Mixed breed SPAYED female, 3 years old and 69 pounds.

PLAY GROUP NOTES: Miss Adorable, AKA Juno, participated in multi-dog play group. The group's leader told us Juno was confident, had no "issues", and would benefit from more play group time. We would like Juno to meet any potential doggie housemates before she is adopted.

PHOTO SHOOT NOTES: We fell in LOVE with this snuffling, snorting dog! Juno was so easy to leash up and walk. She loves treats (hey, what dog doesn't?!) Juno is adorable--sweet, goofy and a talker. She's not an overly cuddling dog--not right now, anyway. But she's got a very soft and gentle mouth. This little tank-let charmed us with her snorting, sweet personality.

Juno is the mother to a litter of puppies who are in foster care. Watch this space for more information about Juno, as we get to know her. Our staff and volunteers will be taking Juno out for walks and multi dog play groups, and we will update her bio asap!