Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 56 pounds.

This beautiful dog is HOPE! She hopes she can find her forever home real soon. Hope is shy and reserved, but warms up after a bit. Hope will need a calm home, with patient guardians, who can help her gain confidence. We have a special place in our hearts for the shy dogs, and our volunteers and staff will be working with Hope in the coming days. Check back for updates!

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Mixed breed puppy, female, 2 months old and 14 pounds.

Pookie came to the shelter injured. She received medical care and is now well enough to be placed for adoption. Pookie will need to wear a splint for a couple more weeks. She's a tad shy but LOVES to play with toys and will warm up to whoever is playing with her. With some TLC, the Pook will be some lucky person's BFF. Puppies are wonderful, but require a lot of time and love! We always remind folks to make sure they have enough of both in order to help your puppy grow up to be a well mannered dog.

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Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 5 years old and 84 pounds (and he needs to lose a few of those.)

Kratos was surrendered to the shelter when his family could not find dog-friendly housing. They told us that he loved children, but would chase cats and small dogs. They also told us that Kratos knows sit, heel and stay! We took Mr. K to the play yard for a romp and photo shoot, and we found him to be very sweet and adorable. Kratos has beautiful, soulful eyes. He's friendly, curious, and house trained. He's a love-bug, and we think he will make his new guardian(s) very happy. Kratos asked if we could get him on the next series of The Biggerst Loser, as he needs to lose some weight!


SIBERIAN HUSKY X, female, 5 years old and 40 pounds.

Beautiful and stunning are two adjectives that are appropriate to use to describe SUNNY. What a wonderful dog! She was very easy to leash and walk when we took her to the play yard for a romp and photo shoot. This dog is very athletic, lithe, light on her feet, and high energy. Sunny knows sit, and we think she might be great doing canine fun training--such as agility. She was friendly with us, but not interested in cuddling. She WAS interested in stuffie toys and running. Sunny's going to need a lot of exercise. She liked Chipper, our big, fluffy tester dog, when they met, and we think she will be a good family dog in an active home.


Mixed Breed female, 5 years old and 58 pounds.

What a doll! Flower is a very social dog, easy to leash up, walk and handle in general. She's so cute, it hurts! Flower knows sit, and she has a very soft and gentle mouth. We had a blast with her during her photo session. We want Flower to meet any potential dog roommates. We will be discovering more about this cutie pie, as staff and volunteers spend time her, and we'll update her bio with information about how Flower reacted to multi-dog play group.


Meet JACK, a 6 year old Redbone Houne mix, who at 95 pounds is a gentle giant. He is crate trained; housebroken; has good indoor manners and basic obedience, and walks well on leash. The best home for Jack will be a calm, predictable one, where he can get daily walks, then spend the rest of the day laying in the sun, listening to music, or watching t.v. with his human! Below you can see photos of Jack at the shelter; with Laura--his all-time favorite foster Mom, out on the town visiting Friedman's, and chilling in his foster home.

For more information, contact Animal Rescue of Anderson Valley at 707.467.9262.


BUDDY is a NEUTERED male, 7 years old and 17 pounds Notes from Buddy's guardian: Good things: He is a good older person dog. He does well with the cat he lives with. He likes to sit and be petted all day. He likes to sleep in the bed with his person and cuddle, preferably UNDER the covers. He likes to take walks, and does well on a leash. He is potty trained (whines to get out). He knows sit, dance heel, and stay .He is vocal and will alert you to anyone that comes to the door or around the house

Challenges: When with another dog in the home, he marks. . He doesn't like the cold and rain and would do best, in that kind of weather, with a coat.

To meet Buddy call his guardian Christine at 707-462-0858. (She is moving to Oregon at the end of May and does not know if she can find housing that accepts dogs.}


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 66 pounds.

Adele is a wonderful dog--sweet and friendly. Adele LOVES playing with tennis balls--she passed up the squeaky stuffies in the play yard toy box and dove right in for the tennis ball. She'll drop the ball at your feet, and wait anxiously for you to continue the game. But when you want to stop, she can take a time out. Adele has lots of energy, and might be a great dog for someone who likes to jog, and/or a great family dog. We enjoyed the heck out of her during her photo shoot, and we think Adele is a canine smarty pants. Adele knows sit and down and (sometimes) stay. Adele was easy to leash up, but she does pull on leash, so she will need basic doggie training, which we think she will love. Adele has a lovely, soft and smooth coat, with beautiful kohl-rimmed eyes.


Mixed Breed puppy, male, 4 months old and 34 pounds.

This little bundle of cuteness is your typical puppy: energeticm fun and loving. Squeak is a talkative guy. He's also smart. Right now, a tennis ball is Squeak's idea of fun. Puppies are adorable, that's for sure. But we always remind people that puppies take a lot of energy, time and love! Make sure you have the time to help your puppy grow up to be a good citizen!

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GEORGE the Guinea Pig

Meet George. He is a young male Guinea Pig who was found in someone's driveway. Gerogre is officially available for adoption. He will come to his new home with his habitat. Guinea Pigs are characters with big personalities. They are often excited when their people come home and will squeak to let you know how happy they are to see you. Come down and meet this adorable little guy today!

guini pow.jpg


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 70 pounds.

We took Isabella out for her photo shoot, and we can say that she is a lovely dog. She was easy to leash up, but did pull on lead. She's very frinedly, and likes to be close to people. Isabella is a beautiful dog with a delightful coat and beautiful light brown eyes. Isabella knows sit, and is a little nippy when she takes treats (a behavior that is easy to change!) Look here for more information about Isabella, as volunteers and staff get to know her more. Isabella does not want to live with cats and would like to meet any dog she might live with.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male puppy, 2-3 months old and 15 pounds (and growing!)

Bruno is at the shelter after spending his younger days in a foster care home. In his foster home, Bruno lived with kids aged 7 and 11 years old who adored him! We're pretty sure you will too. Puppies are wonderful, adorable and fun, but they require lots of time, patience, and love--so be sure you have those, to ensure that Bruno grows up to be the best dog he can be.

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