There’s no place like home!

At the shelter, we know that "stuff happens," and people, sometimes, have to move, get sick, etc, and can no longer care for their beloved pets. These dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, horses and other animals are well-loved members of a family and our community. We offer COURTESY POSTS to let the public know about these great pets, and in so doing, they are able to stay in their homes instead of being surrendered to the shelter. It's a win-win for pet and guardian, and also the shelter.

Arrangements to meet these pets may be made by contacting the guardian information which accompanies each posting. Potential adopters are responsible for getting information about the pets' veterinary records and other information and supplies. All arrangements are made between the pet's present guardian and the new guardian. Animal Care Services takes no responsibility for the behavior or health of these pets.

Thank you for visiting our website, adopting your next pet, and considering a dog, cat or other animal who needs to find a new home.