Mixed Breed male, 1 year old and 49 pounds.

MEEP MEEP! Wiley Coyote spent time in the play yard getting butt scratches, pets, treats, and photographed! We think WC may be housetrained. Wiley was friendly and responds right away to corrections. He seemed to be patrolling the perimeter of the yard, maybe looking for an exit? Wiley was not very interested in treats, but was happy getting attention. Wiley is a great looking dog, and a DNA test of his breeds would be interesting!

Unlike his cartoon namesake, Wile E. Coyote, our Wiley is a shy dog. He's also sweet and easy to be around. During his evaluation, when he met our tester dog, Wiley was curious. As we get to know Wiley, we will update his bio, so bookmark our webpage, and visit us lots!