Every Saturday, the shelter hosts a K-9 NOSEWORK class, led by nose work trainer, Alison Herold. Ms. Herod adopted three dogs from the shelter, and teaching this class is her way of saying, "THANKS!" Volunteers will be paired with a shelter dog for this fun search and scenting activity. Nose work builds confidence and focus and is a very fun way to keep dogs healthy and happy. If you're not a volunteer but would like to know more about our volunteer program, check out

Below you can see Ms. Herrod leading a NOSE WORK CLASS, with our volunteer, Janette. The dogs LOVE IT, and view it as a great game. Nose work is a wonderful way to help keep your dog happy when the weather outside precludes going for your doggie walk or run. Nosework challengest a dog to use his sense of smell, so along with being a physical activity, playing go find also uses the dog's intelligence.

WE LOVE NOSEWORK, and give a high 5 to Alison for helping our dogs stay happy and healthy!

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