Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 31 pounds.

UPDATE: Our great volunteer, Billy, gave us his observations about Swirl, after the two spent time together: Don’t judge Swirl by her behavior in her kennel where she can be a bit wild and rambunctious. Taking her through the hallway is also an adventure as she likes to bark and try to get to the other dogs. Once you get her out, her true colors start to shine! Swirl walks pretty good on leash, though she does pull a little. She loves the play yard and playing with the tennis ball. She will bring it back. She won’t drop it but will let you take it from her mouth. She loves affection and will give it back to you. She did really well when Rodeo came up to the fence. She greeted him with her tail wagging and was not aggressive. She is two different dogs in and out of the shelter. Take her out and you will see her good side. She showed me who she really is, which is a sweet girl looking for someone to love her."

Ms. Swirl is a delightful girl, who LOVES to toss her toys way up in the air. She's active, very people-friendly, and an all-around joyful dog. Swirl met Sombra, another female shelter guest, and they did well together. Check back soon (and often!) As we get to know Swirl, we'll be updating her bio.