Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 6+ years old.

UPDATES: Chester had a grand old time during his photoshoot, as did the shelter's volunteers. He was easy to leash and walk. As noted below, Chester really does know how to crawl, and also sit and lay down. He's a wonderful size, with stunning eyes and the cutest pink on his nose. Chester enjoys catch, treats, tennis balls, and people. He's friendly, but not a cuddler. Chester is very muscular and athletic. He's also smart, and might enjoy furthering his education with a fun training class (ask us!)

Chester is a handsome senior dog. He's very strong and happy and LOVES tennis balls. Chester knows SIT, DOWN, and CRAWL! He was exuberant when he met our tester dog, Chipper, during his evalution and meet and greet. Chipper became annoyed, and gave Chester a gentlemanly correction, and Chester listened and reacted correctly. Look here for more information about Chester as we get to know him, and takes part in multi-dog play group, goes on walks, and has his photo shoot! Chester's age makes him eligible for a SENIOR DOG DISCOUNT, even though he is VERY young at heart!