Mixed Breed big dog! NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 95+ pounds.

Fido Field Trip June 22nd: Another Fido Field Tri has been added to Juice's resume. He visited his human compnaion's home and went ot the park. One thing noted was his joy at cuddling wiht his humans. This big guy would make a great addition ot any home!

FIDO FIELD TRIP UPDATE May 7: Mr. Handsome went on a fun-filled Field Trip to Low Gap Park, where he sniffed the flowers and had fun in the creek blowing bubbles. He was a bit nervous on the slick floors at Home Depot! Three words used to describe Juice are JOYFUL, HANDSOME and KIND. He met four other dogs and two children during his outing, and was interested in them. Juice enjoys playing in the water, hiking, riding in the car, and running. He is social and fun, and a big, goofy boy. Juice gets a C on his leash skills report card, but with some training, we're sure he will learn walking manners.

UPDATE: Juice is a BIG dog! We took him out for an off leash romp and photo session, and he was easy and well mannered getting out of his kennel and walking. He was a real sweetie pie, taking treats with a very soft mouth. Juice knows sit and will no doubt learn more easily. When he gets really happy and excited, Juice can get "mouthy," so we are suggesting no young children in his new home. Juice will be your best friend and protector!

Juice is a big guy who is not clingy, but likes to get close for pets and affection. For a big guy, he he walks well on leash. During his meet and greet/evaluation, Juice met a very, very playful, neutered male dog. Juice seemed interested in joining the fun! Look here for updates on Juice, as we spend time with him and get to know him.

Juice starts his day adventure on a Fido Field Trip. Who looks happier Juice or his human companion?

Juice starts his day adventure on a Fido Field Trip. Who looks happier Juice or his human companion?

juice 1.jpg
Some time at the park.

Some time at the park.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 38 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP NOTES: Stormy went on a Fido Field Trip, and here's what his report card said: Storm is a really good boy, still young and excited. Three words used to describe Stormy are FUN, YOUNG, LOVING. Stormy likes to cuddle, play with toys, and run. He's also a mighty good couch potato, socialable and fun!

Glistening, smooth as velvet, and downright handsome, Stormy is a dog full of exuberance for life! We took him out for a photo shoot and a romp, and he was so easy to leash up and walk. He is a charming and sweet dog, very loving. During his meet & greet/evaluation, we introduced him to Ms. Pine, and he enjoyed the encounter a lot!

Stormy is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at vegaa@mendocinocounty.org or call 707-961-2491 for more information.


Hello, my name is Hellen. I turned one this past January, and I'm trying to find my new forever home. I'm very sweet and love going to the dog park. I have lots of energy, I'm housetrained, and I get along with all dogs. I have not had the opportunity to meet any cats, so I've not formed an opinion about them. I am, however, a big proponent of cuddling, and I'm food motivated, which I've heard is a plus for training. I am spayed and up-to-date on all my vaccinations. If you would like to meet me, call 530-318-4786. Text or leave voicemail if I don’t answer!


Mixed Breed (Lab?) NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 80 pounds.

FOSTER AND PAJAMA PARTY UPDATES: Lance went on a Pajama Party and this is what his hostess said:

"Lance stayed with us for about three days and really warmed up by the end of his visit. He is a bit nervous at first but made great strides while he was at our house as I'm sure he would with any potential adopter.

Lance was a little reluctant to get into the car when I picked him up at the shelter. He panted a bit on the ride to my house and was nervous getting out of the car when he arrived. Once he got four paws on the ground, he was happy to explore. He seems to have trouble walking on the leash at the shelter but away from the hustle and bustle, he was enthusiastic about walking. He is friendly and interested in other dogs. He wanted to play with my dog, Jellybean, but she deemed him too large and would not engage. Lance read Jellybean's cues and did not harass her. He would follow her around from a distance hoping she would change her mind but alas, she refused.

We took Lance on a long walk up the dirt road by our house. We were passed by two cars and he was fine moving to the side of the road and didn't seem too worried. We met a neighbor who had two dogs and Lance reacted appropriately and was clearly excited to see other canines.

His nervousness seems to be generalized and not related to any one thing in particular but with a little time outside of the shelter, I think it will be easily overcome. He was difficult to photograph because he wanted to be by my side all the time. While I sat at my desk, he made sure to always lay down on the floor next to my chair so I could reach down and give him pets.

He is very well housebroken.

Overall, Lance is a great dog who just needs a little TLC and patience when adjusting to new situations. He is good-natured and loves nothing more than a good head scratch or belly rub."

Here are a few photos from his visit: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BAdLZBb1tTqNQf3R9

This sweet galoot is a mellow kinda guy. Right now, Lance is unsure about leashes, so staff and volunteers will begin leash training with Lance ASAP so he learns that the leash means FUN STUFF is just ahead! Despite his size, Lance is an easy guy. Given his sweet nature we think he'll make an easy transition into his new home. He might be a great family dog, or a best pal for someone who wants a walking pal and a cuddle co-hort!


4 year old spayed female tortie DSH

Lee Lee is the queen of the cat room! She is quite independent, but will also let you know when she is in need of being pet or wanting treats. When she's feeling affectionate, she will climb right into your lap and nuzzle you. A nice sunny window with a cat tree or perch with a comfy bed would make her the happiest kitty ever!

UPDATE: Lee Lee has only grown more affectionate during her stay here. It's great to watch her leap high up to the top of the cat condos, where she will await a pat on the head. She would love to roam around a home where she could explore every nook and cranny.

Lee Lee is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at vegaa@mendocinocounty.org or call 707-961-2491 for more information.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 46 pounds

UPDATE: We had a great time with this uber sweet, energetic and very happy dog, during his photo shoot. He sure loved the photographer, and gave him lots of attention and kisses. Patches LOVES to play, and runs around with his always joyful attitude. We're not sure what breeds make up this very handsome dog, but the combo is a winner! We think Patches would be best in a home with older kids, as he can be a bit rambunctious. Patches would love to have a job, and lots of exercise. This dude will be awesome with some basic doggie training!

Patches was surrendered to the shelter when his family could no longer care for him, due to unforeseen health issues. Patches knows sit, down, and speak, and he would love to take some canine refresher courses! Patches is focused, engaging, athletic, playful, energetic and joyful, with a velvety coat and beautiful, brown eyes. His boundless enthusiasm may make him a great running partner. During his evaluation and meet and greet, Patches was introduced to our tester dog, Chipper, and both dogs were good boys! Patches aims to please! He is a smart dog who will thrive with a guardian who has the time to spend with him and teach him new things.


Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 37 pounds.

UPDATE: Stewart spent time at CASA DE LAURA with the one and only Laura, dedicated foster volunteer. Here are some of her observations about Stewart: Stewart is a sweet, fun-loving guy who's always on the lookout for the next new thing. He's full of energy, and is an escape artist who can scale a 6 foot fence in a nano second. This "skill" makes him an excellent candidate for agility, as he's quite agile and fast. The best home for him would be an active one, that can provide structure and plenty of exercise, along with an unjumpable fence. He's a smart guy, and with patience, his new person will be able to train him and turn him into the best possible companion he can be.

We definitely agree that Stewart could be a doggie agility star. Taking him to classes and getting him to focus would help this boy a lot, as his natural talents (escaping) would be translated into a "job,"--the agility course.

Stewart is a sweet, high-energy dog who needs daily exercise and structure. He knows sit, down, and shake, and we know he can enlarge his vocabulary quickly! Stewart is an escape artist who can scale a 6 foot fence! Once out of the yard, he runs fast and furious! He can eventually be stopped with a favorite treat, but he needs to slow down enough to get a sniff at it. He and his new human would definitely benefit from a training class. With consistency and love, Stewart might become an agility star. Stewart is used to running his own show, but is treat motivated, which will help in his training. Stewart needs to live in a CAT-FREE home.

Stewart is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at vegaa@mendocinocounty.org or call 707-961-2491 for more information.

HOLLY--Courtesy Post

Yep, I'm a C-A-T. Hi, I'm Holly and I want a home! I want to cuddle with my people and sleep on cushions and be sweet to everyone! My foster mom says all my medical needs are done, spay, vaccines, tests all negative. I am a healthy one year old girl who is sweet and very playful. Someone put me out on a street not mine and my foster mom found me. I’m living in her garage and she’s good to me but I am very lonely and scared I won’t get a home. Please call Erica about me at 707 463-8993! I promise to be your girl always.