Mixed breed female, 1 year old and 69 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT NOTES: Wow! Bernadette is LOADED with personality. This gorgeous dog is easy to leash up, but she does pull. She's very friendly and lots of fun. Bernadette needs basic manners training, as she jumps up when she's excited (and we therefore think any kids in her new home should be over 14.) Bernadette spent a bunch of time with us running around with toys and being one happy happy dog. Bernadette is not a big cuddler, but she is very loving.

This stunning red dog is a complete joy to watch, as she plays with toys and other canine guests. She's already participated in our multi-dog play group and did really well. Sometimes, Bernadette can be "vocal" and we think she will be a great watch dog. Watch this space for more information about our darlin' Bernadette, as we get to know her personality and temperament.