GrayC was adopted by the Ukiah Shelter Adoption Coordinator. This is her Tail about meeting GrayC:

My beloved Yellow Lab, Henry, died in the summer of 2011. He was a great "teacher," and in many ways brought me to the passion of shelter work. With a heavy heart I began to imagine what my next dog would be; I thought an old Golden Retriever might be perfect. My partner said, "No way! Our next dog willl be no bigger than 40 pounds, not shed too much, and like the cats." But, she was out of town when what should appear at the shelter but what seemed to be a very thin female dog that weighed just 27 pounds. I thought, "Poor thing--I will just foster her so she can gain some weight." She did not shed and when I brought her home to "foster" her I found she got along great with the cats. But, i had to "fess up" to my partner that the new dog might be a tad bigger when she matured, as she was just 16 weeks old and maybe a Great Dane.

Five years later and 135 larger, Grace loves to sit on the couch (leaving lots of small grey Great Dane hairs!) and watch us go about life. She loves to cuddle at night, enjoys chasing the cat. I guess she is staying!