Plott Hound (?) NEUTERED MALE, 4 years old and 63 pounds.

Watson was adopted from the shelter several years ago. Back then, he was known as Goofy. His family surrendered him to the shelter because Watson decided he did not like his canine housemate. We took him out for his photo session, and we enjoyed the heck out of him. Watson is a real hound dog, and enjoys sniffing around, and he's very athletic. Watson's past family gave us two pages of notes about him, and below are some hilites about this very handsome, dapper dog:

• Watson can walk on ladders if he spies his favorite human on the roof! He likes to climb onto structures, like the potting bench, lounge chairs etc. He likes to be on the furniture inside, but he will be obedient if told to stay off. • Like any good hound, Watson is a "talker", aka--he bays. • if Watson hears a horse whinny on TV, he will howl along! • He is always happy to see his people, and he'll howl his delight when his family comes home. • Watson's favorite toy is a tennis ball--he likes to pull off the fuzz! • Being a hound, and a scent hound, Watson loves to play hide and seek (a GREAT way to bond, train, and have fun with your dog!) • Watson knows basic commands like SIT, SIT STAY, DOWN, DOWN STAY. He enjoys training for treats. • He likes to dig, and his past family let him have a certain section in the backyard to play in the soil. • Watson drools! • Watson likes walks, and he's ok in the car, though he does whine. • Watson lives harmoniously with two cats. • Watson enjoys getting scratches on his chest and under his chin. • ABOVE ALL--WATSON IS A GOOD DOG!