Mixed Breed male, 2 years old and 70 pounds.

Handsome Jack lived with a homeless man until the man could no longer care for him. Jack met Chipper, the shelter's hard-working "tester" dog during his evaluation, and Jack was very playful. We're getting to know Jack, and we will update his bio as we discover more, so please check back soon--and often!

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Mixed breed SPAYED female, 10 years young and 36 pounds.

Mia appears to be a sweet, easy going dog. She was recently surrendered by her tearful, life-long human companion, when housing became a problem. Right now, Mia is confused and looking for her person, but we are confident that this sweet dog will leran to love another! Mia is eligible for the shelter's SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT!

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Mixed breed female puppy, 4 months old and 18 pounds.

Ruby is a typical puppy—friendly and full of playful joy! Puppies are loads of fun, but also a lot of work! We always remind folks to make sure you have enough time and energy to give to your puppy, to ensure he or she grows up to be a well mannered member of the family!

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Mixed breed female, 8 years young and 26 pounds.

Reba is an adorable girl. She's a cautious dog who is, at first, nervous with new people. But, Reba warms up quickly. She LOVES Casey, one of our staff members. During her photo shoot Reba was shy at first, but when she saw the leash, she totally changed--her tail went up, and wagged non stop. We think with some patient TLC, Reba is going to be a great dog and BFF. Reba is eligible for the shelter's SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT.


Little Scruff Muffin NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 11 pounds. Pudding is a joyful little darlin'. He's sweet, happy, and loves getting pets and affection. We took him for a photo shoot, and he was lots of fun to be around. If you love the little dogs, come meet Pudding!


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 63 pounds.

Russ loves LOVES belly rubs and knows sit and down. Russ' past guardian told us that he was very smart, loves affection, enjoys car rides and toys, and also agility, running and taking walks! We can't wait to get to know this guy. Watch this space, as we will update Russ' bio after staff and volunteers have spent time with him.


Mixed Breed male, 1 year old and 42 pounds.

Handsome as can be, Joey is a joyful dog. He loves belly rubs and enjoys playing with toys. Joey tested positive for heartworm, and we will treat him at the shelter. As we get to know Joey more, we'll be updating his bio, so check back, and make sure to bookmark us!


Mixed Breed male, 2 years old and 38 pounds.

Beansie is a happy, social, people-oriented dog. We took him out for a play yard romp and photo shoot, and we enjoyed his company a lot! We think Bean is housetrained. Beans enjoys getting pets, especially at the base of his tail. He was friendly and loving with our volunteers, "talking" and telling us he was excited and happy. Bean's coat is white with light orange, and he looks like a creamsicle! He has quick little prancey steps; he's athletic and might be a good dog for a person who enjoys training classes. Beans has beautiful kohl-rimmed eyes. He was not afraid of, but not particularly happy about the camera.

During his meet and greet and evaluation, Beans met our big, fluffy working dog, Chipper. Beans was initially nervous, but did relax after a little bit.


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 57 pounds.

UPDATE: Taboo was a bit circumspect during his photo shoot, but he relaxed after a bit and showed himself to be a sweet guy. Taboo needs some fattening up, and he did not lose any time getting treats from the photographer!

What a handsome dog!, Taboo is sweet and very attentive. Taboo knows SIT and SHAKE. He's curious, and takes treats politely with a soft mouth. Taboo prefers the company of female dogs. Please check back, as we will update Taboo's bio as we get to know him better.


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 9 months old and 42 pounds.

UPDATE: We took lovely Grass Hopper for a romp and photo shoot. She is a shy and sweet girl, guaranteed to melt your heart. GH is a great size, sleek and athletic looking. At first, Grass Hopper was unsure in the play yard, but after a little bit, she relaxed and interacted with her volunteers. Her coat is beautiful, and she has soft, loving eyes.

This very beautiful, sweet dog is a shy girl. Grass Hopper will need some TLC to help her gain confidence. G.H. has not yet learned to walk with a leash--but with the help of staff and volunteers, we will begin the process of showing her that leashes can mean fun! Check back soon for updates about Grass Hopper, as we learn more about her.


MIXED BREED SPAYED female, 6 years young and 48 pounds.

UPODATE: Tilly is a fun-loving dog. During her photo shoot and play yard romp, she cut loose and wow, she's got lots of energy and sweetness! Tilly can catch treats in the air. She's athletic, likes toys, and knows sit. When you ask her to lay down, she rolls on her back for belly rubs. We enjoyed the heck out of this girl!

Tilly is a lovely senior dog. Don't let her age fool you: she is full of joi de vivre! Tilly has lots of energy, and she loves to play with stuffies. Watch for updates about Tilly, as staff and volunteers get to know her more. Tilly is eligible for a SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 7 years young and 83 pounds.

Seal will melt your heart--he's such a sweetie pie. He's easy to leash and walk, friendly, loving and quiet. We fell in love with this BIG guy. But really, Seal is a bit too big, and he needs to go on a diet, pronto! Seal was a good boy when he met Chipper, the shelter's "tester" dog. We think Seal will be a great companion in his new home (just keep the treats and food to a minimum!) Seal is eligible for our SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT!