Mixed Breed female, 6 months old and 40 poounds.

2-14-19 Squishy went on an afternoon field trip and this is what the humans said, "I took Squish on a short outing to my house today. On the walk to the car, she was very jumpy and excited. Once inside the car, she did settle down right away and was calm on the short drive to my house. We let her sprint around for a bit to burn off some energy. She played well with my older but similarly sized female dog. After a half hour of playing, she was able to walk much more calmly with a harness. She was able to sit for some treats. She is very sweet and loves pets. Like a typical puppy, she just needs to burn off a little energy before she is able to focus." *

** Squishy is a delightful young dog who is sweet and full of joi de vivre. This good looking pup knows sit, and would love to learn more commands. When she met Chipper--the shelter's big, fluffy tester dog, Squishy was totally appropriate with him. We think Squishy was taught how to be respective to her elders! While she's no longer a baby, Squishy is definitely still a puppy and will need training and guidance as well as oodles of love. We think she would be a great family dog! She'd also love another playful dog to show her to ropes of her forever home.

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