Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 53 pounds.

RIVER WENT ON AN OUTING: River went out for an afternoon outing with two of our great volunteers. He was especially happy to be in the dog and cat aisle at Friedman's! River continues to gain confidence, and we think he's a wonderful dog!

PLAY GROUP NOTES: River participated in our multi-dog play group. Notes tell us that River was bouncy and playful! River is making progress overcoming his former shyness.

UPDATE: We took River out to our play yard for his photo shoot. River is a beautiful dog with a lovely coat. We think he's housetrained. River was very excited in his kennel and while leashing up, and he will need to learn basic doggie manners. River was timid, and he seemed uncomfortable with the camera. River will need a guardian who will help him gain confidence and feel comfortable.

We thought River was a cautious dog-- and then he meet Chipper!! He was so anxious to play and showed totally appropriate play greeting skills. We just can not wait until we see him in action in our off leash play group! So obviously we think this playful pup would love another friendly dog in his forever home. We also think he'd be a great dog for a family with kids who will include him in games and adventures. River definitely loves to romp and run, but he's also a great cuddle bug when it's time to relax. He's an all around great guy!