Shepherd X, NEUTERED male, 10 months old and 83 pounds.

Ace full of joy. He is strong and will do best with a guardian who will take him to training classes. He came to us when his guardian moved to "no pets allowed" housing. Ace needs a kind and strong guardian to help him learn to be a great companion. This handsome fellow will be worth the work!


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 3 years old and 62 pounds.

Bella is one gentle easy going gal. She walks well on leash and we have lots of past-owner information. Bella lived with children and another dog and is house trained. Bella was dearly loved by her family. So you may ask why is she looking for a new home? She lived near livestock and went and chased them with the neighbor dog. We'll be spending time with Beautiful Bella, so check back for updates on this lovely dog.


Mixed Breed male, 2 years old and 75 pounds.

This handsome dog is a secret belly scratching lover! Lars is an affectionate and sweet dog. He might be playful with another dog--and we'll know more about him as staff and volunteers spend time with him.

lars kathy.jpg


Teeny tiny/Chihuahua female, 1 year old and 6 enourmous pounds.

Tinkerbell is a happy little girl. We think she will be happiest in a home with adults-only. If you like those teeny dogs, come on down to 298 Plant Road and meet this darlin' girl!


Teeny tiny Chihuahua, male, 3 years old and a whopping 7 pounds.

Chicklet will be a great buddy/couch partner. He's teeny, but he's big in sweetness. Missing something on those winter nights? Chicklet could be just the fix! If you love tiny dogs you gotta meet Chicklet!

chicklet kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 5 years old and 84 pounds.

Can a big ol' dog love toys??? YES INDEED! Web is a stuffie aficiando. He also knows SIT. This big dude walks well on a leash. We can't wait to get to know Web, so check back soon for updates!


Husky male, 2 years old and 61 pounds

This is one very sweet guy! Although he has some of the independent spirit of the Husky breed, Diablo is also easy going. He does, like all Huskies, need good fencing. He was surrendered to us, and we have lots more information from his past guardian.


Lab X male, 3 years old and 68 pounds

Handsome Kelso is a sweet dog who bonds easily. He had a home until very recently, but the landlord his family said NO DOGS. We have lots of information about Kelso from his past guardian. During his evaluation and meet & greet, Kelso was introduced to a spayed female dog and enjoyed her company, sniffing with enthusiasm!

kelso kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed/Lab, SPAYED female, 1 year old and 50 pounds.

Minnie participated in a pack walk and training class on 10.12.19. She walked well on leash, listened to commands, but was easily distracted. She was able to calm down during the mile walk. Minnie took treats with a gentle mouth, but wasn’t particularly treat motivated. She knows “sit” but had a difficult time focusing on other skills. She was described as “really friendly,” and “super sweet.” Her new family will need to work consistently with her to help her develop the skills she needs to be the best dog she can be. As always, training class is highly recommended.

Minnie is a beautiful young dog with a lustrous black coat and some soulful peepers! This sweet girl REALLY enjoys getting belly rubs while snuggling with you on the couch. She almost purrs with enjoyment! Minnie likes some toys and all treats!


Mixed Breed female puppy, 3 months old and 27 pounds.

Yummy Maple smart cookie! She already knows SIT, and we think she will be a quick study, and enjoy learning more. Maple LOVES to play with stuffed toys, and enjoys getting them to squeak, and watching them flip around in the air! Come on down and meet this adorable and spirited girl!


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 10 months old and 61 pounds.

Charlotte went on a Fido Field Trip with her new volunteer admirer, and they had a blast. Charlotte LOVES car rides and she's learning how to "load up." On her field trip, she went for a walk in the park, got a puppacino, rode over to say WOOF to the ladies at Fidelity Title, and then made a quick detour to Rainbow Ag where she picked out a treat for herself. Her field trip partner said Charlotte loves people and kids and was friendly and well behaved, walks good and knows sit. Come to the shelter and meet this adorable girl.

Charlotte participated in the monthly pack walk on 10.12.19. She was very energetic when she first came out of her kennel, pulled on leash, and was easily distracted. But-- Charlotte able to calm down after the mile walk. She took treats with a gentle mouth. In general, she did well on the pack walk, and she was described as “sweet.”

This midnight-furred beauty is on the older end of her puppyhood, and a very happy and sweet young dog. Charlotte enjoys playing and flipping squeaky toys. She knows SIT and DOWN, and will undoubtedly be a good pupil and learn more very quickly. Watch this space for updates, as we get to know Charlotte.



Rottweiler, male, 2 years old and 93 pounds.

TRAINING WITH THE CCC UPDATE--Salem participated in a shelter training group on 10.5.19. He's a happy-go-lucky big guy who really wanted to do his own thing. His handler was able to deal with this, and when he was ready, do a little work, such as "sit." He also went on a pack walk, and did ok on leash. Even though he's big, he displayed a gentle demeanor. His new family. His new family should expect to take him to a training class, and to be consistent with working with him.

Salem participated in the monthly pack walk and training on 10.12.19. He initially was mouthy, but responded well to “no,” and was able to walk nicely on a short leash. He took treats with a soft mouth, and is treat motivated. He could be easily distracted, but did respond well to correction. He did well with finding tossed treats, and seemed to enjoy the activity. He was described as “really happy, and nice towards people.” He seems like he has the ability to be a fast learner, and will need consistency and patience from his new people.

Salem is a lively and fun kinda fellow. We would prefer Salem to be adopted into a home with guardians who are familiar and knowledgable about the Rottweiler breed. Adults only in Salem's new home. Rottweiler fans, come on down to the shelter and meet this hunk of good looking guy!