Little Adorable Lulu is looking for a new home. She is very loved, but her people realize they do not have enough time in their busy lives to give Lulu the attention she deserves. Lulu is 9 years young and 8 pounds--and still full of energy and ready to go. She is up to date on vaccines and would come with all her crates, toys, leashes, etc. She would be a lovely little walking/hiking/jogging partner. She loves to get out and explore, and has plenty of energy still to keep up. She is house-trained, though she may need a little help during the transition in terms of where to go and getting in the rhythm of a new family.

Lulu is crate-trained, and sleeps in a crate in her person's room at night (Lulu's guardian's heard from dog-sitters that Lulu may bark if she is not in your room at night). Of course, Lulu LOVES sleeping in bed with her person, if that works for you! Lulu will probably bark as she adjusts to a new space. She does bark when someone is at the door, and she's a good little watchdog. Overall, her barking is pretty minimal when someone is at home, though she has been barking more, now that she is alone more often.

Lulu is very trainable, and with clear direction, is able to learn and adapt. She's been trained to be invited before jumping on to furniture, to crate and to wait for food.When alone, Lulu has been kept in the kitchen area, with access to her backyard. She has never bitten anyone nor been aggressive to people or other animals. She gets along with other pets.

A great day for Lulu would include walks/hikes/jog, cuddles on the couch and a good chew on a dental bone at the end of it all with her family around to interact with and be with--the perfect day for any dog! Call 707-467-3829 to find out more about Lulu.