Hound/Sporting Dog, 3 year old neutered male, 58 pounds.

Mr. Spotty joined a multi-dog play group, and here's what we learned: Spotty was a bit independent, but also social and playful.

VOLUNTEER OBSERVATIONS: Spotty was great on a leash and easy to walk. He was a little fearful of new people, but explored his new surroundings with no problem. He's got a soft mouth and is polite taking treats. He knows sit. Spotty was a bit uncomfortable with one of our male volunteers, and kept his distance unless he was encouraged to come close.

Spotty appeared at a person's house a few months ago, and when they could not find his family, they had him neutered and he became a memeber of the household. But, he was not a match for them as he chased their cats and he escaped their fencing! They reported he did very well in their multi-dog household and was house trained. Like most Houndy dogs, Spotty loves to run and get lots of exercise. The family he lived with described him as a "social butterfly". Spotty is not a dog who enjoys being hugged so we recommend his new home be one with adults.