Yes, her name is Krispie Creme, and she was a shelter favorite due to her very SWEET personality. Kripsie was a bit overweight, and she loved her treats. She was adopted by a family from the Bay Area after they saw her photo online. The young man of the family sent us lots of photos of his new buddy lounging about, rolling on her back, sitting in the sun.


Squink is a very smart and active dog who did not like the shelter environment. He went to a foster home where he became best friends with his canine housemate. Squink is a LUCKY dog--Lucky because he was adopted into the best home ever. His new guardians recognized his potential, and took Squink o herding classes, where he excelled. After that, he attended obedience, agility, nose work, circus dog and other classes. He's also racking up those letters that dogs put after their names, having won at various dog trials. Squink was adopted New Year's Day, 2008, and here's what we heard from his family in November, 2016: Squink is our over achieving slightly obsessive dog. He came from the Ukiah shelter by way of a foster, who gave him a second chance. He started out pretty squirrley and still remains a bit aloof with strangers and does not play nice with strange dogs. He has the most incredible work ethic. He will do ANYTHING I ask, for very little payback. Good backpacker, obedience, circus tricks and nosework dog.

They also say, often, that Squink is THE BEST DOG EVER! His home now showcases his many ribbons, and he currently lives with a young Kelpie housemate.


His formal name was Tinkerton Acorn Mountain. It was love at first sight for Tinkerton's adopter...she was a volunteer at the shelter and saw Tinkerton one morning on his way to his evaluation. And that was it. Tink was fostered for a month or so and then adopted. Tinkerton took every dog class offered, and even though he was a PARSON RUSSELL TERRIER...he did great and was easy to train. Tinkerton was a constant joy to his family, and especially his canine housemate, Odie. Tink is very much missed.


Odie was originally called Bodie when he was surrendered to the shelter in 2007. He had mange and a yeast infection in his ears...and he was a smelly dog--thus, he was dubbed Odiferous by a volunteer, Odie for short. That volunteer adopted Odie, spent several months reversing his mange and getting this guy healthy.

Everyone who meets this dogs is awed by his good looks and great temperament. During the first few years after Odie was adopted, he graciously welcomed at least a dozen foster dogs into his home, and shared his bed and toys. He was the star pupil in all of his obedience classes. He excelled at agility and took several Service Dog classes, where he learned how to take off his guaridan's socks and turn on lights. Odie got his CGC--Canine Good Citizen award twice! Odie is a true shelter gem, and his family adores him.


Oliver was adopted by the shelter's Adoption Coordinator on a scorching summer day in 2005. Oliver, along with what became known as THE GROOVY BUNCH--Oliver and his littermates--were surrendered when their guardian could no longer afford to feed them. All the dogs weighed about 60 pounds, had long fur and friendly dispositions. At six months, Oliver began his "job" at the shelter, and continues working in 2016; he's the evaluation dog. Oliver meets almost every dog who passes a temperament evaluation and is placed for adoption. He's earned his kibble, that's for sure, and he is well-loved by shelter staff and volunteers.