Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 72 pounds.

Dodger is shy in our shelter. He was surrendered because he did not get along with the neighbor's dog. His past guardian said, "He is loyal, knows sit, gets along with all age people in the family. Sometimes he is worried about strangers" Check back for more information, as we get to know Dodger.

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Mixed breed female, 3 years old and 59 pounds.

This adorable young lady is friendly, and she liked Chipper--our fluffy tester dog--when they met during her evaluation/meet & greet. June knows sit. We think June will be a good fit in a home with kids of any age; we'll update any new observations as we get to know her better. June has a slight case of Demodex--a very treatable skin condition which can be triggered during stressful times. Demodex is not contagious to other dogs or humans, and with persistance and patience from their guardian, dogs can make a full recovery quickly.


Mixed breed male, 3 years old and 52 pounds.

UPDATE: We took this sweet dog out for a romp and a photo session, and here's what we observed: Johnny has wonderful kennel manners, and he was easy peasy to leash up. Johnny was calm and lots of fun in the play area, but we're sure that he must feel lousy becasue of his skin condition, but he never let that bother him. We enjoyed the heck out of him.

Johnny is a happy dog. He knows sit, and maybe more. We'll find out, as staff and volunteers interact with him. Johnny has a skin condition known as Demodex, which we are treating. Demodex is not contagious to other dogs or humans, and usually occurs when a dog is stressed due to their environment. We've seen a lot of dogs come to the shelter with demodex. With persistance and patience from their guardian, dogs can make a full recovery quickly. Ask us about more information on Demodex.


Mixed breed female puppy, 6 weeks on on 11/22.


This pup is in foster care and will return to the shelter to be spayed and placed for adoption in mid December. We are accepting applications and once yours is approved, we will set up a time for you visit with the pup.

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Mixed breed male, 9 months old and 52 pounds Pine is a VERY handsome, young German Shepherd type dog. Right now, he's got a LOT of energy and a little problem with focusing that energy! Pine's former person told us that Pine is very frinedly, loves tug and running, knows sit, and he's playful and friendly with young children." We noted during his photos ession that Pine might make a good agility dogs, as he is fit and nible, and he certainly has the energy. Pine will need to begin training lessons when he finds his new home, to help his adopters help Pine! Ask us for our handout of dog-related services in the Ukiah area!


German Shepherd Dog X, male, 1 year old and 52 pounds.

Ringo is a happy dog. He will welcome you home with wags and smiles every day! He is also very smart and eager to please. Ringo knows sit, and will no doubt learn more quickly. He met our fluffy tester dog, Oliver, and the two did well together. He may enjoy a home with another friendly, playful dog. We also think he'd be a great dog for a family with active kids. He is young and energetic and will need room to romp and daily exercise. This gorgeous guy is a catch!

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Mixed breed male, 2 years old and 52 pounds.

UPDATES: We took this handsome dog out for a romp and photo session, and here are observations: Everest is easy to leash up. He's a VERY happy dog and loves to be with people. He's energetic, wants to engage, and does jump up when he's happy (which is all the time!) Everest is athletic, and might be a great dog for folks who enjoy training and taking doggie classes. Everest likes treats, knows sit, has a lot of focus. His tail did not stop wagging the entire time in the play yard!

Everest is a happy dog who is eager to please and to bond. Everest knows sit and beg, and we'll be finding out the extent of his vocabulary very soon! Everest is easy to leash up and handle and loves to go for walks. So this guy is pretty much perfect and should make an easy adjustment into his forever home. If you're looking to add love and joy to your life, this is your guy!


Mixed breed neutered male, 1 year old and 63 pounds.

Like the Petey from OUR GANG, this dog is sweet and wiggly. Petey is a big lug nut...just the kind of canine staff and volunteers love! During his photo shoot, Petey was very easy to leash up and walk; he has lovely kennel manners. He has a very soft mouth--he takes treats with a gentle touch. Pete knows sit, he enjoys playing with toys, and he is an all around great dog to be around. We totally enjoyed his company.


Mixed breed female, 1 year old and 52 pounds.

UDATE: Well, we gotta say--Lady is one of the sweetest canines we've met! This lovely dog is a cinch to leash and walk. She's was a total love bucket with the photographer and his assistant. When you call her, Lady comes right away, and sits directly in front, and looks at you with her big, gooey lovey eyes. This girl is a real gem.

Lady is an adorable mixed breed girl who is very sweet and LOVES people. This young lady needs to brush up on her leash manners, and might enjoy taking a canine training class (ask us for info!) We think Lady would be good with kids of any age as well as other friendly dogs. She will be a joyful, loving addition to her forever home!


Mixed breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 60 pounds.

PHOTOSHOOT UPDATE: Holly was easy to leash up and walk. She was timid in the play yard with the photographer and volunteer. Holly will need a patient guardian who will be able to help Holly gain confidence.

Beautiful Holly is was good when she met our big, fluffy tester dog during her evaluation. Holly knows sit, and she would like to continue her education by taking a few canine classes (ask us for info!) Holly is protective of her food bowl, and therefore we would like any kids in her new home to be 16 and older, in order to understand this behavior. As we get to know her more, we will update Holly's bio, so check back.

PIRATE-Courtesy Post

Mixed breed male, 4 years old. Pirate is a fun-loving guy who’s mellow, very sweet, and loving. He is currently in foster care with 3 female dogs, with whom he gets along. He prefers female dogs to male dogs. Pirate would do best in an active household--he loves his daily walks, and playing with the females in his foster home. PIRATE IS

  • Crate trained
  • Housebroken
  • Knows “sit” “shake” and “catch” (a treat), “wait”
  • Walks well on leash
  • Knows his name and comes when called
  • Loads up easily and rides well in a vehicle
  • Sits at the door before going out or coming in
  • Listens well
  • Has good indoor manners

Pirate is very smart, and would love to continue learning. He’s at a good age to attend training classes with his new human, so they can both learn together. For more information, contact Animal Rescue of Anderson Valley at 707.467.9262.


Mixed breed male, 3 years old and 60-ish pounds.

UPDATE: Shadow was easy to leash up and walk when we took him out for some R&R and a photo session. He's a real stunner, with his gorgeous eyes and luscious coat. He was really lovey dovey with us, and he LEAN in. Shadow has a real helicopter tail, which zooms in circles when he's around people. (and what a great tail it is!) Shadow is mellow, and he can be independent.

Shadow loves attention. He's a happy dog who is eager to find his human best friend. Given how much he wants to please and how smart he is, we think training will be a breeze! He was a little wary of our tester dog, Chipper, when they met during Shadow's evaluation so he should meet any dogs at home before adoption. It's very possible that he would do well with a friendly pup who would show him the ropes. Shadow injured his leg before he came to the shelter, but received appropriate medical treatment and is doing great. This gorgeous guy is going to make a wonderful companion!