Mixed breed male, 10 months old and 31 pounds.

UPDATE: We took Booney out for his photo session, and wow, this guy is a great little dog. Boon was easy to leash up and walk. He's playful and very happy, and he's engaging with humans--he wants to get close and loves affection. Boonville is still sensitive when his ears are stroked, and he has hair loss on the end of his tail. Boon ws seen by a local vet who old us Boon's ears and tail problems are most likely from an accident. Boon likes toys and tennis balls. He can be a bit mouthy (a nibbler!) but he is still a puppy. A good NO! will get his attention, and changing that behavior is very do-able.

Adorable Boonville is a typical puppy: lots of fun, sweet and mouthy! He came to the shelter with sore ears, which we are treating him, and he should heal up with a bit of time. We suggest that any kids in Boony's new home be 16 and over. Check back for updates, as our volunteers and staff get to know this puppy we will have more infomation about him.