Looking for a way to help out a shelter dog, but can’t make a long term commitment? Our FIDO FIELD TRIPS program is a unique opportunity that will leave you howling with excitement. Not only is it a good time for you, but you are also enriching the life of a shelter dog, who will be “furever” grateful! Our shelter dogs are less stressed, happier, and have improved behavior after being out of the shelter, which leads them to getting adopted quicker.


YOU WILL Check-out a shelter dog for 2+ hours.

TAKE THE DOG for a walk, a hike, to your favorite dog friendly restaurant’s patio area, relax in a park or cuddle on your couch at home. We will provide you with a list of places you can go.

DOGS ARE AVAILABLE for FIDO FIELD TRIPS 5 days a week (Tuesday through Saturday) from 10 am to 2:30pm and must be back by 4:30pm at the latest, so they can be tucked in for the night prior to the shelter closing.

TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS and post them on your personal Facebook page and other social media sites you belong to. Also send them to us also at so we can spread the word about your new furry friend and your Fido Field Trip!

PLAN TO have a few minutes when you return to fill out a Fido Field Trip “report card”.


YOU MUST COMPLETE a sign-up form prior to taking a dog on Fido Filed Trip

YOU MUST BE at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to participate.

YOUR DOG MUST REMAIN on the leash and under your control at all times.

VIST LOCATIONS MUST BE one of our approved Fido Field Trip spots. ABSOLUTELY NO dog parks, or any other public off leash dog areas will be approved.

YOUR CANINE PAL will not be able to socialize with any other animals (nose to nose introductions are a no, no!) during your Fido Field Trip.

YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE by phone if the shelter needs to contact you.

ALL SUPPLIES must be returned with the dog at the end of your field trip.

HAVE A BLAST! Always remember to keep the dog’s safety as your #1 priority, but enjoy your date to the fullest extent! Take lots of pictures!

HOW TO GET STARTED Fill out a simple Foster Care form when you come to the shelter. When you arrive at the shelter enter thought the lobby with your driver’s license in hand. Let staff know you are here for a Fido Field Trip. After a conversation with a Fido Field Trip staff person who will match you with the perfect canine companion, we will get you out and about, exploring with your new furry friend in no time!

Many thanks go to the Maddie’s Fund for supporting this program.