Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 40-ish pounds.

Fido Field Trip 7/26 Rose got to go on another Fido Field Trip today. She liked riding in the car (and was calm) She walked on Coyote Dam, visited her human companion's RV and ate lots of treats. Her companio said she was, "sweet natured, active and well-behaved." She know the appropriate place to "go potty" and liked to cuddle.

Rosie is a compact and lovely loooking dog. She likes to play with toys and has lots of energy. Rosie rides well in a car, and she would really like a home where she can snuggle up on a couch! Rosie would like to be the only dog, but she may be OK with an energetic and social canine housemate. A meet and greet with Rosie and any potential doggie roommates is a must. Rosie's new home needs to be CAT FREE.

Fido Field Trip Update On 6/13/19 I got to go on a field trip!!! I had so much fun walking through Freidman's and making new freinds. You know the old verbage "People to see, faces to lick" well that was definitly my mission today! I met so many nice people who wanted to give me pets that I had to return the favor with loves. When we went to the park I laid down and took a nice little nap. My Field Trip guide said I was a very good dog and I am proud to say that i didnt bark once, not even when I saw a cat! I cant wait to go out again, especially if its to my new forever home. Please come down and say hi to me!

Fido Field Trip udpdate On 7/18/19 I went on another Fido Field Trip and I got to splash around the Mill Creek Damn. I had a great time being a water dog!

Rosie loved relaxing during today’s Fido Filed Trip

Rosie loved relaxing during today’s Fido Filed Trip

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