Mixed breed spayed female, 8 years old and 100+- pounds.

KIA is with one of our rescue partners. She is NOT at the shelter She can be met by appointment after an application is submitted. This BIG girl is playful and almost dances sometimes! Kia is easy to leash up, knows sit and loves her treats! In her former home, Kia lived with children. When Kia participated in our multi-dog play group, she reacted well around our other guests. But, Kia had problems with female dogs in her last neighborhood, and we therefore want her to meet any potential rommmates. During her photo shoot, Kia started out a little shy and aloof, and warmed up after a some minutes and showed us her playful side. At one of your rescue partners facilities. email us to have the contact you.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 50 pounds.

UPDATE: This uber handsome, freckled nose gent is Asher--a shy dog who is under the loving care of Sara--one of the shelter's teen volunteers. Sara's been spending lots of time with our shy dogs, and Asher has been the recipient of her patience and TLC. When we spent time with him during his photo session, we found him VERY lovable, pleasant and sweet.

Adorable Asher is a very shy dog who perked up when he saw another dog. He lived with 7 other dogs in his last home! Check back for updates as we get to know Asher.

On June 21st Asher went on this first FIDO FIELD TRIP (FFT) Asher is one of our shy dogs. But under the guidance of our wonderful volunteer Billy, Asher was off and ready to expore the world beyond the shelter. Once picked up and put in the car he seemed happy and relaxed during the ride. He went to a park, the lake and to Bill's home. Billy said the biggest challenge was Asher's fear of new people. There was not any agrression, but it is clear it takes a little time for Asher to warm up to people he has just met. An unexpected event happened at Billy's house. His cat and Asher met and enjoyed being with each other!

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

asher 3.jpg


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 4 years old and 55 pounds

PHOTO SHOOT NOTES: Sweet and dreamy, Ariel is a sensitive soul. She was a little shy at first during her photo session, but we know with some TLC she will blossom. Ariel took treats with a very gentle mouth. Her coat is silky soft, and her personality is charming!

Ariel is a BIG fan of couches--and she would love to get acquainted with yours! Ariel is a shy dog who will need some tender loving care to help her gain confidence. We love our shy guests, and volunteers will be working with Ariel to make her feel more comfy, so please check back here for updates.


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 55 pounds.

APPLE GOES TO CASA DE LAURA Ms. Apple has been spending time at CASA DE LAURA, and Laura sent us this update: Apple came to foster on 7.24.19, and currently lives with 6 other dogs with whom she gets along. She was initially shy, but has made good progress and is now able to go up to people on her walks to say “hi” and enjoys a pet. She can be very sweet as well as stubborn at times. Apple is crate trained, housebroken. She knows “sit” and is working on other obedience skills, and she as good indoor skills. Apple likes to hang out in her crate, but I prefer she hang out with everyone else in the evening. She finds a dog bed to get comfy on, and stays there until it’s time to go out for a last night time pee, then into her crate for the night. She walks well on-leash after she gets going. It can be a little challenging for her to start, but responds to encouragement. She also freaks out a bit when a vehicle passes, stopping and pancaking down. Apple doesn’t really know how to play, but is starting to learn with a couple of the younger dogs in her foster home. She and her new family should continue training together in order for her to be the best dog she can be.

PHOTO SHOOT NOTES: Delightful, elegant, attractive and appealing--Apple is a lover! She was no problem at all leashing up and walking. In the play yard, she was friendly and a real charmer! And talk about cute!

The apple of our eye, Apple is an easy going girl. Right now, Apple is a bit overwhelmed and shy, but we bet after going out with our volunteers, she will feel a whole lot better! Check back for updates on this sweet, young dog.



Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 32 pounds.

Adorable Angie found herself at the shelter with 3 ofher canine housemates. She is sweet and easy going girl. It appears that Angie (and Angel, Aaron and Andy) are not familiar with a leash, and they will need to learn that LEASH = FUN = walking outside and exploring! We'll be working with Angie, spending time with her and giving her lots of TLC and outdoor walks. Please check back soon for updates.

6/20 Update!

Angie is learning some basic obidience like sit, wait and down! Her leash skills still need a little work, but she is improving every week. With new people she may need some time to warm up, but turns into a spunky little ball of energy, and loves to play! We have had her with a few other dogs and think she will be able to live with another k9 if introduced slowly.

Angie is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at or call 707-961-2491 for more information


Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 66 pounds.

Aaron found herself at the shelter with 3 of his canine housemates. Right now, Aaron is easy going, but shy. It appears that Aaron (and Angel, Angie and Andy) are not familiar with a leash, and they will need to learn that LEASH = FUN = walking outside and exploring! We'll be working with Aaron, spending time with him and giving him lots of TLC and outdoor walks. Please check back soon for updates.

UPDATE 6/20: Aaron has been making great strides here at the shelter! He knows "SIT", and our volunteers say he is doing very well walking on a leash. He's learning "WAIT", and we're working on "DOWN" and "SHAKE"! We think he would do really well learning even more!

Aaron is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at or call 707-961-2491 for more information


Mixed Breed ANGEL female, 3 years old and 66 pounds.

Pretty Angel found herself at the shelter with 3 of her housemates. Right now, she is shy and a bit worried. Angel lived in a home with seven other dogs! We'll be working with Angel, spending time with her and helping her feel more secure. Please check back soon for updates.

Fido Field Trip Update: On 6/15/19 I got to go out on the town with Billy! I loved riding in the car, Billy had to help me with loading up. He had a full day planned for us: We went to In and Out for lunch, then we went to the lake and the park. When it started to get warm We headed for the AC at Rainbow Ag. I even made a new friend while I was there and got a ton of love. I think that was my favorite part; getting to be loved on and snuggled. I cant wait to go out again!

The most striking thing for us in looking at the Fido Field Trip (FFT) photos is the marked difference between her "official" webiste photo and the FFT's ones. Angel came to the shelter with 7 siblings. She (like her siblings) was shy and nervous. Look at her now! Bill's FFT photo show us a dogs who is relaxed and so vey happy to be on an adventure! Special thanks go to our dedicated volunteer Billy for taking her oout for the day!

angles kathy.jpg
Angel was happy to go on an adventure with our dedicated volunteer Billy!

Angel was happy to go on an adventure with our dedicated volunteer Billy!

Wow car rides are FUN!!!

Wow car rides are FUN!!!

angel 3.jpg


Mixed Breed female, 2 years old and 55 pounds.

UPDATE FROM CASA DE LAURA, JULY 2019 Ruby continues to learn and blossom in foster care. She's maturing, so she's calming down. She's no longer bugging the other dogs to play, but when she does play, (which she loves to do), she's more appropriate. Her on-leash walking skills have greatly improved. She would do best in an active yet calm and consistent home. She wants to please, and she should be encouraged to continue to learn. THANK YOU LAURA! We've got new photos of our girl Ruby, hanging at the Casa de Laura, with Laura's dogs and Maya, another shelter guest, lucky enough to be under the loving care of Laura, one very special volunteer. check 'em out!

UPDATE FROM CASA DE LAURA! Ruby' been in foster care since 5.9.19, and lives with 6 other dogs. She’s a young, energetic dog, who loves to play hard with other dogs. She's learned sit, shake, lay down, no, come, go lay down, and knows her name. Ruby is perfecting walking on leash, loads up easily into a vehicle and rides well. She is crate trained, and almost housebroken. Ruby is kind of a goofball, and can get easily excited. One of her furry foster siblings was a young female about half Ruby’s size, who Ruby loved to wrestle with, not taking into account the other dog's small size. Ruby’s not a bully, just playful, and thinks everyone should want to play with her. When trying to engage a 12 y/o male dog in play who wasn’t interested, and corrected her, Ruby took the hint and walked off, leaving him alone. There's also a 4 y/o male with whom she plays hard, however, he doesn’t correct her, so she takes advantage of his sweet nature. I’ll call her and she will stop for a short while, but once I leave, she starts on him again, so she would do best with a dog who can stick up for itself without being aggressive. CHECK BACK SOON for photos of Ruby at CASA DE LAURA! Ruby loves attention, but can be a bit shy initially when meeting new people; however she warms up easily. She's learning good indoor manners, and can find a comfy dog bed to lay down on along with a few other dog siblings. She enjoys chew toys, and hasn’t gotten anything she shouldn’t be chewing on. When I’m not home, she’ll either be crated or spend time with another dog or 2 in the back yard. She’s a smart girl who learns fast with consistency. A training class would help her and her new family develop a tight bond, as well as help her be the best dog she can be.

Beautiful Ruby is a little bit shy, and a lotta sweet! When she met our most playful canine shelter guest, Harrison, Ruby wanted to join him in some down home doggie fun! Look here for updates as we get to know Ruby. Better still--come to the shelter and take this young girl for a walk!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 38 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP NOTES: Stormy went on a Fido Field Trip, and here's what his report card said: Storm is a really good boy, still young and excited. Three words used to describe Stormy are FUN, YOUNG, LOVING. Stormy likes to cuddle, play with toys, and run. He's also a mighty good couch potato, socialable and fun!

Glistening, smooth as velvet, and downright handsome, Stormy is a dog full of exuberance for life! We took him out for a photo shoot and a romp, and he was so easy to leash up and walk. He is a charming and sweet dog, very loving. During his meet & greet/evaluation, we introduced him to Ms. Pine, and he enjoyed the encounter a lot!

Stormy is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at or call 707-961-2491 for more information.


Hello, my name is Hellen. I turned one this past January, and I'm trying to find my new forever home. I'm very sweet and love going to the dog park. I have lots of energy, I'm housetrained, and I get along with all dogs. I have not had the opportunity to meet any cats, so I've not formed an opinion about them. I am, however, a big proponent of cuddling, and I'm food motivated, which I've heard is a plus for training. I am spayed and up-to-date on all my vaccinations. If you would like to meet me, call 530-318-4786. Text or leave voicemail if I don’t answer!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 37 pounds.

UPDATE: Stewart spent time at CASA DE LAURA with the one and only Laura, dedicated foster volunteer. Here are some of her observations about Stewart: Stewart is a sweet, fun-loving guy who's always on the lookout for the next new thing. He's full of energy, and is an escape artist who can scale a 6 foot fence in a nano second. This "skill" makes him an excellent candidate for agility, as he's quite agile and fast. The best home for him would be an active one, that can provide structure and plenty of exercise, along with an unjumpable fence. He's a smart guy, and with patience, his new person will be able to train him and turn him into the best possible companion he can be.

We definitely agree that Stewart could be a doggie agility star. Taking him to classes and getting him to focus would help this boy a lot, as his natural talents (escaping) would be translated into a "job,"--the agility course.

Stewart is a sweet, high-energy dog who needs daily exercise and structure. He knows sit, down, and shake, and we know he can enlarge his vocabulary quickly! Stewart is an escape artist who can scale a 6 foot fence! Once out of the yard, he runs fast and furious! He can eventually be stopped with a favorite treat, but he needs to slow down enough to get a sniff at it. He and his new human would definitely benefit from a training class. With consistency and love, Stewart might become an agility star. Stewart is used to running his own show, but is treat motivated, which will help in his training. Stewart needs to live in a CAT-FREE home.

Stewart is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at or call 707-961-2491 for more information.

HOLLY--Courtesy Post

Yep, I'm a C-A-T. Hi, I'm Holly and I want a home! I want to cuddle with my people and sleep on cushions and be sweet to everyone! My foster mom says all my medical needs are done, spay, vaccines, tests all negative. I am a healthy one year old girl who is sweet and very playful. Someone put me out on a street not mine and my foster mom found me. I’m living in her garage and she’s good to me but I am very lonely and scared I won’t get a home. Please call Erica about me at 707 463-8993! I promise to be your girl always.