Odie was originally called Bodie when he was surrendered to the shelter in 2007. He had mange and a yeast infection in his ears...and he was a smelly dog--thus, he was dubbed Odiferous by a volunteer, Odie for short. That volunteer adopted Odie, spent several months reversing his mange and getting this guy healthy.

Everyone who meets this dogs is awed by his good looks and great temperament. During the first few years after Odie was adopted, he graciously welcomed at least a dozen foster dogs into his home, and shared his bed and toys. He was the star pupil in all of his obedience classes. He excelled at agility and took several Service Dog classes, where he learned how to take off his guaridan's socks and turn on lights. Odie got his CGC--Canine Good Citizen award twice! Odie is a true shelter gem, and his family adores him.