Mixed Breed male, 4 years old and 82 pounds

UPDATES: Our Happy Hunter is another wonderful lugnut of a dog. He was loads of fun during his photo shoot, playing fetch with a tennis ball. This guy LOVES to have fun, and his joyful personality is contagious.

Hunter spent some time with volunteer Billy, who reported: "What a great dog Hunter is! He is easy to leash and walks good. Pulls a little. Knows sit and loves to play with the tennis ball. He doesn’t always give it back willingly but will drop it. He is just a happy go lucky guy waiting for someone to find him."

Happy Hunter LOVES to chase a tennis ball. He's affectionate and adorable. During his evaluation, Hunter met Duke, a neutered male shelter guest, and did fine. Hunter tested positive for heartworm, and we will be treating him at the shelter. Check back for updates on Hunter as our volunteers spend time with him.


Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 55 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT NOTES: Delightful, elegant, attractive and appealing--Apple is a lover! She was no problem at all leashing up and walking. In the play yard, she was friendly and a real charmer! And talk about cute!

The apple of our eye, Apple is an easy going girl. Right now, Apple is a bit overwhelmed and shy, but we bet after going out with our volunteers, she will feel a whole lot better! Check back for updates on this sweet, young dog.


Mixed Breed ANGEL female, 3 years old and 66 pounds.

Pretty Angel found herself at the shelter with 3 of her housemates. Right now, she is shy and a bit worried. Angel lived in a home with seven other dogs! We'll be working with Angel, spending time with her and helping her feel more secure. Please check back soon for updates.

angles kathy.jpg


Mixed Breed female, 2 years old and 55 pounds.

UPDATE FROM CASA DE LAURA! Ruby' been in foster care since 5.9.19, and lives with 6 other dogs. She’s a young, energetic dog, who loves to play hard with other dogs. She's learned sit, shake, lay down, no, come, go lay down, and knows her name. Ruby is perfecting walking on leash, loads up easily into a vehicle and rides well. She is crate trained, and almost housebroken. Ruby is kind of a goofball, and can get easily excited. One of her furry foster siblings was a young female about half Ruby’s size, who Ruby loved to wrestle with, not taking into account the other dog's small size. Ruby’s not a bully, just playful, and thinks everyone should want to play with her. When trying to engage a 12 y/o male dog in play who wasn’t interested, and corrected her, Ruby took the hint and walked off, leaving him alone. There's also a 4 y/o male with whom she plays hard, however, he doesn’t correct her, so she takes advantage of his sweet nature. I’ll call her and she will stop for a short while, but once I leave, she starts on him again, so she would do best with a dog who can stick up for itself without being aggressive. CHECK BACK SOON for photos of Ruby at CASA DE LAURA! Ruby loves attention, but can be a bit shy initially when meeting new people; however she warms up easily. She's learning good indoor manners, and can find a comfy dog bed to lay down on along with a few other dog siblings. She enjoys chew toys, and hasn’t gotten anything she shouldn’t be chewing on. When I’m not home, she’ll either be crated or spend time with another dog or 2 in the back yard. She’s a smart girl who learns fast with consistency. A training class would help her and her new family develop a tight bond, as well as help her be the best dog she can be.

Beautiful Ruby is a little bit shy, and a lotta sweet! When she met our most playful canine shelter guest, Harrison, Ruby wanted to join him in some down home doggie fun! Look here for updates as we get to know Ruby. Better still--come to the shelter and take this young girl for a walk!


Mixed Breed 10 month old puppy, NEUTERED male, 41 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Fred Astaire entertained us during his photo session. We found him fun, funny, smart and engaging. We thought he might be part Border Collie. Fred is focused and loving. We think he might excel at obedience training, flyball or agility, or another form of fun-filled canine class.

UPDATE: Fred Astaire is pretty mellow for a young pup. He is easy to leash and walks pretty good. He pulls a little and jumped a couple of times but not bad. He loved exploring the play yard. He was not interested in playing ball but did enjoy running back and forth from fence line to fence. He loves treats and will sit sometimes. Fred will benefit a lot from a training class (ask us about classes in Ukiah.) Fred will give soft kisses and is very affectionate.

Look at this goofy boy! Fred is known at the shelter as Fred Astaire--he's a great dancer and full of joi de vivre! He was ready to play when he met Harrison--a young and energetic male shelter guest. We'll update Fred's bio as we get to know him. In the mean time, tap dance on down to the shelter and meet this friendly, funny dog!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 95+ pounds.

UPDATE: This uber-handsome dog is a heart-stealer. We fell under his spell during his photo session. He was pretty easy to leash up and walk. In the play yard, Ruffio was happy, exuberant and wowed us with his SIT and SHAKE/HIGH 5! This big guy has a soft, gentle mouth and a very sweet personality.

Sweet and mellow, we love big lugnut dogs like Ruffio! In his past home, Ruffio lived with canine siblings. Ruffio really likes to LEAN IN! During his meet and greet/evaluation, Ruffio met Harrison, a VERY happy and active fellow shelter guest, and found Harrison's play bows interesting. Ruffio needs a home WITHOUT LIVESTOCK.


Mixed Breed big dog! NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 95+ pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP UPDATE May 7: Mr. Handsome went on a fun-filled Field Trip to Low Gap Park, where he sniffed the flowers and had fun in the creek blowing bubbles. He was a bit nervous on the slick floors at Home Depot! Three words used to describe Juice are JOYFUL, HANDSOME and KIND. He met four other dogs and two children during his outing, and was interested in them. Juice enjoys playing in the water, hiking, riding in the car, and running. He is social and fun, and a big, goofy boy. Juice gets a C on his leash skills report card, but with some training, we're sure he will learn walking manners.

UPDATE: Juice is a BIG dog! We took him out for an off leash romp and photo session, and he was easy and well mannered getting out of his kennel and walking. He was a real sweetie pie, taking treats with a very soft mouth. Juice knows sit and will no doubt learn more easily. When he gets really happy and excited, Juice can get "mouthy," so we are suggesting no young children in his new home. Juice will be your best friend and protector!

Juice is a big guy who is not clingy, but likes to get close for pets and affection. For a big guy, he he walks well on leash. During his meet and greet/evaluation, Juice met a very, very playful, neutered male dog. Juice seemed interested in joining the fun! Look here for updates on Juice, as we spend time with him and get to know him.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 64 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Sweet and gentle Nemo was a breeze to leash up and walk. This big guy is slow and easy going. He takes treats very gently. He can be a little cautious and shy (as described below) but all of a sudden, Nemo plopped his paw in our volunteer's hand, and as you can see in his photos, he knows SHAKE! Nemo is most comfortable with calm, gentle loving, and we are very happy to oblige!

UPDATE: Here are some observations about Nemo from one of our dedicated volunteers: "Nemo is a little shy. He is easy to leash up and walks down the hallways without reacting to the other dogs. He likes to walk and does not pull. He is real cautious when you pet him, so go slow. He sometimes cowers down and puts his head down. When you earn his trust he likes the pets but is still unsure. He loves to explore the outdoor play yard and loves his treats. He takes treats gently. He is a good well behaved dog. Just a little shy and will need some help coming out of his shell."

Sweet and easy-going, Nemo is a laid back, wonderful dog. During his evaluation and meet/greet, Nemo was introduced to several dogs and was well mannered and appropriate with each of them. Staff and volunteers will be taking Nemo out for walks and romps, and getting to know him. Look here for updates!


Hello, my name is Hellen. I turned one this past January, and I'm trying to find my new forever home. I'm very sweet and love going to the dog park. I have lots of energy, I'm housetrained, and I get along with all dogs. I have not had the opportunity to meet any cats, so I've not formed an opinion about them. I am, however, a big proponent of cuddling, and I'm food motivated, which I've heard is a plus for training. I am spayed and up-to-date on all my vaccinations. If you would like to meet me, call 530-318-4786. Text or leave voicemail if I don’t answer!


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 77 pounds.

OBSERVATIONS AND UPDATES from our dedicated volunteer, Janette: The Rock has been awesome outside of his kennel. He has been non- reactive to my dogs. He knows sit, down and shake. He will just chill by your feet when you are sitting on the couch. He loves Kong’s and bones. He is crate trained. Rock is awesome in a home environment but doesn’t do well at the shelter. He is not a barker. He loves butt scratched or to be rubbed on the side of face or on his chest. He was great in the shower while being bathed.

The Rock is a sweet dog who likes to lean up again you--he's got that velcro doggie way about him and we can only imagine what a love bug he'll be once he knows he's safe and bonds to his people. Unfortunately, The Rock tested positive for heartworm, and we will treat him at the shelter. We always hope that foster homes can be found for our guests' heartworm treatment recuperation. Treatment only requires limited activity and that's way more enjoyable on the couch or a dog bed! Heart worm has no lasting effects and Rock has a long life ahead of him to be your best friend! If you can help The Rock with a temporary home, please call us at 467-6453!


Boxer Blend, NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 46 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP NOTES: "We went to Lake Mendocino and walked along Coyote dam and then down to the boat ramp. After that, we went hiking on some trails at Low Gap Park. Clint likes the river and exploring in the woods. After that, Clint and I took a quick trip to Friedman Brothers, where he was so amazing and well mannered. He loads up easy, rides well in a vehicle, he's easy to walk and loves both people and dogs. Clint loves to explore and will cuddle and give kisses. We both had a great time and as you can see by the last photo, he was tired out after 3 hours."

UPDATE: We took Mr. Delightful out for a photo shoot and off leash romp and wow!! this dog is WONDERFUL! He is so friendly and happy and joyful and GOOFY (see photos below!) Clint enjoyed playing catch, knows SIT and SHAKE, and likes to roll over for extended belly rubs! Clint is LOADED with personality, and he's a bit of a joker! Clint will benefit from a basic dog training class, as he does jump up.

Lively and fun-loving, Clint is a friendly and happy dog. He loves treats, knows SIT and SHAKE, enjoys a game of catch, and he's just FULL of personality. Clint loves to be around people, and his joyousness is infectious--you can't help but smile around this guy. Clint met Ms. Pine--one of our great canine guests--during his meet and greet, and he played in typical Boxer style--with his paws! Clint will need some basic training brush-ups as he jumps up when he gets really excited (for that reason, we recommend no young kids in Clint's new home.)


Mixed Breed (Lab?) NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 80 pounds.

FOSTER AND PAJAMA PARTY UPDATES: Lance went on a Pajama Party and this is what his hostess said:

"Lance stayed with us for about three days and really warmed up by the end of his visit. He is a bit nervous at first but made great strides while he was at our house as I'm sure he would with any potential adopter.

Lance was a little reluctant to get into the car when I picked him up at the shelter. He panted a bit on the ride to my house and was nervous getting out of the car when he arrived. Once he got four paws on the ground, he was happy to explore. He seems to have trouble walking on the leash at the shelter but away from the hustle and bustle, he was enthusiastic about walking. He is friendly and interested in other dogs. He wanted to play with my dog, Jellybean, but she deemed him too large and would not engage. Lance read Jellybean's cues and did not harass her. He would follow her around from a distance hoping she would change her mind but alas, she refused.

We took Lance on a long walk up the dirt road by our house. We were passed by two cars and he was fine moving to the side of the road and didn't seem too worried. We met a neighbor who had two dogs and Lance reacted appropriately and was clearly excited to see other canines.

His nervousness seems to be generalized and not related to any one thing in particular but with a little time outside of the shelter, I think it will be easily overcome. He was difficult to photograph because he wanted to be by my side all the time. While I sat at my desk, he made sure to always lay down on the floor next to my chair so I could reach down and give him pets.

He is very well housebroken.

Overall, Lance is a great dog who just needs a little TLC and patience when adjusting to new situations. He is good-natured and loves nothing more than a good head scratch or belly rub."

Here are a few photos from his visit:

This sweet galoot is a mellow kinda guy. Right now, Lance is unsure about leashes, so staff and volunteers will begin leash training with Lance ASAP so he learns that the leash means FUN STUFF is just ahead! Despite his size, Lance is an easy guy. Given his sweet nature we think he'll make an easy transition into his new home. He might be a great family dog, or a best pal for someone who wants a walking pal and a cuddle co-hort!