Mixed Breed female, 2 years old and 55 pounds.

UPDATE FROM CASA DE LAURA, JULY 2019 Ruby continues to learn and blossom in foster care. She's maturing, so she's calming down. She's no longer bugging the other dogs to play, but when she does play, (which she loves to do), she's more appropriate. Her on-leash walking skills have greatly improved. She would do best in an active yet calm and consistent home. She wants to please, and she should be encouraged to continue to learn. THANK YOU LAURA! We've got new photos of our girl Ruby, hanging at the Casa de Laura, with Laura's dogs and Maya, another shelter guest, lucky enough to be under the loving care of Laura, one very special volunteer. check 'em out!

UPDATE FROM CASA DE LAURA! Ruby' been in foster care since 5.9.19, and lives with 6 other dogs. She’s a young, energetic dog, who loves to play hard with other dogs. She's learned sit, shake, lay down, no, come, go lay down, and knows her name. Ruby is perfecting walking on leash, loads up easily into a vehicle and rides well. She is crate trained, and almost housebroken. Ruby is kind of a goofball, and can get easily excited. One of her furry foster siblings was a young female about half Ruby’s size, who Ruby loved to wrestle with, not taking into account the other dog's small size. Ruby’s not a bully, just playful, and thinks everyone should want to play with her. When trying to engage a 12 y/o male dog in play who wasn’t interested, and corrected her, Ruby took the hint and walked off, leaving him alone. There's also a 4 y/o male with whom she plays hard, however, he doesn’t correct her, so she takes advantage of his sweet nature. I’ll call her and she will stop for a short while, but once I leave, she starts on him again, so she would do best with a dog who can stick up for itself without being aggressive. CHECK BACK SOON for photos of Ruby at CASA DE LAURA! Ruby loves attention, but can be a bit shy initially when meeting new people; however she warms up easily. She's learning good indoor manners, and can find a comfy dog bed to lay down on along with a few other dog siblings. She enjoys chew toys, and hasn’t gotten anything she shouldn’t be chewing on. When I’m not home, she’ll either be crated or spend time with another dog or 2 in the back yard. She’s a smart girl who learns fast with consistency. A training class would help her and her new family develop a tight bond, as well as help her be the best dog she can be.

Beautiful Ruby is a little bit shy, and a lotta sweet! When she met our most playful canine shelter guest, Harrison, Ruby wanted to join him in some down home doggie fun! Look here for updates as we get to know Ruby. Better still--come to the shelter and take this young girl for a walk!