Mixed breed neutered male, 10 months and 31 pounds.

UPDATE: We took Mr. Speckles out for a walk and a play yard romp and photo shoot. Speckles is a timid, shy dog, and was nervous about being leashed up. A few minutes of sweet talking, and he was ready to give it a try! It took a few minutes of scoping out the yard, but Speckles came and sat down next to us, and even gave us a kiss! After a few more minutes, his tail was more relaxed. He was good with both volunteers--male and female. Speckles has a totally unique coat--his back looks like a photo of a snow-covered forest! Speckles reacts to sudden movements, which make him nervous. We think Speckles will blossom in a home with lots of TLC, where he can feel secure and gain confidence.

Speckles is a shy dog, but he's also very sweet. He has a wonderful mellow energy. During his evaluation and meet and greet, we noted that Speckles is quite treat-motivated, which always makes training a lot easier. Speckles Needs more socializing with people and other dogs so that he can be the social butterfly he wants to be. We'll know more about Speckles as staff and volunteers spend time with him. Check back for updates!