a couple of years ago. Life changed, and Tasha's guy needed to go on the road to work, so this gem of a dog has come back to us for re-homing. All of Tasha's adoption fees have been paid by her person. He described Tasha as "affectionate, people oriented, calm and very good with farm animals. She knows to come to you when her leash is in your hand!" We'll be adding observations by our staff and volunteers, so check back! Better yet, come and meet Tasha, and take her for a walk or an off-leash turn in one of our play yards! And BTW--Tasha is eligible for a senior dog discount!


Mixed breed male, 4 years old and 70 pounds Oh Piggy--you are just a sweetheart! Piggy is easy to leash up and walk. He knows sit and down. This goofy canine piglet is loaded with personality, and we think The Pigster might be a great family dog. Piggy has a condition known as Cherry Eye--a disorder of the canine third eyelid--a problem that is not uncommon, and treatable--and we're gonna do just that! If Piggy is your kind of cute, come and meet him at the shelter. And make sure to bookmark his bio page, as we will be adding to it as we get to know El Piggy better. We'll also find out about how he interacts with other dogs when he joins multi-dog play groups.


German Shepherd, male, 3 years old and 80 pounds. Clayton is all ears when it comes to dog-hood! This big guy is slightly cautious, but he was fine when he met Chipper, our fluffy tester dog. Clayton has an independent aire. He knows sit, and being a German Shepherd Dog, he is smart, and might enjoy going to canine training classes. We think Clayton would be fine with any children who might be in his new home. But, Clayton is not a cuddly dog, so kids would need to be old enough to understand that concept. Watch this space for updates from our volunteers, and observations about this handsome dog when he joins a multi-dog play group.

claytom for kathy.jpg


Mixed breed male, 3 years old and 65 pounds. Rusty is a very handsome 3 year old dog. He's strong, and he will need training to learn how to walk on a leash and be a good boy. Rusty needs to get daily exercise, like all dogs, and we know that he was very, very happy when he got to run around a bit, and then hang on the couch getting cuddles. Rusty acted appropriately when he met Chipper, our large, fluffy tester dog. We'll know about Rusty's style of interacting and playing with other dogs when he attends multi-dog play group. Stay tuned!

rusty ofr kathy 1.jpg


Mixed breed female, 1 year old and 39 pounds.

Annie is an enegetic dog. We loved watching her in the play yard as she let off steam: she was zipping back and forth with total exuberance. Annie is a great size, and she has the most wonderful, soft, velvety fur. From the back, Annie's ear set got us thinking that perhaps this fun-loving dog has a bit of Shar Pei in her mix. Annie comes when called and sits instantly when asked. She's quite a smart dog, and she seems like she would be a good contender for canine training classes, especially agility. Her joyous behavior is infectious! Annie might be a good jogging or hiking partner, as her energy does not fail her. When we get Annie out for a multi-dog play experience, we'll know lots more about how she interacts with other dogs, so check back soon!


Mixed breed female, 2 years old and 59 pounds.

Leona is a jovial, self confident dog. She's also energetic and she LOVES toys and tennis balls. She was lots of fun during her photo session. Leona is very athletic, and she jumps like a basketball star. She knows sit, down, and shake. We are suggesting that kids in Leona's new home be over 16, as she is not keen on giving up her toys. She needs to learn to "trade" her toy or ball, and that's what we did while she was in the play yard. Next up for Leona will be taking part in the shelter's multi-dog play group, and we will update her bio when we find out more about her playing style. Watch this spot!


Mixed breed NEUTERED male. 5 years old and 65 pounds.

PHOTOSHOOT UPDATE: We took Bo out for a romp and photo session. He was initially a bit timid and kept his tail tucked. But as he became more comfortable, Bo relaxed. He was easy to leash up and a gentleman in the yard.

Bo is an easy-going dog. He’s good on a leash and knows sit. Bo does not like to be restrained--he will not be aggressive, but he gets very wiggly. Bo is a bit shy, and because of this and his reluctance to be restrained, we suggest any kids in his new home be old enough to appreciate his personality.