We know how important exercise and socialization is for our canine guests, and the shelter holds MULTI DOG PLAY GROUPS as often as possible. Dog-savvy staff lead the fun in our outdoor play area, complete with "take-a- break kennels", kiddie pools and astroturf!

DOGS PLAYING FOR LIFE founder Aimee Sadler and her staff tour the country to help shelters set up multi-dog programs for their canine guests, and the Ukiah Shelter welcomed them twice. Aimee writes that the outcomes from shelters implementing play groups are happier and satisfied animals who are generally less stressed, which equates to less disease and behavior problems. Subsequently, shelter animals (and the volunteers eager to attend to them) are safer in the process, so more animals are finding their way into loving homes.

Volunteers assist play group by ferrying dogs from their kennels to the play area. With volunteers doing the leg work, our play group handlers have time to observe and take notes on each dog--how he or she plays, socializes, reacts toward other dogs, etc. Information gathered during play group helps the shelter to better understand each dog, which in turn helps us find the best adoption environment. It's awesome watching the dogs interacting and having a LOT of fun.

Find out how to become a shleter volunteer, and be part of the Play Group support: