Squink is a very smart and active dog who did not like the shelter environment. He went to a foster home where he became best friends with his canine housemate. Squink is a LUCKY dog--Lucky because he was adopted into the best home ever. His new guardians recognized his potential, and took Squink o herding classes, where he excelled. After that, he attended obedience, agility, nose work, circus dog and other classes. He's also racking up those letters that dogs put after their names, having won at various dog trials. Squink was adopted New Year's Day, 2008, and here's what we heard from his family in November, 2016: Squink is our over achieving slightly obsessive dog. He came from the Ukiah shelter by way of a foster, who gave him a second chance. He started out pretty squirrley and still remains a bit aloof with strangers and does not play nice with strange dogs. He has the most incredible work ethic. He will do ANYTHING I ask, for very little payback. Good backpacker, obedience, circus tricks and nosework dog.

They also say, often, that Squink is THE BEST DOG EVER! His home now showcases his many ribbons, and he currently lives with a young Kelpie housemate.