Peaches found her new home at the end of August, and everyone at a the shelter celebrated, as she spent 6 months in a foster home, learning how to win over shyness, and find her new guardians. Here's the behind-the-scenes HAPPY TAILS story about little Peaches:

Peaches entered the shelter with her puppies late in 2016, and in February 2017, after motherhood was complete, she went to live with Laura, one of the shelter's great foster volunteers. Peaches extremely shy and reluctant to engage with people, and she needed lots of TLC. Laura explains how she helped Peaches, during the half year she spent with her: "The first thing I decided to do with Peaches was teach her some basic obedience, as i felt she needed to know what she needed to do which would help her confidence. She learned sit, shake, and down pretty quickly, and was easily crate trained. I knew her crate could be a hide out for her, so I made sure she didn't spend too much time in there. I also fed her by hand as a way of training and bonding with her, which she took to well. The other really important thing, is that i didn't coddle her when she was having an anxiety attack, but instead, let her know she would healing massages to get the blood flowing through her body so she would feel better (that's what told her, and she believed it!)"

Here's more tips from our Laura, who's helped countless dogs, and shy dogs, get rehabilitated and adopted: It took a lot of patience, and i always ask myself if i have enough to do yet another shy dog, but when you see the progress, you know you do! she can still have a difficult time coming in the house from the backyard, so i send another dog out so she can tag along to come inside. . . the hardest part was not getting annoyed when she wouldn't come to me when i was in a rush to leave. . . i'd have to stay calm and talk with a fun voice to get her to come to me. . . i told her new family that if/when they start to get frustrated with her, take a break! they'll bounce back quicker than peaches will!

Here are photos of Peaches at the shelter, and with her new family. Her wondeful foster Mom, Laura, is on the right. We cannot thank Laura enough for her deep committment, energy, and boundless love.