Every Wednesday and Friday morning from 10:30- noon, our canine guests participate in a MULTI DOG PLAY GROUP. Dog-savvy staff lead the fun in our outdoor play area, complete with "take-a- break kennels", kiddie pools and astroturf! DOGS PLAYING FOR LIFE founder Aimee Sadler and her staff tour the country to help shelters set up multi-dog programs for their canine guests, and the Ukiah Shelter welcomed them twice. Aimee writes that the outcomes from shelters implementing play groups are happier and satisfied animals who are generally less stressed, which equates to less disease and behavior problems. Subsequently, shelter animals (and the volunteers eager to attend to them) are safer in the process, so more animals are finding their way into loving homes.

Volunteers assist play group by ferrying dogs from their kennels to the play area. With volunteers doing the leg work, our play group handlers have time to observe and take notes on each dog--how he or she plays, socializes, reacts toward other dogs, etc. Information gathered during play group helps the shelter to better understand each dog, which in turn helps us find the best adoption environment. It's awesome watching the dogs interacting and having a LOT of fun.

Find out how to become a shleter volunteer, and be part of the Play Group support:


**Every SECOND SATURDAY of the month, the shelter holds an EMPTY THE SHELTER PACK WALK. Begun in early 2016 in honor and memory of Nancy Commons, tireless shelter volunteer for nine years, the walk continues. The pack walk is open to the public, and our pack leader makes sure that people are hooked up with the appropriate dog for each individual's level of experience. The walk is great exercise and socialization for our dogs, and also for our dog-loving community.





BOOK BUDDIES is a program that will improve reading skills, help shelter animals and get children involved in their community! Children in grades 1-8 who are able to read at any level are welcome at the animal shelter to read to the cats in our adoption rooms!

Kids love it, and our cats love it, too! Each month we hold a raffle and a drawing for prizes. SPEND SOME TIME AT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER THIS SUMMER!

For information call Amy at 467-6453.


CONGRATULATIONS ON ADOPTING A DOG FROM MENDOCINO ANIMAL CARE SERVICES UKIAH SHELTER! Here are some helpful tips about your new friend and how to make his or her transition from shelter dog to best buddy go smoothly.


Please call the shelter to find out about our PETS FOR VETS PROGRAM: 707-467-6453.



The MENDOCINO COUNTY CARE-A-VAN will be in Ft. Bragg on Wednesday, October 25.



If you’d like to help the shelter dogs and cats, but can’t get to Plant Road, you may want to consider fostering. The foster program at the Ukiah Shelter is a great way to help dogs and cats, from your own home! We are always looking for temporary homes in the inland Mendocino County area. A foster family provides a safe environment for a shelter guest. Another great feature of the program is the information foster homes provide about their guests–information that is very useful as we search for the right adoption and home for each animal.

While you are fostering a dog or cat, the shelter provides support, along with food, crates and bedding, if requested. Any necessary vet care, including vaccines, are provided by the shelter. The foster family provides a safe environment for their shelter guest. If you rent your house, your landlord must provide written approval for a foster placement. Shelter staff will need to approve your request to foster If there are any other pets in your house, and all pets in your home should be up-to-date on their vaccines. As a dog and cat foster family, you must agree to return your shelter guest when requested by shelter staff for needed medical care such as vaccines. The Ukiah Shelter Foster Program is a wonderful opportunity to help out a great dog or cat–it’s a win-win situation. If you might be interested in welcoming a shelter dog or cat into your home as a foster, please contact Amy for more information. You can call 707-463-4653, or email her at


THE VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION SET FOR WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4 has been CANCELLED. The next orientation will be SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 at 9 a.m. Volunteering is fun and is also very rewarding. Volunteer to walk dogs, play with the cats, or attend local adoption events. Volunteers help the shelter animals get adopted. Human contact can help relieve the stress of being in a shelter and the more contact animals have the more likely they'll be adopted. Please stop by for one of the shelter’s volunteer orientations on the first Wednesday of every month from 5:30-6:30pm, or the third Saturday at 9 a.m., at 298 Plant Road (see map). To become a volunteer, you will need to attend the one-hour introductory orientation, and then come back for a one-on-one session with a shelter volunteer or staff to get ‘hands-on’ experience. If you are younger than 18 years of age, please be sure to bring your parent or legal guardian with you. For more information email Amy at or call 707-467-6453.


APRIL 11, 2017

At this time, the Ukiah Animal Shelter is unable to accept "drop in" feral cat admissions from the public, as the shelter's "feral cat room" is filled to capacity.

The Animal Shelter needs the assistance of the public--as we ask the community to contact the shelter to make an appointment to drop off a feral cat.

If you have a feral cat you would like to keep around your premises, the Animal Shelter will spay or neuter the cat at no charge and return the cat to you.

Please contact the Animal Shelter at 463-4427 to arrange a date to drop off a feral cat or to schedule for a future spay & neuter surgery date, if you wish to keep the feral cat.


NAP TIME FOR DOGS?? The Mendocino County Animal Shelter dog kennel areas can be a very busy environment. A lot goes on throughout the day in the dog kennel areas. We have staff members feeding & cleaning, many volunteers walking & socializing dogs, and of course, all of the daily visitors stopping by to see our hairy four-legged fun loving creatures. It is nearly impossible for the dogs in the kennels to fully relax or sleep during the hours of operation, and this, in turn, causes stress on the dogs in the kennels. When a dog is under a lot of stress, his or her immune system can be severely affected, making the dog vulnerable to diseases. To reduce stress on the dogs, and keep their immune systems functioning properly, the our dog kennel areas are CLOSED from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. This change in procedure was highly recommended & endorsed by the UC Davis Veterinary School of Medicine, which was recently on site on March 15th & 16th. Dogs being able to take midday naps is becoming the normal practice in animal shelters throughout the United States.

The Animal Shelter is open to the public our regular hours to view adoptable or lost & found cats or to purchase pet licenses. If you are looking for a lost dog from the hours of 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., a staff member will assist you in looking at pictures of the lost dogs that are confined at the shelter.


KITTEN SEASON is here, and we are beginning to get litters of very young kittens at the shelter. For very young kittens under two pounds, we need dedicated foster homes! This workshop will provide information about what to expect as a foster provider.